OnlyFans Posting: Can’t After Providing All Information?

Here’s why you can’t post on OnlyFans after providing all the necessary information for your account:

Most likely, the problem is related to the OnlyFans verification and approval process. If any of your information was insufficient or unapproved, you will not be allowed to post even though you can log in and retain your account. 

Technical problems and community violations can also prevent regular posting. So if you want to learn all about why you can’t post on OnlyFans yet, then this article is for you. Let’s get started!

OnlyFans Posting: Can't After Providing All Information?

What Are the Reasons Why OnlyFans Won’t Let You Post? (3 Things)

For the most part, there are three reasons why you won’t be able to post. 

The first is that your account is not in good standing. This could be from failed verification, profile rejection, or issues with a previous account.

The second issue is that you have a technical problem. There are plenty of potential technical issues that can mess with posting on OnlyFans, and I’ll take you through the primary ones later.

Lastly, an account can be banned or restricted at any point after it was previously approved, so we’ll look at that in a different light at the end.

#1 Rejected Profile

After you submit everything that OnlyFans requires to build your content creator’s account, it goes through a review process. 

Even though you have an account, your privilege as a poster can be denied at any point during the review. There are reasons that you will automatically be denied, and there are subjective issues that can also arise.

Let’s look at automatic rejections first. OnlyFans provides a full list of issues that will automatically reject your profile. 

If that happens, you can try to remedy the issue. 

This isn’t a one-and-done type of deal, but you will have to find a resolution before you’ll be able to post. Here are some highlights from that list:

  • Poor selfie quality with your ID
  • An illegible ID
  • An expired ID (or one that will expire within 30 days of the review)
  • An invalid or damaged ID
  • An unacceptable IS (as in not issued by a government)
  • Social media verification failure
  • Cover image violates community standards (no sexual content is allowed here)
  • Exceeding the account limit (creators cannot have more than two)
  • Failure to verify legal age status

Most of these issues are easy enough to fix, and you can work with OnlyFans to try to remedy the issue and get your account verified so that you can start posting. The subjective issues can also create this problem, and they’re less straightforward.

Despite that, they can still be fixed:

  • Confusing or misleading profile information
  • Profile violated community standards (such as suggesting you will allow direct contact with users)
  • Unacceptable social media content

Each of these components of your profile is reviewed by OnlyFans, but the failures are not technical or perfectly outlined. 

It may require more communication with OnlyFans to find and resolve the exact reason your profile was rejected.

#2 Verification Issues

There is a lot of overlap between the concepts of verification and profile rejection when it comes to the OnlyFans review process. 

Everything above is tied to verification and is how you prove who you are and that you can legally be a content creator.

Other verification issues include background checks (covered in more detail in the next section), social media links, and financial information.

If you create a paid OnlyFans account and can’t verify financial information, you can’t post. 

The site can’t put up paid content without a way to pay you your share. Well, maybe they could, but they don’t. Other important details also have to be verified before you will be able to post anything on OnlyFans.

Linked social media sites are a part of that. It’s common to link a Twitter account to OnlyFans.

If you want to do that, then OnlyFans has to verify your Twitter account too. All of this happens behind the scenes after you submit all requested information. 

But, you can see how these moving parts could slow down verification and prevent you from posting right away.

#3 Previous Violations

OnlyFans is also clear about carrying restrictions and bans across new accounts. In order to be a content creator, you have to clearly confirm your identity. 

So, if your account gets banned and you try to create a new account, OnlyFans is going to have a record of your identity.

The OnlyFans guidelines are clear. 

They reserve the right to restrict or ban new accounts based on issues tied to your previous account. Ultimately, OnlyFans holds the power here. 

It’s entirely within their purview to allow your new account to go forward. 

Or, they can reject the new account when it becomes clear that your previous account was flagged. If you think you were flagged incorrectly, you can always contact OnlyFans to discuss it. 

You can either try to recover the original account or try to move forward with a new one, but either way, you’ll want to deal with any flags first.

What Are Technical Issues That Prevent You From Posting? (3 Causes)

Everything above is about creating your account and getting approval from OnlyFans to post. 

There are common technical problems that might prevent you from posting, even if your account is in good standing with OnlyFans.

#1 Communications Failures

Nothing in this section is specific to OnlyFans. These are issues that come up with internet communications in general. 

If they plague your OnlyFans account or communications, then it can prevent you from posting, even though your account passed every requirement.

A common communication issue with internet services is timeouts. 

Sometimes, when your device tries to connect with a server (such as those run by OnlyFans), it doesn’t get a fast response. 

This can be because of infrastructure problems between you and the server. It can be from the server getting too many requests all at once. 

Really, there are a lot of possibilities.What matters is that your device will only wait so long. 

If it doesn’t get a response fast enough (the timing depends on settings), then the request will timeout. Your post won’t go through.

You can run into a similar issue with security. OnlyFans uses secure connections for all communications. For anyone curious, their security is based on HTTPS encryption and security

For those not so tech-savvy, OnlyFans uses industry-standard methods to ensure that all communications between your devices and their servers are as secure as reasonably possible.

But, it’s possible for a secure connection to fail. 

The problem could be on your end or those, and it’s usually a temporary issue. What matters is that if a secure connection cannot be established, OnlyFans won’t let you post.

If you run into connection issues, you can try posting from a different device or even a different network. You can also contact OnlyFans if the problem is persistent or you cannot solve it.

#2 Format Problems

Another technical problem that arises with posting content is formatting. OnlyFans allows you to post images and videos. That’s kind of the point of the site.

But, there are a ton of different ways to format images and videos, and OnlyFans only supports a handful of them. 

So, here’s a quick overview of what OnlyFans accepts. First, you can only have 40 pictures and/or videos in a single post. If you want to upload more, you have to split them across posts.

Beyond that, pictures cannot take up more than 6000 pixels in either direction.  If you’re not familiar with pixels, it’s how computer systems measure images. 

If you want to know more about pixels and how to understand them, you’ll find that here.

As for videos, they cannot be larger than 3 GB in size. That’s three Gigabytes. 

To give you a ballpark of how much video that is, you can put up roughly one hour of high-definition video with this limitation. 

But, if your file size is at all bigger, the upload will fail.

Lastly, OnlyFans only supports MP4, MOV, and AVI video formats. 

Any other video format won’t work. If you’re using a Windows machine, you can right-click on the video file and look at the properties. 

There is a section that says “Type of file.” Next to it, you’ll see the file format. If it’s not on the approved list, it won’t upload.

#3 Account Security

This is a different kind of problem, but it’s worth mentioning.  It’s possible that you created your account, passed every check, and are good to go for posting content. 

After achieving all of that, you lost control of your account.

Maybe you forgot your username and password.  Maybe your account was compromised or hacked.

Regardless, you do need control of the account in order to post content.  This is a completely different issue, and if you’re running into it, help is available. 

On the OnlyFans site (or login screen on the app), you can choose “Forgot password.” 

It will walk you through the steps to recover your account. If you can’t get through them, contact OnlyFans support.

Are There Any Other Reasons You Can’t Post?

That covers most of the issues, but there is one more to learn about. 

You can have account violations and related problems outside of account creation, and it’s important to learn how that works.

Account Violations

The reason this is in a separate section is that it plays out a little differently from the other issues, even if it’s closely related to things you have already read.

Here’s the scenario. You create your account. You get verified. Everything is good. You start posting content, and it all works just fine. 

Then one day, you try to post content, and it stops working.

While many of the above technical issues could be at play, there’s another possibility to consider.  Your account may have been flagged after you started using it. 

If that’s the case, then you won’t be able to post more content until OnlyFans restores your access, and there are no guarantees that will ever happen.

You can discuss the situation with OnlyFans, but as long as the flag is there, you probably won’t be allowed to post. Even creating a new account won’t solve the problem. 

So, if a working account suddenly stops working, this is an issue to remember.


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