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LinkedIn: Line Commenting for Better Reach?

Here’s what it means if LinkedIn says line commenting for better reach:

Have you seen many comments on popular posts saying something along the lines of “commenting for better reach?” 

The idea behind leaving this comment is that it will help the original post be seen by a wider audience, as people from the commentor’s network will see the post and the LinkedIn algorithm like engagement.

So if you want to learn all about the meaning of line commenting for better reach on LinkedIn, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

LinkedIn: Line Commenting for Better Reach? (Do This)

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network geared towards professionals and businesses. 

It’s kind of like Facebook, except instead of being for your personal life it’s for your career.

According to LinkedIn, it’s the “largest professional network on the internet.”

Many people use LinkedIn to aid in their job search, or simply to meet like-minded people.

Once you have an account, you are able to fill in your profile to contain all the information about your professional life you are comfortable sharing. 

Work experience, achievements, education, and more are often on people’s profiles.

After creating an account you are able to add connections, which are basically like friends on other social networks. 

Other people can also add you as a connection if you approve their request.

You can also follow certain company pages, groups, and more.

Like any social network, LinkedIn is a rabbit hole waiting to be explored.

What is Reach on LinkedIn?

Reach refers to the number of people who view a post. 

If a post gets a lot of shares, comments, and views then it will have a big reach.

To put it simply, reach is the number of unique people who see your content.

From a company’s viewpoint, having good reach means that their brand is being noticed and discussed. 

That’s great for marketing and finding new talent.

As a professional on LinkedIn, if your post is going viral then you might make many new connections and find new opportunities as a result.

Reach can be used as a general term outside of LinkedIn as well. 

The important part to remember is that it represents views and that more is better.

Why Would You Line Comment for Better Reach on LinkedIn? (3 Things)

In recent years, it has become more common to see posts asking for comments to boost their reach. 

Why are they doing this?

If you want to help a post grow in popularity, commenting is a way to help this happen. 

When you comment on a post, people within your network can see that activity.

This could result in more reach for the original post since your connections may view the post after seeing that you’ve commented on it. 

As some people can have over 1000 connections, a few comments could have a significant impact on the post’s reach.

That is what is commonly referred to as organic outreach. 

People’s connections lead to more connections, and things can go viral.

But, it’s also possible that comments can increase reach through LinkedIn sharing and recommendation algorithms. 

LinkedIn is comparable to any other social media platform in this respect. 

The platform itself can recommend content to users, increasing overall outreach dramatically.

While the specifics are unknown, it seems that increases in organic traffic tend to lead to increases in LinkedIn recommendations. 

In other words, when a bunch of people comments on content, the LinkedIn algorithm notices and assumes that even more people will find the content interesting.

#1 Make Your Comment Count

If you are considering commenting on a post to help its reach, you putting a little effort in can make your contribution have a greater impact. 

Instead of leaving an uninteresting comment like “good luck” or “I hope things work out” turn it into something that will catch the attention of people.

For instance, you could share a related personal anecdote or give them advice if you are in a position to. 

By spending the extra minute to craft a comment of some substance you might help boost the original post’s popularity even more.

Leaving thoughtful comments is also helpful for yourself. 

Since your connections and other people who you don’t know can see your comments, you want to leave a good impression.

#2 Asking for Reach in a Post

If you are asking others to comment on your post for reach, you especially want your post to create an emotional connection to people. 

Nobody is going to comment or share your post if it is bland and uninspiring.

If you tell a story to make people feel something for you or your cause you stand a much better chance to spread the reach of your post.

Asking people to leave comments for reach is still not ideal. 

Think of rewording the way you ask for comments to better engage people.

Many people get annoyed when they see posts asking for reach, so by changing the way you word things your post could be even more successful.

#3 Tips to Boost Your Own Reach With Comments

As mentioned before, you should always try to make your comment count

Commenting on popular posts is a valid way to make new connections and get more people to notice you.

Mentioning other commenters is another way to get others to notice you. 

When you mention someone they’ll get an alert and see your comment.

This could help start a conversation between the two of you, and others might even join in. 

Mentioning the original post’s author is likewise a great way to get their attention.

Don’t be annoying though, you should have a good reason for mentioning people when you do it. 

A good question or word of thanks might be appreciated by the author.

Also, if you’re going to comment about a post or article, you should actually read the article. 

You certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself or make the author feel insulted.

What are the Best Posts to Comment on for Reach on LinkedIn?

The more popular a post is, the better it is for reaching people. 

Posts with a lot of comments are a good starting point for you to jump into and leave a comment of your own.

Choosing a popular post within your knowledge base is even more beneficial. 

If the post is about a topic you are familiar with, you’ll be able to add more to the conversation and make more meaningful connections.

If you really want to put the effort into making industry-specific connections, you’ll want to see who some of the thought leaders are. 

These are the people who make many well-received posts or are have high-ranking jobs.

You can comment on their posts to hopefully build connections with them and their followers.

Are There Other Ways to Increase Reach on LinkedIn?

If you don’t want to leave a comment on something, or already have, you can do a few other things to help boost reach.

The easiest way is to like a post. 

Since others can see what you’ve liked and see the total amount of likes a post has, this is a valid way to help content become more popular.

Shares also help. 

When you share something, you can mention people and even leave a comment to go along with your share.

This lets you add your personal input for your connections to see before even viewing the main post or article. 

If people know you well, this might be enough for them to view the material you shared.

What Should you do on LinkedIn: Comment, Like, or Share?

LinkedIn uses an algorithm to determine which posts to display for different individuals. 

The algorithm favors certain actions over others.

You might expect a like, share, and comment to all have a similar effect when boosting reach, but they do not.

Comments are the best to help boost the reach and popularity of posts. 

Since LinkedIn sorts its content to display the most relevant and thought-provoking material first, comments are the most impactful metric on the algorithm.

That’s not to say that likes and shares aren’t also valuable. 

If there’s a post you really want to blow up, liking, sharing, and commenting will help more than just commenting.

If you have an engaged circle of connections and followers then sharing could especially help garner their attention.

What Should You Do if Your Post is Getting a lot of Comments?

If your post is reaching a lot of people, the best thing you can do is keep it going. 

By replying to commenters you will help your post continue its growth.

Since LinkedIn values comments and engagement so much, encouraging others to have a conversation will help ensure your post maintains its popularity.

Many authors pose questions to readers in an effort to get more comments and drum up additional viewers as a result of them. 

By replying to everybody who answers and following up with their responses you’ll help keep your post active.

Making new connections with people will help your content be more successful in the future as well. 

If you make a few hundred new connections that means your future posts will have that many new viewers (assuming they are active users) right off the bat.