OnlyFans Percentages: How Do They Work?

Here’s how OnlyFans percentages work:

In the simplest terms, the OnlyFans percentages tell content creators how they stack up against all of the other content creators on the platform.

If you get a badge for being in the top 10%, then according to OnlyFans, you are more successful than 90% of all of the content creators using the site. 

So if you want to learn all about OnlyFans percentages and how they work exactly, then this article is for you!

Let’s get started!

OnlyFans Percentages: How Do They Work? (Algorithm?)

What Are Onlyfans Percentages?

As the name suggests, these are statistics created by OnlyFans.

The percentages tell content creators how they stack up against the crowd.

The best way to describe it is an attempt by OnlyFans to genuinely provide content creators with knowledge as to how they compete with other creators on the platform.

Percentages start by letting you know when you crack into the top 10% of creators. 

If you have that badge, it means that you have more subscribers than 90% of all content creators on the platform.

Additional badges exist for the top 5%, 1%, and 0.1%.

Technically, OnlyFans tells content creators their exact percentage, but the badges are designed for these milestones.

So, if you are in the top 4.7% of content creators, OnlyFans will provide you with that information, but your badge will be for breaking into the top 5%.

That’s all there really is for percentages.

They’re exactly what they sound like.

But, I will spend some time explaining how they are calculated, what they really mean for content creators, and how someone can try to improve their own statistics as a content creator.

How Are OnlyFans Percentages Calculated?

Let’s really get into this by looking at the math behind the percentages.

Don’t worry.

This won’t be a calculus lecture, and there is no test at the end.

The first thing to explain is that OnlyFans does not publish its algorithms.

The exact calculations behind the percentages are proprietary information, so I can’t tell you perfectly how they work.

But, I can give you an educated guess as to how the statistics are derived.

In general, you can assume that the percentages are based on engagement statistics and the amount of money spent on a creator’s content.

So, let’s look into these ideas a little more.

What could constitute engagement on OnlyFans?

Visits or views of your profile would definitely count, whether those views are from subscribers or not.

The number of subscribers you have is definitely part of the equation.

Your total revenue for the last 30 days is going to factor in as well.

On top of that, likes and comments (including DMs) are probably part of the overall math as well.

While all of these factors are most likely how OnlyFans calculates the percentages, there’s a missing ingredient, and we can only guess as to how it works.

That ingredient is the weight for each variable.

Does OnlyFans value comments or likes more?

How much weight does revenue get in the final calculation? 

I can’t answer these questions, but my best guess is that revenue matters the most, followed by subscribers.

The other factors are probably less important, even though they are calculated.

The simple fact is that OnlyFans isn’t telling anyone, so the best guess is the limit for this.

What OnlyFans does reveal is that these numbers are crunched every day, and they only look at the most recent 30 days for the statistics.

Because of that, percentages can change pretty quickly.

What Do OnlyFans Percentages Really Mean for Creators?

When you don’t know exactly how the numbers are calculated, it might undermine their value.

What is OnlyFans really trying to tell you with these numbers?

Well, as a content creator, there are a few important pieces of information that are hidden in these badges.

First, whatever math OnlyFans is using, it’s telling you with the badge exactly how valuable you are in the eyes of the company.

If OnlyFans is saying that you’re in the top 1%, then they value you as a creator more than 99% of the people posting on the platform.

That means that you really can use percentages as a reasonable way to gauge your performance.

Raw page statistics, like the number of followers you have or how much money you earn, are very useful.

But sometimes, it helps to know how your numbers stack up against the rest of the community.

That’s exactly what the percentages are there to tell you.

Mysterious calculations aside, if you’re in the top 10%, then you can get a rough idea of what it might take to move up to the next tier.

You’ll have an estimate as to how many additional followers or revenue it’s really going to take to get to the top.

A Few Statistics for Context

The percentages are informative as they are.

However, if I throw some additional statistics into the mix, it adds a lot of context, and you’ll have an even better idea of what it means to get one of these badges.

The current statistics are in dispute, so I’m going to use numbers from the start of 2021.

As of then, OnlyFans had 85 million users and roughly 1 million content creators.

So to be in the top 10% of all creators, you have to be better than 900,000 people posting content on OnlyFans.

To get into the top 1%, you have to beat out 990,000 content creators.

It’s a pretty big accomplishment, statistically speaking.

What do these numbers mean for income?

OnlyFans doesn’t post average income statistics, so instead, I looked up conversations involving active content creators. 

According to online conversations, a top 10% content creator is likely to earn around $2,000 each week in total revenue.

For those keeping scores, that would come out to $104,000 a year.

Once in the top 1%, that revenue jumps up to about $8,000 a week, or $416,000 a year if you maintained that status.

That’s a pretty big number.

At the top 0.1% of content creators, revenue can hit $15,000 a week.

That comes out to more than three-quarters of a million dollars ($780,000) a year. 

Keep in mind that these are numbers reported by active content creators.

The exact numbers can definitely vary from person to person.

How Can You Change Your OnlyFans Percentage? (2 Ways)

Considering what those revenues could mean for your income (assuming you’re reading this as a content creator), you probably want some ways to move higher on the platform and make that big money.

Even if you’re just curious about it all, there are definitely things that content creators can do to improve their statistics.

It’s really all about engagement and money.

There are countless tips that tend to improve each separately.

So I’m going to talk about some of the most popular methods in the business.

#1 Raising Engagement

Even if we don’t know exactly how OnlyFans weighs their statistics, increasing your engagement is a good idea.

At worst, it won’t raise your percentage, but it will still help you reach more followers, which is ultimately good for your account.

So, here are some of the best engagement tips I have for you.

First, try to provide regular content.

It seems so simple, but when people have a post to look forward to every Wednesday (or whatever schedule you pick), they show up for you.

Regular posts tend to increase the number of people who engage with each upload you do to the platform.

By that same token, try to build a consistent base.

You’re going to find that people respond more to some kinds of content than others.

Let those reactions guide your content, and build your base by giving the people what they want.

That’s how you get consistency into your following, but it’s not the end of the story.

When you do feel like you have a growing base and a good feel for what will get the best responses from them, expand your content.

Keep the regular, proven stuff on a regular schedule, and then mix in the stuff that feels more creative and gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

For that, you can look into promotional content (like a limited photo series in a cool location), collaborations with other beloved content creators, cosplay, and anything niche that you think you could have fun with.

All of that helps with content, but it’s also important to network.

For that, you can use all of the other social media.

If you really want to go for it, you can invest in SEO, buy advertisements, or even hire an engagement firm. 

There are a lot of professionals who work in building audiences.

#2 Raising Revenue

All of those tips above drive engagement, and with OnlyFans, increased engagement often drives revenue up.

But, there are some things you can think about that specifically apply to revenue.

One thing you can do is add subscription tiers. You can have free content that tries to reel in new followers.

The base tier is affordable, so you aren’t excluding followers from joining the crowd.

And for the dedicated few, your higher-tier subscriptions cost more and unlock special content.

By giving people more freedom to choose how they engage, you’re likely to improve your overall revenue. 

Another extremely simple thing that can help drive revenue is to ask people to subscribe.

You’re using multiple social media platforms. Remind them that there is a subscription available, and some will join.

Every time that happens, your revenue increases. It’s pretty easy.

You can also run special promotions.

Maybe some exclusive content is on sale for a short period of time.

You can think of any number of promotions, and they can help you push revenue a little higher.


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