Is OnlyShares Legit: How Safe?

Here’s everything you need to know about how safe and legit is:

Are you wondering about the credibility of This article is set to guide you through its landscape. Our exploration reveals a website that may not meet the standards of safety and reliability that one might expect.

It seems to be a platform where the sharing of personal data is encouraged, while also promoting the download of various software that might not be entirely trustworthy.

The platform bears certain risks, and hence, we advise you to tread carefully while using it.

To understand more about the specifics of, stick with us as we delve deeper. Ready to discover more? Let’s get started!

What Is OnlyShares? (2 Things)

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Firstly, I want to confirm that does exist. However, I would strongly advise against visiting or using this site. This is a brief overview, but to provide a comprehensive response, I’ll need to go into more detail.

Let’s begin with what the website purports to be. Apparently, OnlyShares is a supplementary web-based tool designed to integrate with OnlyFans.

The idea is to connect an OnlyFans account to OnlyShares, and then, while using OnlyFans, the OnlyShares extension would aid in downloading content from OnlyFans.

This might seem intricate, so let me break down its implications.

OnlyFans generates revenue by enabling content creators to levy subscription charges for accessing their content, primarily images and videos. If you could download all the content, there would be little incentive to sustain a subscription.

This obviously undermines profitability. Hence, OnlyFans doesn’t offer straightforward methods to download content.

OnlyShares positions itself as a tool that facilitates these downloads so that you won’t need to remain on OnlyFans to view content—once it’s downloaded. That’s the main idea of the tool.

Moreover, OnlyShares alleges that it can unlock content to which you’re not subscribed, which raises legit concerns.

Before delving into the safety and legitimacy aspects, I would like to discuss its functionality. OnlyShares fails to deliver on its promises.

I conducted a test of the site (in a secure setup) solely to provide a well-informed answer to your query. OnlyShares urged me to input account details, then continually asked me to incorporate more apps, accounts, and other external resources.

This seemed like a never-ending cycle, and none of it ever redirected to OnlyFans. Ultimately, the entire process caused my test setup to crash.

At no point was I able to utilize OnlyShares to download anything from OnlyFans, which flags it as not legit. Therefore, it does not perform as claimed.

#1 Is OnlyShares Legit?

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Let’s be clear: OnlyShares is not a legitimate platform. I want to underline this fact, it’s not a trustworthy website, and engaging with it carries significant risks.

That being said, it does exist as a website. You can enter the URL, and a website will indeed appear.However, the problem lies in the fact that the site does not function as it claims.

It has no official connection to OnlyFans whatsoever, and even if it did facilitate downloads, its very existence could potentially infringe upon OnlyFans’ terms of service and possibly even breach copyright laws.

But, the simple truth is that OnlyShares doesn’t work. In fact, it’s more akin to a fraudulent scheme.

The constant cycle of downloading new resources and providing account details is likely a tactic to pilfer your personal information and peddle it to as many third parties as possible.

Several of the items OnlyShares prompted me to download or install were unequivocally harmful, which likely led to the crash of my test setup. This website lacks legitimacy, and I fervently urge you to avoid it.

If my warning isn’t persuasive enough, rest assured that I’m not alone in this assessment.

Websites dedicated to identifying scams, like Scam-Detector, have evaluated the site and arrived at the same verdict.

It triggers all the alarm bells. Its web security is also severely lacking, but I’ll delve deeper into that shortly. It’s a scam—I’ll reiterate this point as many times as necessary to ensure it’s fully understood.

#2 Is Safe?

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Let’s talk about safety. For starters, anything that is clearly a scam is not safe. People are trying to steal your information, most likely to try to steal your identity or your money.

I don’t need to go deeper into this, right? Even outside of the scam elements, OnlyShares is bad. The website offers just about nothing in terms of general security.

Even if OnlyShares was harmless, its security is so bad that malicious parties would be able to target it to steal your information.

So, it’s not safe to use at all. Even if you use fake information with the site, it’s going to try to get you to install malicious software. In every way, this site is completely unsafe.

What About Other Websites Similar to (3 Sites)

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While researching OnlyShares, I saw a number of other sites and apps that claimed to offer similar outcomes.

The general idea is that you can create an account with the site, and then it will unlock OnlyFans content for you.

I’ll spend a minute talking about a few of the ones that came up more often than the rest. After that, I’ll explain to you how you can tell if something is legitimate or not.


Thinking man looking at phone screen sitting on sofa at home

First up is Thotsbay. This claims to basically do the same stuff as OnlyShares.

It’s supposed to allow you to download any and all content on OnlyFans. It’s also clearly a scam. I won’t go as deep on this site as I did on OnlyShares because it will get redundant.

Thotsbay has the exact same list of problems. The site is not secure.

It doesn’t actually do what it claims to do. It asks you to add information to a ton of different accounts, and it tries to get you to download malware.

This site is not legitimate. It is not safe. I highly recommend you stay away from it.

#2 OnlyFans Premium Account Generator

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This site (I’m definitely not going to provide a web address) claims that it can generate a premium account access key for you.

With that key, you can get an OnlyFans premium account. With that premium account, you have unlimited access to all OnlyFans content.

It’s a master pass, so you never have to subscribe to another content creator again. Does this sound too good to be true?

Your instincts are right. This is yet another scam, and I’m really going to drive this one home. First off, OnlyFans doesn’t have premium accounts.

That’s an internet myth. There is no special account where you pay a huge fee for unlimited access on the site.

If you want content, you have to subscribe to the creator who posted it. That’s defined in OnlyFans contracts.

If they offered a premium account, it would put them in violation of those accounts, and they would be at risk of losing huge amounts of money.

Anything claiming that it can give you a premium account is a lie. People on the internet who claim to have premium accounts are lying. It. Does. Not. Exist.

I didn’t test the account generator directly, so I can’t tell you for certain that it is malicious. I can tell you that what it claims to do is fundamentally impossible, so I’m willing to assume it’s a scam. 

#3 Any Offer for Free OnlyFans Content

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I saw a lot of other one-off mentions of sites and apps that can unlock or download OnlyFans content.

They’re all fake. Now, there probably are third-party tools out there that would enable the download of OnlyFans content—after you subscribe.

But, such tools are definitely in violation of OnlyFans terms. The site does not generally allow you to download content.

The only exception is if you’re the one who created and uploaded the content in the first place. And even then, it’s not always easy to do.

There are a lot of malicious people on the internet playing to these myths, and there will never be a shortage of claims that you can get free content or downloads with this magic service or app or whatever.

They’re all lies. They’re probably all scams.

How To Spot Non Legit Sites and Apps Similar to OnlyShares? (3 Ways)

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I can’t possibly list every fake site and app out there by name. A lot of people are trying to trick you with promises of access to OnlyFans content.So, how can you spot that bad stuff for yourself?

In general, they’re all bad. If you want OnlyFans content, then go through OnlyFans.

It’s that simple.Still, there are three particular red flags that you should know about.

#1 OnlyFans Is in the Name

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There is only one OnlyFans, and the name is legally registered as a trademark. That means that any third party that uses “OnlyFans” in the name is potentially violating copyright laws.

I can promise you that OnlyFans is not licensing its name out to third-party companies that are offering you free content or other ways to hurt OnlyFans profit margins.

That would be a terrible plan. So, if something has “OnlyFans” in the name and is offering access to free content, then you need to understand something.

That person or group is very comfortable with breaking the law, and it’s very likely that they’re willing to break the law when it comes to dealing with you too.

#2 “Premium”

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Another red flag is the claim that you can get a premium account. I’ve already harped on this.

Premium OnlyFans accounts don’t exist. Anyone selling such an account (even if they claim it’s free) is already lying to you.

Why do they need to deceive you? What’s the real goal? They’re probably trying to steal your information. Premium account claims regularly pair with scams.

#3 “Free”

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The same goes for anything that emphasizes free content. You know the old saying. If it seems too good to be true, it is. “Free” is a word that is trying to get your attention.

It’s a red flag. Run the other way.

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