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The Android operating system is a complex ecosystem with various components that work together to provide a seamless user experience. One such crucial component is the, a system app responsible for installing and uninstalling other apps on your Android device. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of what is, how it … Read more

What is Right to Repair: Tech With Tech’s Role

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Discover the growing Right to Repair movement with Tech With Tech’s Theresa McDonough, advocating for consumer choice, accessibility, and competition in the repair industry. Learn about the movement’s objectives, benefits, and global impact. Empower yourself to fix your devices and save money.

QR Codes: How Are QR Codes Unique?

QR Codes: How Are QR Codes Unique? (All the Info)

QR codes don’t have to be unique, and apps that generate them have no idea whether any code is unique or not. QR codes are simply a different way of writing information, and the only way to have a unique code is to describe unique information with the code. Many QR codes are repeated, and it’s fine.

Deleted Discord Messages: Really Gone?

Deleted Discord Messages: Gone From Servers? (All the Info)

When you delete a Discord message, it will be removed from all servers and connected devices, essentially scrubbing it from the platform. It may remain on Discord backend servers for up to several years. Accounts are deleted after 15 to 30 days upon request, but deleting an account doesn’t delete its messages.

OnlyFans++: How Legit & Safe?

OnlyFans++: How Legit & Safe? (Everything to Know)

OnlyFans++ is not a real app, site, or internet resource. For the most part, it is a rumor that circulates the internet, suggesting that people can use it to gain access to free OnlyFans content. No such app actually exists, and anything claiming to be OnlyFans++ is very likely malicious.

Is OnlyShares Legit: How Safe? How Safe & Legit? (Everything to Know)

It is not legitimate or safe. The site does not work as intended, tries to rope users into giving up personal information, and asks users to install multiple different malicious programs to their personal devices. It is dangerous, a scam, and something that you should avoid using for any reason.

Motherboard Screw Locations: Same for All?

Motherboard Screw Locations: Same for All? (All the Info)

No, not all motherboards have the same locations for screws. If the computer is a PC, then there is a good chance it has an ATX-standard motherboard, in which case the screw locations are in the same place. But, there are variations among computers, and that can lead to differing screw locations.

Craigslist Ads: Why & When Started Charging?

Craigslist Ads: Why & When Started Charing? (All the Info)

Originally, Craigslist started charging for job listings because it was competing with a sister site: In 2018 (and since), Craigslist added more fees to specific types of posts in the hopes of reducing spam and scam posts. These changes also updated the revenue model for the site.