"Man of Culture" Meme: Meaning & Origin?

Man of Culture Meme: Meaning & Origin?

The man of culture meme usually comes in two forms. It can be a self-contained joke with words used to set up and deliver the punchline. It can also be used as a response to a comment, in which case it can be taken literally, ironically, or even sarcastically, requiring context clues to decipher the true intent.

Work Email to Personal Email: Ok to Send Messages?

Work Email to Personal Email: Okay to Send Email?

Generally speaking, it is not ok to send messages from work email to personal email accounts. This can violate company policies and even federal information protection laws. Some companies won’t care if you do this, but when it is prohibited, it could get you fired, sued, and even prosecuted.

Reversed Instagram Images: Why? (Everything to Know)

Instagram Images Reversed: Why?

It’s important to clarify that not all images are mirrored or reversed on Instagram. There are plenty of cases where they are reversed, but it doesn’t always happen. Most commonly, they reverse because of selfie software that involves flipping images automatically, but people can intentionally reverse photos too.

Facebook Hacked: Accepted Friend Request? (All the Info)

Facebook Hacked: Accepted Friend Request?

Someone cannot hack your Facebook account just by having you accept a friend request. Accepting a friend request involves no mechanism that would enable hacking. That said, accepting friend requests opens communication that could be used to try to trick or hack you later.

Accessing Zoom Chat After Meeting: How To? (All the Info)

Zoom Chat After Meeting: How To Access?

You can automatically or manually save Zoom chats at any point while you are in a Zoom meeting. These chats can be stored locally or in the cloud. To access cloud files, you need to sign in at the Zoom website, but you can view locally stored files by simply opening them and launching them with the app.

Accessing Google Meet Chat After Meeting: How To? (All Info)

Google Meet Chat After Meeting: How To Access?

If you use Google Chat, then the chat logs are saved to your Gmail account, and you can review them there. If you don’t use Google Chat, the meeting host can save the whole meeting and review the chats at will. You can also record the meeting or save the chat files with a third-party app.

Seconds on a Google Search: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

Seconds on Google Search: Meaning?

The number of seconds is telling you how long it took Google to compile the list of search results that are now on your screen. Typically, this time is only a fraction of a second, showing how fast Google is. From this number, you can infer how popular a topic is, especially if you get few results from a long search.

Online Numbers Meanings: 420, 69, 1337, Etc.? (13 Numbers)

Online Numbers Meanings: 420, 69, 1337, Etc.?

Numbers like these are also known as numerical idioms, where the specific number means something that requires unique contextual understanding. There are tons of them across the internet with some of the most common including 86, 101, 404, and 42. Each has a meaning derived from a specific background.

80s Cell Phones: Still Working? (Everything to Know)

80s Cell Phones: Still Working?

If you have a cell phone that was manufactured and sold in the 80s, it will not work anywhere in the world. These phones worked on the 1G cellular network platform, and all 1G networks around the world were discontinued. There are alternative ways to try to use an 80s cell phone, but it won’t work by default.

Perfect Circle for O: Which Fonts? (Everything to Know)

Fonts With Perfect Circle O: Which?

The most well-known fonts that have perfect circles for the letter O include Moderne Sans, Avant Garde, Futura, and Century Gothic. You can also browse font lists to find very new, sometimes custom options that will also provide perfect circles. Still, the majority of fonts don’t implement perfect circles.

Box With an X in Text: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

Box With an X in Text: Meaning?

The box with an x in it is telling you that your phone’s keyboard cannot display a graphic that was sent to you. In most cases, this is due to various compatibility issues that arise when sending images from one type of keyboard to another. To resolve it, both users need to use the same type of digital keyboard.

Spreadsheet Apps & UTF: Which Uses Which UTF? (All the Info)

Spreadsheet Apps & UTF: Which Uses Which UTF?

The vast majority of spreadsheet apps use UTF-8, largely because it is the most popular version around the world and conforming to that avoids formatting issues. This list includes Google Sheets, Numbers, and Calc. Meanwhile, Excel does not use a UTF format by default, although it can save files in UTF-8.

90s Poor Camera Quality vs. 80s and 70s: Why? (All the Info)

90s Camera Quality vs. 80s & 70s: Why So Poor?

Camera quality from the 90s does not always look poor when compared to the 80s and 70s. That said, there are many instances where 90s images do look noticeably worse, and it mostly stems from the emergence of budget imaging technology. 90s images were all over the place, both better and worse than the 80s and 70s.

Database Drivers: How Do They Work?

Database Drivers: How Do They Work?

Database drivers are essentially bits of software that allow apps (like Excel) to communicate with databases. Since the apps and the databases use entirely different communication methods, a translator is needed, and that’s what the drivers do. They do this with specific APIs that focus on rules rather than language.

Many Instagram Follower, Few Likes & Comments: Why?

Many Instagram Follower, Few Likes & Comments: Why?

This happens because the account has low levels of engagement from its user base. This can happen when the user base is largely made of bot accounts, when the account owner doesn’t post often, or for a large number of other reasons. It boils down to a disconnect between getting followers and engaging with them.