OnlyFans Notifications: When & How?

Here’s how OnlyFans notifies you when someone visits your profile, takes screenshots, or downloads your videos:

When someone triggers a notification, you will receive that notification on the website when you view your profile.

You will receive push notifications and email notifications if you give the site permission.

Not everything triggers a notification, including profile visits, screenshots, and downloads.

So if you want to learn all about how OnlyFans notifications work exactly, then this article is for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is OnlyFans?

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If we’re going to get into notifications, I need to spend a moment ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

What is OnlyFans?

It’s a social media platform that is designed to connect content creators with people who consume their content. As a social media platform, it makes it easy for strangers to connect via the website.

They can talk to each other, share photos and videos, and communicate in general.

There are two specific things that make OnlyFans different from most other platforms.

First, OnlyFans does not have an app. It is only available via the website, and in this modern age, that’s a little bit different.

More importantly, OnlyFans makes it easy for content creators to hide their content behind a paywall.

In other words, if you want to see what a specific person is posting to OnlyFans, you have to become their “fan” and pay a subscription fee. This model has lent itself very well to posting and charging for access to adult content.

As a result, OnlyFans is largely known as a social media platform that primarily functions to peddle adult content.

How Do OnlyFans Notifications Work? (2 Ways)

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Ultimately, OnlyFans is a social media site, and it does facilitate communication between people on the site.

That communication can come in the form of direct messages, following or subscribing to a content creator, and additional interactions.

For a lot of people, it’s nice to be able to keep up with all of those interactions without being on the site 24/7. That’s where notifications come into play.

OnlyFans is like most other social media platforms in that it has automated notifications that inform you when a lot of different things happen on the site—especially in relation to your own account.

We’ll talk about specific notifications a little later.

First, I want to walk you through the basics of how OnlyFans sends notifications at all.

Regardless of the reason, if OnlyFans needs to send you a notification, there are three options:

  • on the website
  • push notifications
  • email

The website is the primary way that you will get notifications.

If you have your profile open on the OnlyFans site, you’ll get little red numbers that pop up and let you know that there are things to check out regarding your account.

You might have new messages or subscribers or other interactions.

As for push notifications and emails, they deserve their own sections.

#1 Push Notifications

Ok, so what are push notifications?

Have you ever received a notification on your phone while it was locked?

Did it tell you about a message on an app, preview a text message, or maybe tell you that you have an email?

Those are push notifications.

The idea is that any notification is “pushed” to your general notifications management on your device.

I’m going to mostly refer to phones, but push notifications can work with tablets, smartwatches, and computers too.

The thing about push notifications is that they originate from a server.

In this case, they come from OnlyFans servers.

If you initiate push notifications via OnlyFans, then when you receive any important information, OnlyFans will try to forward it to your phone.

There’s a catch though.

OnlyFans does not have a mobile app.

It only works through your browser, and that makes things more complicated.

With an app on your phone, if you give it permission to use push notifications, it can do that even when the app isn’t open and active.

The app will run the notifications in the background.

OnlyFans is different because it’s on your web browser.

That means that push notifications will only work if you have OnlyFans open on your browser.

It can be on its own page or tab, and it doesn’t have to be active on the screen, but if OnlyFans isn’t currently loaded on the browser, it has no way to communicate with your phone, and the push notifications won’t work.

If you meet the conditions, then any notification that comes from OnlyFans will be visible with any of your other notifications—depending on the settings you choose for your phone.

#2 Email

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Push notifications are a little complicated and a little unreliable.

Fortunately, there’s a backup/secondary option available with OnlyFans. That option comes in the form of email notifications.

You can alter these settings in your preferences in your OnlyFans account.

Assuming you give the site permission to send email notifications, then anything that might come to you as a push notification can come as an email.

You can have emails and push notifications on at the same time (where emails act as a backup), or you can exclusively use email notifications.

It’s all up to you, but it’s a reliable way to get information about how your account is doing and how people might be interacting with it.

How Does OnlyFans Know When People Do Things on Your Profile?

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One aspect of notifications is tied to the technical process.

It will make a little more sense as to when you might or might not get a notification if you know a little more about how it all works.

OnlyFans is a social media platform, but it is run exclusively as a website.

There are no mobile apps or other ways to access the platform except through the website.

Because of that, everything that happens on OnlyFans runs by their web servers.

Those are the powerful computers that host the website and allow so many users to interact with the content simultaneously. Why does this matter?

Well, it means that OnlyFans servers are involved with literally every single action every single user takes on the website.

They can track absolutely anything that they want to track.

In fact, that’s how notifications work.

If a new person becomes a fan of your profile, OnlyFans knows that because their servers processed the whole thing.

To send you a notification, they only have to add a couple of lines of code, and you automatically get informed that you have a new fan. It’s that easy.

So, when OnlyFans doesn’t provide a notification for something specific, it’s because the team is choosing not to have notifications.

That’s worth remembering as we talk about the primary scenarios that involve notifications.

How Does OnlyFans Notify You When Someone Visits Your OnlyFans Profile? (3 Things)

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You know the basic mechanisms of notification: website, push, and email.

But, how does it work with specific interactions?

As an example, what happens when someone visits your profile?

Does OnlyFans count those interactions?

Do they tell you about it? What does the notification look like?

There are social media sites that try to keep track of how many people visit your profile, and they might even keep a counter for you, but OnlyFans is not one of them.

OnlyFans deals with a lot of adult content, and as a result, they have a slightly different take on privacy when compared to a lot of other social media platforms.

Specifically, OnlyFans will not tell you when someone visits your profile.

Naturally, the servers could keep track of that if OnlyFans really wanted to, but it’s not in the site’s current strategy.

If someone visits your profile, you will not receive any type of notification.

You won’t know how many people visit your profile either.

On the other hand, people can follow your profile.

When that happens, you do get a notification, so it’s easy to keep track of how many people follow you on OnlyFans.

#1 Taking Screenshots

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Then again, people can do a lot more with your profile than just visit it.

While there on your profile, is any activity tracked?

The short answer is yes, and these next few sections will really lay that out for you.

Starting with screenshots, this is not something that triggers a notification from OnlyFans.

Snapchat is known for sending notifications whenever someone screenshots a snap, but OnlyFans takes a different approach.

Typically, a fan has to pay a premium to be able to see your photos in the first place, so it wouldn’t be that weird if they wanted to take screenshots.

As a result, OnlyFans does not keep track of screenshots, so there will be no notification when this happens.

It’s worth noting that copying content from OnlyFans is against the terms of service and the standard fan-creator contract.

Even so, taking a screenshot does not trigger any type of notification.

#2 Downloading Videos

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As for downloading videos, that falls very much in the same category as screenshotting content.

If you try to download or otherwise record videos on the site, that will not trigger any notifications.

It is more or less a violation of the terms with OnlyFans, but it doesn’t mean that automatic notifications are part of the deal.

#3 Changing Subscription Status

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Last up, we have subscription statuses.

Basically, there are three possibilities here.

Someone can become a subscriber (called a “fan” on the site), change their subscription tier, or stop subscribing.

In the first case, you will receive a notification if someone becomes a new fan of your profile.

That notification will follow your settings and come as a push notification, email, or site notification accordingly.

If someone upgrades to a higher tier (assuming your content is set up in such a way), then you will receive a notification when that happens as well.

But, if someone cancels their subscription and is no longer a fan, there are no notifications to tell you about that.

You can check how many fans you have, and you’ll see the number go down, but OnlyFans will not specifically inform you as to who has unsubscribed and when it happened.


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