OnlyFans Emails & Notifications: How To Stop?

Here’s how to stop all types of OnlyFans emails and notifications:

OnlyFans sends notifications regarding your account, account activity, purchases, special offers, and more.

Most interactions you can have with the site can generate a notification, and it might come via email, push notifications, or on the website.

You can control most of these notifications in the site settings.

So if you want to learn all about stopping all sorts of emails or notifications OnlyFans sends out, then this article is for you.

Let’s get right into it!

OnlyFans Emails & Notifications: How To Stop? (4 Ways)

What Kinds of Emails or Notifications Does OnlyFans Send You? (5 Types)

OnlyFans is an online service.

As such, it regularly communicates with users in a number of ways and for a number of reasons.

In general, direct communication from OnlyFans will come as an email, push notification, or web notification.

Each form of communication provides different bits of information, with some overlap.

So, I’m going to break them down one at a time for you.

#1 Emails

To the surprise of absolutely no one, email notifications are the primary way that OnlyFans sends you important information.

It’s worth noting that the OnlyFans concept of importance might not match your own, but we’ll get into notification settings a bit later.

Like any website or online service, OnlyFans likes to send a lot of emails.

The first email notification you get when you sign up is an email verification message.

After you take care of that, you’ll see additional emails if you need a password change.

Any time you update anything on your account, you get another email.

There are also automated emails to let you know if your subscription is expiring or when your subscription is renewed.

If you’re a content creator, you get an email when you have a new fan subscriber.

That’s the bulk of email notifications from OnlyFans, but they will also send out notifications if they make significant changes to the user agreement or major updates to the service.

#2 Push Notifications

OnlyFans also allows for push notifications.

If you’ve never used OnlyFans, this actually might surprise you a little bit.

OnlyFans does not make mobile apps.

You can use the site on mobile devices, but you’re just using the website.

That means you access OnlyFans through browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Typically, push notifications for something like this would run through the mobile app (assuming you’re using a mobile device), but since OnlyFans doesn’t have an app, that’s not possible.

Yet, you can set up push notifications, and in the case of OnlyFans, they run through your browser.

So, if you enable push notifications, you can still get them to pop up on your notifications screen of your phone (or other device).

The push notifications are routed through your browser, but you can see them on your screen without unlocking your device (depending on your settings).

As for content, push notifications cover much of the same ground as email notifications.

OnlyFans will alert you when there are new things to see, in accordance with your OnlyFans settings.

#3 Web Notifications

Since there is no app, official notifications within your account are found on the OnlyFans website.

When it comes to these kinds of settings, OnlyFans is extremely similar to any other online account.

When you log in, if OnlyFans has something important to tell you, they can provide you with indications directly on the website.

These are on the left side of the page, and they are listed under the category “Notifications.”

Web notifications will let you know when there is a new comment related to one of yours or when something of yours gets a new like.

These notifications also provide stream reminders, discounts that are made available from users you follow, and occasional information related to major site updates.

One thing to note is that most of the site notifications are not duplicated as emails, but many of these also show up as push notifications.

#4 Payment Notifications

Even though the original question is in reference to OnlyFans notifications, this felt important enough to include.

OnlyFans is a service that includes plenty of ways for you to spend money.

If you choose to do so, then you have to use a credit card.

Your credit card company will likely send you a notification that you have been charged for something, and that notification doesn’t come from OnlyFans.

This is worth mentioning because you might be trying to control how OnlyFans notifications come to you.

If you forget about potential emails or other messages from your credit card, that could undermine your efforts.

Even if that’s not the case, I felt it was worth mentioning this external source of OnlyFans-related messaging for the sake of thoroughness, and I’ll be covering credit cards again in the later sections that discuss turning off notifications.

#5 Top Creator

There is one other source of OnlyFans notifications that only impacts content creators.

This is the Top Creator.

This is something OnlyFans uses to compare creator performance metrics.

So, you can see how you stack up against other creators on the site.

This is a separate category of notification on the site.

It uses data from the previous 30 days to make the list, and it is updated daily.

Whenever the update goes through and your performance changes, you get a notification via Top Creator.

You can also edit this setting from your profile on the website.

How Do You Stop Emails or Notifications From OnlyFans? (4 Ways)

Now that you know what notifications exist and how they work, we can go over your ability to control them.

You have a lot of say in how OnlyFans sends information to you, so let’s get into that.

#1 Customize Your OnlyFans Settings

Whether you are getting emails, push notifications, site notifications, or Top Creator notifications, all of those messages are controlled in one central place. 

Log into OnlyFans and click on Notifications.

The screen will show you a column with all of your notifications.

On the top-right corner of that column is a gear icon.

Click on that, and it will take you to the settings for your notifications.

Those settings are broken into categories: push, email, site, toast, SMS, and other.

Under “Other” you can have third-party notification settings, such as those for messaging bots.

You can go through each of these setting categories and adjust your notifications as you see fit.

You can customize them more or less independently from each other, so you have the freedom to work with OnlyFans messaging however you want.

That said, there are a couple of limitations that are important.

First, you cannot turn off certain email notifications.

Those include legally-mandated notifications (like when the terms and conditions change) and essential notifications, such as for a password reset.

If you’re looking to manage the notifications that you can’t turn off, then you need to take additional action.

#2 Change Your Email Address

If you want to completely stop emails to a certain account (like maybe you were researching OnlyFans for work and stupidly used your work email to sign up and explore OnlyFans settings), you can change the email address for your account.

You can make a new email address just for OnlyFans if you want to keep things simple.

There are also services that create short-term, junk email addresses if you want to sign up in the short term and not worry about any email addresses.

It’s really up to you, but the best way to keep OnlyFans out of any specific email address is to not use that address with the site.

#3 Check Credit Card Settings

There’s also the issue of payment notifications.

You can’t control these via OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is legally obligated to provide receipt options for purchases you make with the site.

Typically, that comes in the form of emails.

Beyond that, your credit card also keeps a record of your purchase history.

Notifications from your credit card can be adjusted by your communication with the credit card issuer (meaning the bank, not the company logo on the card). 

One way or another, the bank has to keep a record of the purchases.

If you don’t want any notifications related to OnlyFans purchases, your credit card settings won’t be enough.

#4 Explore Alternate Payment Methods

Just like you can use a different email address for OnlyFans, you can also use an alternative payment.

Getting a credit card just for OnlyFans seems like a lot of work, but there’s actually a convenient workaround that I’m going to teach you right now.

There is something called a virtual credit card.

Multiple companies offer virtual cards as a service.

I’m going to use the service at as an example because I’ve used it myself.

Here’s how it works.

You sign up with

You enroll in the virtual card service, and you link a credit card.

The service then creates a virtual credit card.

This card has a different number and none of your personal information on it.

You take the virtual card information, and you provide that to OnlyFans (this works with any online purchase, not just OnlyFans).

OnlyFans then charges your virtual card. works as an intermediary, and it forwards the charge on your virtual card to the real credit card.

OnlyFans never has your real card or contact info, and your credit card company gets a bill from rather than OnlyFans.

This middleman service gives you more control over what shows up on your credit card statements and what notifications you receive.

Keep in mind that this does add another layer of notifications, so you’ll want to go through your settings too (or the settings for whichever virtual card service you choose).


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