What is Right to Repair: Tech With Tech’s Role

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Discover the growing Right to Repair movement with Tech With Tech’s Theresa McDonough, advocating for consumer choice, accessibility, and competition in the repair industry. Learn about the movement’s objectives, benefits, and global impact. Empower yourself to fix your devices and save money.

QR Codes: How Are QR Codes Unique?

QR Codes: How Are QR Codes Unique? (All the Info)

QR codes don’t have to be unique, and apps that generate them have no idea whether any code is unique or not. QR codes are simply a different way of writing information, and the only way to have a unique code is to describe unique information with the code. Many QR codes are repeated, and it’s fine.

Deleted Discord Messages: Really Gone?

Deleted Discord Messages: Gone From Servers? (All the Info)

When you delete a Discord message, it will be removed from all servers and connected devices, essentially scrubbing it from the platform. It may remain on Discord backend servers for up to several years. Accounts are deleted after 15 to 30 days upon request, but deleting an account doesn’t delete its messages.

OnlyFans++: How Legit & Safe?

OnlyFans++: How Legit & Safe? (Everything to Know)

OnlyFans++ is not a real app, site, or internet resource. For the most part, it is a rumor that circulates the internet, suggesting that people can use it to gain access to free OnlyFans content. No such app actually exists, and anything claiming to be OnlyFans++ is very likely malicious.

OnlyShares.net: How Safe & Legit?

OnlyShares.net: How Safe & Legit? (Everything to Know)

It is not legitimate or safe. The site does not work as intended, tries to rope users into giving up personal information, and asks users to install multiple different malicious programs to their personal devices. It is dangerous, a scam, and something that you should avoid using for any reason.

Motherboard Screw Locations: Same for All?

Motherboard Screw Locations: Same for All? (All the Info)

No, not all motherboards have the same locations for screws. If the computer is a PC, then there is a good chance it has an ATX-standard motherboard, in which case the screw locations are in the same place. But, there are variations among computers, and that can lead to differing screw locations.

Craigslist Ads: Why & When Started Charging?

Craigslist Ads: Why & When Started Charing? (All the Info)

Originally, Craigslist started charging for job listings because it was competing with a sister site: listfoundation.org. In 2018 (and since), Craigslist added more fees to specific types of posts in the hopes of reducing spam and scam posts. These changes also updated the revenue model for the site.

Amazon Shipping: Intentional Delays?

Amazon Shipping: Intentional Delays? (Everything to Know)

Amazon does sometimes intentionally delay shipping in a couple of ways and for a wide variety of reasons. They might intentionally schedule some shipments to be slow in order to make the whole system more efficient and to incentivize Prime membership. They might delay a package en route to save money on priority boxes.

OneDrive Always Keep on This Device: Meaning?

OneDrive Always Keep on This Device: Meaning? (All Info)

If you choose this option, then any file uploaded to OneDrive is automatically saved on your local device as well. If you choose not to use this option, then any file uploaded to OneDrive will be automatically deleted. You can auto-delete files to save space. You can keep local copies for better access and redundancy.

Putting Someone’s Email on Own Instagram Account: Scam?

Putting Someone's Email on Own Instagram Account: Scam?

This is usually a phishing scam. If someone can convince you to change your primary Instagram email address to something they control, then they can completely take over your Instagram account, and you won’t get it back. Always verify that you have control over an email account before making this change.

OnlyFans Notifications: When & How?

OnlyFans Notifications: When & How? (All then Info)

When someone triggers a notification, you will receive that notification on the website when you view your profile. You will receive push notifications and email notifications if you give the site permission. Not everything triggers a notification, including profile visits, screenshots, and downloads.

Adding Pirated Games to Steam: Account Ban?

Adding Pirated Games to Steam: Account Ban? (All the Info)

It depends on how you add the pirated game to your Steam library. If you pirate a game, install it on your computer, and then add the installed game to your Steam library, Steam can’t tell that it’s pirated and won’t ban you. If you try to use Steam to pirate software and get caught, you can expect a permanent ban.

Clash of Clans Dying: What Would Cause the End?

Clash of Clans Dying: What Would Cause the End? (5 Things)

Clash of Clans will likely last for another 5 to 10 years with no major updates or changes from the developers. It could die faster if a new game became popular with the Clash of Clans fanbase or if the developers ran into serious financial trouble. It could last much longer with continued developer support.

90s Gaming PCs: What Were They Like?

90s Gaming PCs: What Were They Like? (Everything to Know)

The 90s represented a lot of radical change for computers, so gaming PCs at the beginning of the decade were nothing like PCs at the end. Even budget computers ran about $1,500 in 1990, and they offered no 3D graphics. On average, gaming PCs had at least 8 MB of RAM and processors around 50 MHz.

Instagram Account: Switching Public & Private Frequently?

Instagram Account: Switching Public & Private Frequently?

Some Instagram accounts routinely switch back and forth from private to public and back again because it is an easy way to automatically accept follow requests. When you switch from private to public, all requests are approved and stay that way when you switch back. This allows private accounts to have large following.

Amazon Items With No Reviews: Okay to Buy?

Amazon Items With No Reviews: Okay to Buy? (All the Info)

There are a few cases where it makes perfect sense to buy an item on Amazon with no reviews. If you already know you like the item, have a recommendation from a trusted source, or really don’t have an alternative purchase option, go ahead. Otherwise, reviews can help you make good purchasing decisions.