This Number Is No Longer in Service Text: What Happened?

Here’s what happens when you text someone and get back the “this number is no longer in service” text message:

If you text a number that is no longer in service, the text will either fail to deliver or be delivered. 

If it sends, there is no guarantee that the message is reaching the intended recipient.

The number you’re trying to text may have been allocated to someone else.

If you want to learn all about what happens when you text a number that is no longer in service, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s dig right in!

What Happens if You Text a Disconnected Phone?

If you text a disconnected phone, it is the same as if you texted a number no longer in service.

There is a chance that the number was given to another person.

The phone company will reallocate the number to someone else as soon as they possibly can. In the meantime, there is a chance that the number will simply fail.

The person on the other end of a line that has been given the new number can then respond to your text if they want to.

You will get no notification that the person you are texting is the exact person you wanted to text.

This leads to a catfish situation where that person can either pretend to be the actual recipient of your text or let you know that you have texted the wrong number.

Perhaps you have seen some of these funny moments in a meme post where the text was going to someone, and the person on the other end responded funnily. Maybe this has ever happened to you.

If the number is not allocated yet, you might get a message that says that the text failed to deliver or was not deliverable. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it was just a software issue or a bad connection.  

The only way to find out if that number is actually disconnected or is no longer in service is to call the number.

How Do I Know if This Number is No Longer in Service?

There are several ways to find out if a number is no longer in service.  

The best way is to call the number and listen for the automated answer that tells you that the number is no longer in service or is disconnected.  

The problem with this method is that texting the number will not give you a solid answer and might fail to deliver the message.

You might also call the phone provider and ask what has happened to that number. But this method might skirt the privacy issue and might not be as forthcoming as you wish.

The other way is to email the person with who you are trying to communicate. 

Simply ask them to explain what has happened to the number. 

If they are as good a friend or family member as you think, then everything should be resolved soon.  

If you are trying to get through to a number and it says that it is no longer in service, then this may be a simple case of that person trying to get you to leave them alone. 

In any case, it is best to try and contact that person to find out why their number is not receiving your messages.

Can You Receive a Call/Text From This Number That is No Longer in Service?

Sending texts over a messaging app comes directly from an internet service and not from your phone provider. 

This is one way to receive calls or texts from numbers that are no longer in service.

Another way to contact people who no longer have a phone number is to use Wi-Fi spots around town. 

Again this will involve using internet apps that allow for communication between users on the same service.

Many have started using social media-connected services to do video calling and bypassing actual phone numbers.  

Simply connect to the same social media as your intended connection, and you can receive texts from a number that is no longer in service. But beware, as this method is highly risky for fraud, catfishing, and spam marketing. 

Calls coming in from apps and numbers that are not in service can easily fake the caller ID. And in those cases you would likely get the “this number is no longer in service” text message when you try texting the number yourself.

The practice of spoofing a number is used by people who don’t want to be found. It prevents callbacks by using automated systems that show a disconnected number.  

If you see a number, you don’t recognize and say that they are from a certain company or need to clear up a purchase you never made, hang up.

The best way to find out if a call or text you received is fraud is simply to hang up and call the number back. Most of the time, if it is a fraud, they will be using spoofing technology, and the number will register as no longer in service.

What Message Do You Get When You Text a Blocked Number?

If you text a blocked number, then chances are you will be notified that you have blocked this number. 

You will also be given a chance to unblock them or continue to block them.  

In either case, your texting that number will result in a choice you have to make.

If you send the text, that person will be able to respond until you block them again.  

It is equivalent to shutting the door in their face, then opening it to tell them something, then shutting the door again. 

When they respond to your text while they are briefly unblocked, that text might not get to you.

You should only send a text to a blocked number if you are ready to unblock that person.  

It is a difficult choice to make because you are then opening up the possibility of them sending texts to you.

Depending on the situation, you should always ask someone if you should unblock specific people. 

The text you send to a blocked number should always be because you are ready to start receiving texts from that person.

What Does It Mean When a Number Is Unallocated?

While a number is disconnected or is no longer in service that number is being allocated. It may take some time to transfer that number to another person.  

The phone provider that the number belongs to has its own methods of dealing with transferring numbers.

When moving a number from an old owner to a new owner, it is called being unallocated. 

This could take a few days or even weeks to get transferred. This number will still be in the history of calls you had and anyone else that called that number.

If a person you were in contact with suddenly had to change their phone number, you would need to get them to give you their new number.

However, their old messages will still be on your phone under the old number.

The main way to find out about a new number of a person or business is to email that person or business.  

Face-to-face contact is the only other method to finding out about a new phone number.

How to Fake Phone Disconnected Text Messages? (3 Things)

If you want to keep your number but want people to think that number is disconnected, then try a few of these options:

#1 Invalid Number Please Resend Text Using a Valid 10-Digit Number

This message will cause the person to either keep texting or actually call you.

You can keep doing the same message just to mess with the person till they call you or let them off the prank early.

Either way, this will only end in you receiving a response.

#2 Text Messages to (Carrier) Customer (Your Number) Has Been Disabled

This fake message is a bit stronger but will cause the other person to call you.

You might want to be careful with this one and be sure to let that person know it was a prank text.

#3 ERROR: This Phone Is No Longer Working Service

This is also something that you could try along with number 2 above.

How to Make Someone Think Your Number is No Longer in Service?

In order to make someone think your phone is disconnected, you can try to use responsive texts such as the ones described in this article.

You can also use apps that automate this for you in your phone’s app market.

Another great way is to change your voicemail to sound like the phone company has disconnected your phone.

You then simply let specific numbers go straight to voice mail.

You can do this yourself and take control of each of the phone numbers calling you, or you can use an app that does this for you.

Several apps will help you make someone think your phone is disconnected. But be careful because some of these apps have paid features and free features.

Depending on your needs when it comes to blocking unwanted calls, it might cost you a premium.

If it is worth making someone think your phone is disconnected, then downloading an app is the way to go.

Check out the apps in the next section of this article for some of the best ones.

Make your choice and then get busy getting rid of the unwanted people from calling you ever again.

Is There an App That Says Your Number Is No Longer in Service?

Some apps can help you automate the process of faking a disconnected phone.

The best three apps that can help you get away with this are:

These apps have more features than just hiding your number and pretending to be disconnected.

Here are just a few things that they can do.

You Mail is one of the best apps on the market. It will help you block unwanted calls.  

You can set it up to make your phone appear as if it is disconnected.  

This way, you don’t have to constantly fight off people you don’t want to speak to.

Google Voice is another great call blocker that has many great features also built right into the app.

If you enjoy what google has to offer, then adding this feature is a must. 

Just check out all the cool features it has besides call blocking.

Call App on the google play store is another great idea.

It has many features that will let you see who is calling even when they are trying to hide their number.


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