Long Pause Before Phone Rings: Meaning? (+ How to Fix)

Long Pause Before Phone Rings: Meaning?

In general, this is a routing delay that happens. Basically, it takes longer than normal for your phone to be connected to the destination phone on the greater carrier network. There are a lot of different things that can cause this, ranging from simple account problems to coverage gaps to hardware and software issues.

On Their Phone When Calling Them: How to Know? (Do This)

On Their Phone When Calling Them: How to Know?

You might get an indicator, like a busy signal or a chime that lets you know the number you dialed is in use. On the other end, you can get a call waiting beep or similar indicator. You also might not get any notification, which would require you to deduce the call status by thinking about how calls work.

Website Works on Phone but Not Computer: How to Fix?

Website Works on Phone but Not Computer: Why?

Most of the time, it’s because of an issue that is local to the computer, such as not having internet access. There are specific differences between using a phone and a computer that could cause a website to only load on one device. It can come down to the site’s design, your browser, and how the device connects.

Network Blocked Phone: How to Unlock? (+ Blacklisted?)

Network Blocked Phone: How to Unlock?

Here’s how to unlock a network blocked phone: The easiest way to unlock a network-blocked phone is to contact the carrier and have them do it.  Carriers might resist this request, in which case you will need to generate an unlock code for the phone. There are third parties that help with this, and they can potentially unlock your phone for you. So if you want to learn all about unlocking a network-blocked phone, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right in! Why Are Phones Locked? It’s important to understand what these locks are in the first place. Phone carriers build their own networks for cellular use. This involves a lot of proprietary development, and most of the major carriers are at least in some ways incompatible with each other. There are a lot of ways this can manifest, and one of those is carrier locking. Any phone carrier can implement a carrier lock on a phone. This means that the phone will only work on their network and not the others.  Carriers can do this with phones that they sell directly. They can also implement locks through SIM cards. So, even if you bought an unlocked phone after you install a SIM card, it might tell you that the phone is locked. For the most part, this is done so that carriers can pressure customers into staying with their service. If you can only use the phone with them, you’re a loyal customer. Regardless of how that makes you feel, it is legal for carriers to do this. It is also legal and possible for a phone to be unlocked, which is what the following instructions will explain. How Can You Unlock the Network Blocked Phone? (3 Ways) You have a few options for trying to unlock your phone. The first is to contact the carrier and have them do it. If that presents challenges, you can

Featured Router Lights Are All Green No Internet

Router Lights Are All Green: No Internet?

Here’s why you don’t have internet but all the router lights are green and how to fix it: When this happens, the issue is usually not with the router, but you want to do thorough troubleshooting in order to be sure.  The best way to solve this problem is to isolate the source of the issue on your network and then apply a fix. So if you want to learn all about how to fix no internet issue when all router lights are green, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! What Do All Green Router Lights Tell You? (6 Things) Routers have indicator lights. The order of the lights and what they mean will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. That said, there are some general expectations that are reasonable.  You can bet that your router probably has some or all of the lights listed below. The order will change, but they are usually labeled. #1 Power It might sound simple, but you need to know that the device is receiving power to work.  The top light on most routers is a power indicator. You can see at a glance that the router is plugged in properly and receiving enough power to operate.  Any time the power light is off, you know where to start to fix your internet. #2 Internet There is a light labeled for internet access. Where it is on the column of indicators will depend on the manufacturer. This light does not tell you that your computer (or other device) has internet connectivity.  Instead, it runs an internet test for the router itself. This light lets you know that the router is able to access the world wide web. The internet test light might be able to tell you a few things. If the light is solid, it usually tells you that the connection is stable.  Blinking typically denotes that there is

Using Phone Mic With Headphones: How To? (All the Info)

Using Phone Mic With Headphones: How To?

Using your phone’s built-in microphone with earbuds or headphones requires you to disconnect the phone from the microphone. If your headphones don’t include a microphone, this is already done. If they include a microphone, you can use software, apps, and a few techniques to disable the microphone and proceed.

How to Connect Landline Phone to Computer to Do Phone Calls?

Plugging Landline Into Computer: Possible?

Yes. You can run your landline phone to your computer and complete phone calls that way. But it requires special hardware adapters and software in order to function. Alternatively, digital methods make it easier to send or receive phone calls with a computer.

Fixing Idle Phone Battery Drain: How? (8 Causes)

Phone Battery Drains Fast When Phone Is Idle: Why?

In most cases, if an idle phone is losing battery charge quickly, something is running in the background. Batteries will also drain quickly when the phone is malfunctioning. This can happen because of software or hardware, so the full range of potential causes is wide.

Changed Their Phone Number: How to Know? (+ Vital Examples)

Changed Their Phone Number: How to Know?

The easiest way is to call the number in question. If it has been disconnected, you will receive an automated message from the carrier explaining as much. If for any reason you cannot call the number, phone listings, contacting the carrier, and other methods can answer your question.

Phone Hangs Up Itself: 11 Reasons Why.

Phone Hanging Up By Itself: Why?

There could be varied reasons why your hangs up by itself. One of these potential issues could be happening with your phone now; thus it keeps dropping calls on its own: poor signal, damaged SIM, needs a reboot, apps need an update, apps need clean-up, and issues like malware or memory, battery issue, among others.

New Phone Number Announcement: Best Way? (+Sample Texts)

New Phone Number Announcement: How?

The best option to tell your contacts that you have a new cell phone number is sending a text message such as: “This is , texting you from my new phone number. My old phone number is no longer good. Please update your contacts accordingly.”

Using Full Screen in Chrome for Android: How to? (In Easy)

Using Full Screen in Chrome for Android: How to?

Tap the Chrome icon on your Android home screen to open the browser. On the web page, you want to view in full screen, click the three vertical dots in the top toolbar of Chrome and then “Add to Homescreen.” An icon to the web page is added to your home screen. Tap the icon to open the web page full-screen.

Listening to Old Phone Calls: How to? (Everything to Know)

Listening to Old Phone Calls: How to?

You can’t listen to old phone calls automatically because old phone calls aren’t automatically recorded. You can only listen to old phone calls if you record them while they’re happening and save the recording.

How to Fix a Spreading Black Spot on Your Cell Phone Screen?

Spreading Black Spot on Cell Phone Screen: 4 Ways to Fix It

Here are 4 ways how to fix a spreading black spot on your cell phone screen: If it’s stuck pixels, you can unstick them with software. If it’s pressure, you need to replace the pressure, like by replacing the battery. If it’s dead pixels, you’ve got to replace the screen in most cases. If it’s a broken screen, you’ll probably have to replace the screen too. So if you want to learn all about how to fix the spreading black spot on your smartphone screen, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! Spreading Black Spot on Your Phone Screen? We all use our phones so much that when something goes wrong, it can be a big deal.  One of the worst things is to look at your screen and see a dark spot. It means your phone is in trouble, and it might not be easy to fix.  If that spot starts spreading, things are even worse.  First, let’s look at what’s causing it in your case and then what you can do about it. Let’s jump right in: 4 Reasons for a Black Spot on Your Phone The black spot that appears on many phone screens is not a single problem.  The truth is that even today, screens are made in substantially different ways and are prone to unique problems.  Even among two identical phones, you can have black spots that look the same but are caused by completely different issues.  We’ll go over the most common causes of the black spots together so you can see what is really happening here. #1 Dead Pixels Dead pixels are probably the very most common reason you will see a black spot (or spots) on your screen.  Pixels are the individual sources of light that allow your screen to make images.  Virtually all pixels today are lit by LEDs. These are semiconductors that come in all shapes and sizes

Phone Opens Chrome Browser After Unlocking: 7 Ways to Fix It

Phone Opens Chrome Browser After Unlocking: 7 Ways to Fix It

Here are 7 ways to fix your phone from opening the Chrome browser after unlocking: Delete adware apps Clear your browser cache Use play protect Identify any blank apps Close your chrome tabs Install an ad blocking software Try factory reset So if you want to learn all about how to fix this annoying issue, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right in! How to Stop Your Phone From Opening Your Browser After Unlocking? If you’re using an Android phone, the Chrome browser is something you probably use often. Chrome is a very efficient browser and can be very easy and helpful to use at times.  But it’s a problem when it starts opening randomly to show lame, long, and tedious ads, especially when it happens right after you unlock your phone. Are you facing the same problem?  If your phone is opening up Chrome and showing you ads right after you unlock it, I might be able to help you out. Various options might solve this problem. Here are a few ways with which you can rid your phone of this issue: #1 Delete Adware Apps It could be the case that one of your recently downloaded applications contains adware.  Adware is incorporated into some apps to make money. It is generally confined to applications that are not very popular or useful. You need to identify which one of your apps contains adware and uninstall them immediately.  You can do this by restarting your device in safe mode. Here’s how you do this:  Press and hold the power button on your phone. Touch and hold the power off icon seen on the screen. Your device will start in what is called “safe mode.” Delete apps one by one. After removing each app, restart your device manually to see if it was an app that was causing problems. After removing the problem-causing app, restart your phone and add all the