Modern Anime: Why Worse Than Older Anime?

Modern Anime: Why Worse Than Older Anime? (All the Info)

Arguably, modern anime is much better than older anime. Depending on when you choose to delineate between eras, modern anime has better animation, better production value, and is much more popular. At the same time, older series have more originality, and there were fewer bad shows that aired.

Anime is Cringe: Why Some Feel This Way?

Anime Making Some Cringe Hard: Why? (Everything to Know)

Some of the stranger behaviors of anime fans can make people cringe, like sleeping with a body pillow designed after a character in a show. Shows themselves make people cringe with inappropriate relationships, worn-out cliches, and excessive fan service. Ridiculous arguments among fans are also cringey.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139: How Disappointing?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139: How Disappointing? (All Info)

It depends on the reader. Some fans of the series thought that the chapter was extremely disappointing while others absolutely loved everything about it. Most readers were probably somewhere in the middle, satisfied with how the conflict ended but disappointed with the distant future portrayed in the final panels.

Attack on Titan Additional Pages: Good or Bad?

Attack on Titan Additional Pages: Good or Bad? (All Info)

The additional pages add a lot of clarity to a few moments that were too ambiguous in the original ending. They also provide increased criticism of Eren’s extreme plan, and that is probably a good thing. Overall, they were more positive than not, although some fans disliked changes to Mikasa’s ending.

Anime Guys as Profile Pictures: Why?

Anime Guys as Profile Pics: Why? (Everything to Know)

In most cases, people do this because they are a fan of the character that they put in their profile picture. People might do this to feel a little more anonymous. In many cases, it’s actually normal to use avatar pictures instead of a picture of yourself in a profile, especially with online forum spaces.

Social Media for Anime: Best Ones?

Social Media for Anime: Best Ones? (Everything to Know)

Overall, the best platform is probably MyAnimeList. It’s designed specifically for sharing information related to anime, and pretty much all anime fans use it. From there, Twitter is the best for official announcements, and Facebook is the best for finding local groups and making in-person connections.

Mikasa Kissing Eren: Why Does Ymir Smile?

Mikasa Kissing Eren: Why Does Ymir Smile? (All the Info)

There is no official explanation for why Ymir smiles in this scene, so we are left to speculate. It is possible that she’s smiling because all of the conflicts have been resolved and the world is at peace. It might be because she is finally free. It could be a combination of those and other factors.

Ace vs. Enel: Winner?

Ace vs. Enel: Winner? (Everything to Know)

According to the world of One Piece and how Ace died, it’s safe to say that Enel would win this fight extremely easily. Enel has much better observational haki than Ace, and he could use it to land a lightning strike on Ace without much trouble. Enel’s lightning is more than hot enough to burn Ace, ending the fight.

Armored Titans: Each Same Armor?

Armored Titans: Same Armor for All? (Everything to Know)

Each incarnation of the armored titan looks substantially different, and the main reason for that is that the armor looks and functions differently for each person. As for functionality, it’s impossible to say if the armor is stronger or weaker from one user to the next. But, the way it covers them and moves changes.

Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person?

Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person? (All the Info)

The beast titan changes more from person to person than any other titan in the series. As the beast titan takes on animal characteristics, each user transforms into a completely different animal titan. Over the years, there have been snakes, wolves, monkeys, birds, and many other beast forms that appeared.

Ai Yazawa: Continuing Nana?

Ai Yazawa: Continuing Nana? (Everything to Know)

In the summer of 2022, Yazawa announced her desire to resume work on Nana. At the same time, she made it clear that she will not be working according to a traditional release schedule, and there is no committed timeframe for the release of new content. This gave fans hope, but they still remain in limbo.

Lara Not Eating Eren: Why Not?

Lara Not Eating Eren: Why Not? (All the Info)

There are a few possible motivations. It might be that she thought that killing Eren and destroying his power was the best way to further her brother’s plan. It could be that she was in a blind rage and just wanted to smash him. It’s also possible that she thought killing him was a safer strategy than eating him.

Ara Ara in Anime: Meaning?

Ara Ara in Anime: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

In Japanese, “ara, ara” is a phrase that roughly translates to “oh, dear,” or “oh, my.” It’s a generic expression, and in many cases, the tone of the phrase is more meaningful than the words. In anime, this is part of a trope where a character misreads a situation, thinking it’s sexual in nature when it isn’t.

Five Kage Summit’s Five Kages: Strongest to Weakest?

Five Kage Summit's Five Kages: Strongest to Weakest?

Onoki is arguably the strongest kage at the summit. The rest, in order of strength, would be A, Danzo, Mei, and then Gaara as the weakest. The thing about comparing these kage is that they are supposed to be incredibly powerful individuals who are all at or near the same levels of total combat capability.

Anime Characters Wearing Jackets: Why Arms Not in Sleeves?

Anime Characters Wearing Jackets: Why Arms Not In Sleeves?

Anime characters are drawn wearing coats without putting their arms through the jacket sleeves in order to denote just how impressive they are. Typically, these are characters who are responsible for fighting, and they often fight without letting the jacket slip. It lets you quickly see who the tough guys are.

Dragon Ball Z: Why 7 Dragon Balls?

Dragon Ball Z: Why 7 Dragon Balls? (Everything to Know)

There are seven dragon balls in the show because that is the number that the original author, Akira Toriyama, chose. In an interview, he said it was to distinguish his show from a popular Japanese story that also had dragon balls. Some fans also speculate that the number references real-life adventure destinations.