Snapchat Data Usage: How Much?

Here’s how much data Snapchat uses:

If you send snaps continuously for an hour, you will consume about 160 MB. Therefore, one snap consumes about 1 MB of traffic.

In contrast, sending a text takes around 20 KB (1000 KB are 1 MB) per message, but sending about 10 stories takes about 20-25 MB.

So if you want to learn all about how much data Snapchat uses, then you’re in the right place.

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How Much Data Does Snapchat Use?

What About Snapchat’s Data Usage?

Is it possible to spend 1GB of Internet (or even more) while you sleep, without even using your mobile phone at all?!

Before you slap up another angry emoji, we’re going to make this quick: Yes, it’s possible—and it’s actually not that uncommon, either.

The general recommendation is to turn off automatic updates to the operating system, all installed applications and run them while connected to a quality Wi-Fi network. 

This is especially true at night because even if you are not using the device, various applications can be refreshed and active in the background.

In practice, if available, your mobile device will prefer a Wi-Fi network to transfer data over a mobile connection. 

However, suppose the Wi-Fi connection is not of good quality (low signal level, congestion). In that case, your device will almost imperceptibly “switch” from using Wi-Fi to a mobile connection.

Is it really necessary to take all those steps? 

Well, if saving mobile data is your absolute priority, then yes, it is. However, some apps are very internet-consuming, and you’d probably want to keep an eye on them. One of them is our beloved Snapchat.

How Much Data Does WhatsApp Use?

On another note, do you wonder how much data WhatsApp uses?

Unless you receive or send lots of pictures, text messaging and group messaging use very little data.

Regardless of the network generation, voice calls over WhatsApp use about 400 KB or 0.4 MB per minute on average.

WhatsApp’s video calls, however, consume around 5 MB per minute.

Learn all about WhatsApp’s data usage here.

Why Does Snapchat Use So Much Mobile Data?

Super fun filters, overlays that make your skin look airbrushed, and the fact that chatting with your friends disappears within a few seconds are why you love using Snapchat.

Group of friends taking a selfie at the beach.

Snapchat allows you to share photos and videos of a few seconds with your friends. But, once the time is up, the content disappears “forever.” It was designed by California students at the University of Stanford. 

The application was a real success and still is today, especially among young people.

This ingeniously designed app still has a problem. It consumes a very large amount of data on your mobile plan. 

If you are a (heavy) user, do not be surprised if, after two weeks (or less), your operator informs you that you have consumed 80% of your allotted data.

Why is this happening? The application is still active even when it is closed. You continue to receive snaps, and the application is constantly updating. It endlessly consumes data. 

 Snapchat automatically loads your friends’ Stories and live Stories content. By taking a quick tour of your settings, you will see that the application is in pole position in the consumption section. 

Some users manage to spend more than 10 GB per month just with Snapchat. The situation quickly becomes problematic, especially if you have a limited data plan.

How to Check Mobile Data Usage on Your Phone?

Internet overruns and huge bills are definitely something that none of us want to see, so it is especially important to be careful and deliberate in this step. 

When choosing a package, be guided by the amount of your consumption of internet data in the past few months.

You can easily check internet data consumption on Android phones by clicking on the settings > network >mobile network >data usage.

These options show you the total internet consumption over a certain period and will be a great guide for you to choose a package based on your needs. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to iPhones, the path to this option is only slightly different.

How Much Data Does Snapchat Use?

Snapchat is adored by the younger generations, but it is not disliked by other generations because of the various filters.

If you constantly send snaps for an hour, you will spend about 160 MB. Thus, one snap consumes about 1 MB of traffic.

How Do I Reduce My Snapchat Data Usage?

For “social” apps like Instagram or Snapchat, it may be lifesaving to get used to only using them when connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can indeed consume significant amounts of mobile data.

But for Snapchat, it is also possible to limit the amount of data used. For example, stories and snaps only load if the user taps them, except when there is a Wi-Fi connection. This is activated from the settings, options “Manage preferences” and “Data saver mode.”

What Formats on Snapchat Use the Most Of Your Internet?

There are different formats on Snapchat that use different amounts of your mobile data. For example, a single text message sent in chat will use a lot less Internet compared to a photo. 

Woman typing a message on her phone at night.

But the most data-consuming format is video. Media files like images and videos use much more data than text. 

Snapchat users respond to video content more interactively, mostly by uploading their own images and videos. 

Uploading videos to your Stories and sending them directly to your friends will use a significantly larger amount of your data. 

So, for example, sending a text will take around 20 KB (1000 KB are 1 MB) per message, but sending about 10 Stories will use 20-25 MB.


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