Do Wifi Extenders Work? Our Top Reviews

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In this article, we answer the burning question do wifi extenders work? We give our top 3 picks and explain their features, compatibility, and performance to help you make an informed decision. Enhance your internet connectivity and eliminate dead zones with our top pick.

Motherboard With Most CPU Sockets: Which One?

Motherboard With Most CPU Sockets: Which One? (All Info)

Here’s everything about the motherboard with the most CPU sockets: For the most part, motherboards only carry a single CPU socket. You can find motherboards designed for specific server applications that might contain up to four sockets. Supercomputers can actually link millions of CPU cores, but the design is very different. Multiple sockets is uncommon … Read more

Computer Only Works in Safe Mode: How to Fix?

Computer Only Works in Safe Mode: How to Fix? (All the Info)

Here’s how to fix your computer when it only works in safe mode: The trick is to figure out what part of your system that was disabled by safe mode is causing the problem. Once you do, you can try to repair or remove the problematic software, and that will resolve the issue. If you … Read more

IPv4 & IPv6 & Onboard NIC: Enabling or Disabling?

IPv4 & IPv6 & Onboard NIC: Enabling or Disabling? (Easy)

Generally speaking, it’s best to enable both IPv4 and IPv6. This allows your computer a greater range of connection options, and your computer has the capacity to choose the best option for any situation. As for an onboard NIC, you should usually enable that so that you can use an Ethernet cable if you want.

0% Fragmented: Meaning?

0% Fragmented: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

When you see “0% fragmented”, it is telling you that the file is stored contiguously.

In other words, defragmentation (or defragging) is not necessary for this file or drive.

In general, that’s a good thing, but with modern computer hardware and operating systems, managing fragmentation just isn’t as important.

Building a PC: Most Expensive Computer Parts?

Building a PC: Most Expensive Computer Parts? (10 Parts)

Usually, the most expensive parts of a consumer-grade computer are the graphics card and motherboard. Ultimately, you can find very expensive versions of any component, so the parts you choose will have the biggest impact on how much they cost.

Installed Graphics Card: PC Won’t Boot?

Installed Graphics Card: PC Won't Boot? (How to Fix)

In order to fix a computer that won’t boot after installing a graphics card, you have to isolate the core issue. It could be a hardware problem with the graphics card. It could be a software or software controller problem. It could also be a compatibility or power draw issue. Finding the problem is the challenge.

Computers Know What To Do With 1s and 0s: How So?

Computers Know What To Do With 1s and 0s: How So?

A modern computer is an incredibly complicated device that actually works on a few simple principles. Data is stored in binary signals, which are usually either the presence or absence of an electrical current. Those signals are then put through countless series of logic gates. That process is how computers work.

Computer Data Recovery: Why So Expensive?

Computer Data Recovery: Why So Expensive? (All the Info)

Computer data recovery is expensive because it is difficult, involves expensive tools, often requires professional expertise, and is in high demand. The actual cost of any service will depend on what is required to salvage the data. That’s why the service can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Discord Overlay: Gets You Banned?

Discord Overlay: Gets You Banned? (All the Info)

These days, using Discord Overlay should not be a problem and won’t get you banned. In the past, there were a lot of reports that Overlay could unintentionally get people banned. If that was ever the case, the issues seem to be resolved on a wide scale. You can use Overlay as much as you like.

Quantum Computing: Uses Binary?

Quantum Computing: Uses Binary? (Everything to Know)

No, quantum computers do not use binary. What makes quantum computers so powerful is that they can process more than two fundamental signals at a single type, meaning they can understand more than just 1s and 0s. That allows them to scale exponentially, and quantum computers have overwhelming potential.

Telegram Files: Saved Where on Windows PC?

Telegram Files: Saved Where on Windows PC? (How to Delete?)

By default, Telegram saves files on a PC according to the following file path: C: > Users > [Your Username] > AppData > Roaming > Telegram Desktop. If you want to delete any files, you can do it manually in the “Telegram Desktop” folder. You can also automatically manage Telegram files through the app’s settings.

Company Laptop for Interview: Safe?

Company Laptop for Interview: Safe? (e.g., Zoom?)

Generally speaking, it’s at least frowned upon to use a company laptop to interview for a job with another company. In some cases, it could be illegal. In other cases, you can do it with relatively little risk or fallout. It completely depends on the nature of your job and your relationship with the company.

USB Bottlenecks External Drives: True?

USB Bottlenecks External Drives: True? (e.g., SSD & USB 3)

The USB port bottlenecks an external storage drive when the drive is capable of speeds that the port can’t handle. In data transfers, the slowest component dictates the speeds, so you want USB ports that can keep up. Fortunately, the most common USB port can keep up with the most common external drives.

ISP Blocking Ports: What to Do?

ISP Blocks Ports: What to Do? (5 Things)

There are many things you can do, depending on how the port is being blocked. You can change router or firewall settings to unblock the port. You can contact your ISP to have them unblock it, or you can even mask the port with something like a VPN to trick your ISP into giving you the access you want.

ISP Blocking Port Forwarding: How to Know?

ISP Blocks Port Forwarding: How to Know? (Do This)

An ISP can only block port forwarding if they control your router, so this is only an issue if they provided the router that you use. When that is the case, you can log into the router and look at the port forwarding settings. If you can’t see those settings, then the safe assumption is that port forwarding is blocked.