Long Pause Before Phone Rings: Meaning?

Long Pause Before Phone Rings: Meaning? (+ How to Fix)

In general, this is a routing delay that happens. Basically, it takes longer than normal for your phone to be connected to the destination phone on the greater carrier network. There are a lot of different things that can cause this, ranging from simple account problems to coverage gaps to hardware and software issues.

On Their Phone When Calling Them: How to Know?

On Their Phone When Calling Them: How to Know? (Do This)

You might get an indicator, like a busy signal or a chime that lets you know the number you dialed is in use. On the other end, you can get a call waiting beep or similar indicator. You also might not get any notification, which would require you to deduce the call status by thinking about how calls work.

Network Blocked Phone: How to Unlock?

Network Blocked Phone: How to Unlock? (+ Blacklisted?)

Here’s how to unlock a network blocked phone: The easiest way to unlock a network-blocked phone is to contact the carrier and have them do it.  Carriers might resist this request, in which case you will need to generate an unlock code for the phone. There are third parties that help with this, and they … Read more

Router Lights Are All Green: No Internet?

Here’s why you don’t have internet but all the router lights are green and how to fix it: When this happens, the issue is usually not with the router, but you want to do thorough troubleshooting in order to be sure.  The best way to solve this problem is to isolate the source of the … Read more

Plugging Landline Into Computer: How To?

Connecting Landline Phone to Computer: Possible? (8 Ways)

Yes. You can run your landline phone to your computer and complete phone calls that way. But it requires special hardware adapters and software in order to function. Alternatively, digital methods make it easier to send or receive phone calls with a computer.

Phone Battery Drains Fast When Phone Is Idle: How to Fix?

Phone Battery Drains Fast When Phone Is Idle: How to Fix?

In most cases, if an idle phone is losing battery charge quickly, something is running in the background. Batteries will also drain quickly when the phone is malfunctioning. This can happen because of software or hardware, so the full range of potential causes is wide.

Changed Their Phone Number: How to Know?

Changed Their Phone Number: How to Know? (+ Vital Examples)

The easiest way is to call the number in question. If it has been disconnected, you will receive an automated message from the carrier explaining as much. If for any reason you cannot call the number, phone listings, contacting the carrier, and other methods can answer your question.

Using Chrome Fullscreen on Android: How to?

Google logo Full Screen in Chrome on Android: Exploring the meaning of Google Activity and com.android.certinstaller

Tap the Chrome icon on your Android home screen to open the browser. On the web page, you want to view in full screen, click the three vertical dots in the top toolbar of Chrome and then “Add to Homescreen.” An icon to the web page is added to your home screen. Tap the icon to open the web page full-screen.

Listening to Old Phone Calls: How to?

Listening to Old Phone Calls: How to? (Everything to Know)

You can’t listen to old phone calls automatically because old phone calls aren’t automatically recorded. You can only listen to old phone calls if you record them while they’re happening and save the recording.

Black Spot Spreading on Cell Phone Screen: How to Fix?

How to Fix a Spreading Black Spot on Your Cell Phone Screen?

There are 4 cases in which a cell phone can have a black spot spreading on the screen. If it’s stuck pixels, you can unstick them with software. If it’s pressure, you may need to replace the battery. If it’s dead pixels, you may need to replace the screen. If it’s a broken screen, replacing the screen might be best.

Phone Brightness Keeps Changing: How to Fix?

Phone Brightness Keeps Changing? (Auto-Brightness Is Off)

Depending on whether you’re using Android or iPhone, you may have accidentally enabled certain features (other than auto-brightness) that cause your phone to change brightness automatically. These features include night shift mode, power saving mode, attention aware, true tone, and auto lock feature.

Computer Screen Turned Green: How to Fix?

Computer Screen Turned Green and Other Problems (How to Fix)

Here’s how to fix your computer screen when it turns green. From a loose cable to hardware failure. So if you want to learn all about why your screen turned green and how to fix it, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! How to Fix Common Computer Screen Problems? Technology is something … Read more

Preventing Someone From Recording Your Phone Call: How To?

Recording Your Phone Call: How to Prevent Someone From It?

Technically, you can’t. But you can look into recording block apps to prevent someone from recording your calls. Or, contact a lawyer if you feel you were illegally recorded. However, the best thing that you can do is to take precautions and be wary of those you converse with over the phone or voice-calling apps.