Naruto: Subbed or Dubbed?

Naruto: Subbed vs. Dubbed? (Everything to Know)

The best way to watch any show is the way that you enjoy it the most. But, the most common arguments in favor of watching Naruto subbed are that the voice acting is better and that the show is less censored. The arguments in favor of watching it dubbed are that it’s easier and doesn’t involve subtitles.

Cell Got Frieza’s DNA: How?

Cell Got Frieza’s DNA: How? (Everything to Know)

Here’s how Cell got Frieza’s DNA: Dr. Gero collected Frieza’s DNA when Frieza came to Earth after his defeat on Namek. This is never clearly shown, but Dr. Gero’s mosquito bots are able to take DNA from many characters without being noticed, and it’s safe to assume that this happened with Frieza too. Still, it … Read more

Naruto Losing Kurama: How Strong Now?

Naruto Losing Kurama: How Strong Now? (All the Info)

Even after losing Kurama, Naruto is one of the strongest ninjas in the history of his world. He still has massive chakra reserves, incredible and powerful techniques, and raw strength that is hard to match. It is possible, though, that for the first time in a long time, Sasuke is now stronger than Naruto.

Itachi Lines Under His Eyes: Why?

Itachi Lines Under His Eyes: Why? (6 Reasons)

Here’s why Itachi has lines under his eyes: The lines accomplish a few things. First, they manage to demonstrate Itachi’s growth in age and maturity throughout his existence in the series. Beyond that, they also represent his growing feelings of stress and worry, all while conveying his declining health as he suffers from a terminal … Read more

Hokage For Shortest Amount of Time: Who?

Hokage For Shortest Amount of Time: Who? (3 Answers)

Here’s who was Hokage for the shortest amount of time and whether it was Kakashi: Arguably, you could say that Kakashi, Danzo, or Minato served as the Hokage for the shortest amount of time. When you include the events of Boruto, then Kakashi clearly served longer than either of the other two. Since Danzo was … Read more

Sasuke Didn’t Use Susanoo Replacing Arm: Why?

Sasuke Didn't Use Susanoo Replacing Arm: Why? (All the Info)

Sasuke doesn’t use Susanoo to replace his arm for the same reason he doesn’t use any other means to replace his arm. He believes that his missing limb is part of his atonement for the pain and suffering he caused. It’s also probably used by the author as a reminder of all of the things that happened before.

Griffith & Guts: Why Haven’t Killed Each Other Yet?

Griffith & Guts: Why Haven't Killed Each Other Yet?

Ultimately, Guts and Griffith haven’t killed each other in either anime adaptation because such a confrontation has not yet happened in the manga, which is the original source material. The manga has run irregularly for decades, and events in 2021 caused it to stop production for a full year.

Naruto Shippuden Animation Change: Why?

Naruto Shippuden Animation Change: Why? (All the Info)

The animation changed from Naruto to the sequel, Naruto Shippuden, largely because the budget increased and the studio was determined to raise quality. Even so, you can see quality discrepancies comparing episodes only in Shippuden, and that is largely due to varying budgets and production times per episode.

When Does One Piece Animation Get Good?

One Piece Graphics: When Getting Better? (All the Info)

One Piece has been on the air for more than 20 years. The graphics steadily improved over the course of that time. That said, there are two very noticeable changes in the animation style. The first happened in 2007 when the studio started wide-format and HD production.
The second was after the well-known time skip.

Bad at Video Games: Okay & Normal?

Bad at Video Games: Okay and Normal? (All the Info)

It is incredibly normal to be bad at video games. No matter what metrics you use to determine who is bad and good at a game, there are too many games out there for anyone to be good at all of them. It’s also ok. You don’t have to be great at a video game to have a good time playing it, and having fun is the point.

Prime Video Adds Movie After Box Office Release: How Long?

Prime Video Adds Movie After Box Office Release: How Long?

This will vary wildly depending on many different factors. In general, a movie will come to Prime Video after it loses popularity at the box office, and that typically takes anywhere from 1 to 12 months. That said, competition can snag exclusive rights that keep a movie from coming to Prime Video indefinitely.

Amazon Prime Video’s Pay Titles Free: How Long?

Pay Titles Free on Amazon Prime Video: How Long? (~1 Month)

This depends on many factors that include the popularity of the content, the studio that produced it, and the many legally binding agreements that dictate publication rights. For most content, you can expect it on a streaming service within a year of its original release, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be on Prime.

Amazon Prime Video Adds TV Shows After They Air: How Long?

Amazon Prime Video Adds Shows After They Air: How Long?

There is no simple or short answer to this question. Amazon’s ability to air a show on Prime Video depends entirely on contracts with the copyright owner, and those contracts come in all shapes and sizes. A show can be available anywhere from the same day to years later, or even never if another site gets exclusivity.