Naruto Losing Kurama: How Strong Now?

Here’s how strong Naruto is after losing Kurama:

Even after losing Kurama, Naruto is one of the strongest ninjas in the history of his world.

He still has massive chakra reserves, incredible and powerful techniques, and raw strength that is hard to match.

It is possible, though, that for the first time in a long time, Sasuke is now stronger than Naruto.

So if you want to learn all about how strong Naruto is after losing Kurama and how his strength now compares to Sasuke, then you’re in the right place.

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Naruto Losing Kurama: How Strong Now? (All the Info)

Wait, What Happened to Kurama?

Maybe you watched a lot of Naruto and haven’t kept up with Boruto.

Maybe you’re not a big fan but hear about these characters enough that you’re curious.

In either case, if you’re not familiar, the Boruto series had a major event.

Naruto and his ever-present friend Kurama (the 9-Tailed Fox, also known as the Kyuubi), got into an intense fight against a character named Isshiki.

In order to overcome the foe, Kurama converted his life force into battle power, and ultimately, the 9-Tailed Fox gave his life to help Naruto win the fight.

Kurama isn’t coming back, so Naruto is now without access to the 9-tail’s chakra, leaving him weaker than he has been in a long time.

So, How Strong Is Naruto Now That Kurama’s Gone? (4 Assets)

It was a major event in the Naruto universe, and it leaves some big questions.

How strong is Naruto without Kurama there to help?

Kyuubi mode was one of Naruto’s biggest trump cards for a long time, and it’s gone.

In the show, Naruto even admitted to feeling abnormally vulnerable.

Despite those feelings, it’s safe to say that Naruto is still an incredibly strong character.

In fact, he’s still one of the strongest ninjas in the history of his world.

We’ll talk about how Naruto compares to Sasuke now in a minute.

Before that, I’m going to show you why Naruto is still a force to be reckoned with in his own universe.

#1 Massive Chakra Reserves

For starters, Naruto was always incredibly strong in spite of the kyuubi inside of him.

As Kakashi put it early in the original series, if Naruto didn’t have massive chakra reserves, his body would have been overwhelmed by Kurama’s chakra a long time ago.

The truth is that Naruto was able to partner with Kurama because he had a large enough chakra reserve to more or less match that of the 9 Tails.

In terms of raw chakra, Naruto is on a short list of the strongest shinobi of all time.

Arguably the First Hokage had more chakra, but beyond that, there might not be any characters in the series with larger chakra reserves than Naruto.

It means that he can still fight hard and strong and for a long time.

#2 Sage Mode

But, Naruto’s chakra reserves are really just the beginning.

As you might recall, long before Naruto learned to work with Kurama, he had to fight while Kurama was making things unnecessarily difficult.

One of the techniques Naruto learned to help him power up before kyuubi mode was ever a thing was sage mode.

By harnessing natural energies around him, Naruto can dramatically increase his raw power and access to chakra while also gaining powerful new abilities.

Sage mode is still one of the strongest techniques in the Naruto universe, and only a handful of characters have ever mastered it.

Naruto has fully mastered it, and he can even use it in a way that no other ninja ever did, by incorporating his shadow clones into the mix.

For those who aren’t huge Naruto fans and might be getting a little lost in the terminology, let me give you the simple version.

Naruto is a special ninja, and he uses the very powerful sage mode better than anyone else.

#3 Advanced Techniques

We’re still not done.

On top of huge chakra reserves and sage mode, Naruto has learned and even invented some incredible advanced techniques.

His signature move is the rasengan, which remains a very powerful attack.

Of course, he expanded on it with the rasenshuriken, which is insanely strong.

As an adult, he’s dramatically improved his control of these techniques, and as an experienced Hokage, Naruto has proven that he has access to a range of powerful advanced techniques.

It’s entirely possible that he can compensate for the loss of kyuubi mode by enhancing his technical arsenal.

He’s an incredibly accomplished ninja after all.

#4 General Strength

Even with all of that said, it’s important to acknowledge that Naruto has unreasonable general strength.

Even before losing Kurama, Naruto could fight against ridiculously powerful enemies without using any power ups.

Just regular old Naruto, with no kyuubi mode or sage mode, was doing just fine against the new and intimidating enemies in the Boruto storyline.

The truth is that Naruto, with no special tricks at all, is still one of the strongest ninjas in the world.

There have been few in history to match him.

Losing Kurama certainly is a blow to his strength, potential, and confidence, but Naruto has a lot left to offer, and he’s no pushover.

Is Sasuke Stronger Than Naruto Now That Kurama’s Gone? (3 Points)

Naruto is still plenty strong, but we can’t forget the eternal rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke.

They may have fully worked out their differences in the Boruto storyline, but long-time fans of the show have to wonder if this change makes Sasuke stronger than Naruto now.

As you might recall, the two have surpassed each other at many different points throughout their lives together.

As children, Sasuke was clearly the superior ninja, but by the events of the Chunin exams, Naruto came out as the stronger of the two.

Sasuke then took the title back when he left Kohona village, and Naruto didn’t catch up until deep into the Shippuden series and his training to fight Kakuzo.

After that, they went back and forth, each receiving substantial power ups in succession, but by the very end of Shippuden, they clashed.

Naruto won decisively, and from that moment forward, he was the stronger of the two.

Now that Naruto lost Kurama, is Sasuke stronger?

The answer might seem simple, but it isn’t.

There are some ways that Naruto is still clearly stronger.

On top of that, Sasuke took a loss of his own, so both of the friends are now weaker than they were at the beginning of Boruto.

#1 Chakra Reserves

Sasuke has huge chakra reserves.

He has proven that time and again, and clearly, only a handful of shinobi were able to keep up with the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

But, it was stated early in the show that Naruto’s chakra reserves were much deeper than Sasuke’s.

In fact, hosting Kurama like Naruto did for his whole life served to deepen his own naturally large chakra reserves.

The two are fairly incomparable in this regard.

And, losing Kurama doesn’t change this. Even though Naruto lost kyuubi mode, he still has larger chakra reserves than Sasuke, and it’s unlikely that this will ever change.

So, in one raw power sense, Naruto is definitely stronger than Sasuke still.

#2 Techniques

That means we have to consider techniques.

Who has the stronger techniques?

That’s still hard to say.

Both Naruto and Sasuke have developed techniques of their own, and those techniques are insanely powerful.

They have also learned and inherited techniques that make them very capable ninjas.

Sasuke’s lightning techniques certainly rival Naruto’s rasengan techniques in many ways.

On top of that, Sasuke still has access to his special Uchiha techniques and his Sharingan. 

Overall, Sasuke probably has the edge in technical prowess, but that was actually always the case.

Sasuke was the better student, and he always knew more techniques and had access to more special techniques than Naruto.

The death of Kurama doesn’t really change this comparison at all.

#3 Sasuke’s Eyes

What really matters is the power that makes each character so special.

For Naruto, that power was the Kyuubi.

Naruto’s ability to work with and utilize Kurama’s powers is what made him so incredibly strong at even a very young age.

And, working with Kurama made Naruto stronger across the board.

For Sasuke, his eyes make him special.

He has accessed the eternal mangekyou sharingan along with the rinnegan.

Those are the two most powerful eye techniques in the history of Naruto, and they are nothing to take lightly.

But, if you weren’t watching the series, you may have missed another event.

Naruto isn’t the only one to take a power loss in Boruto.

Sasuke actually lost one of his eyes right before Kurama’s noble sacrifice.

When that happened, Sasuke lost the rinnegan, so one of his incredible groups of power is no longer available.

It’s safe to say that Sasuke losing the rinnegan is comparable to Naruto losing Kurama.

With that considered, who lost more?

Who is the stronger of the two?

It’s actually really hard to say for sure.

But what we can say is that for the first time since the end of Shippuden, it’s actually possible that Sasuke is stronger than Naruto.

It’s also true that both are more vulnerable now, and their losses will surely help to shape the story as it goes from here.


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