Discord & Phone Numbers: Who Sees Phone Numbers?

Here’s who can see your phone number on Discord:

If you provide your phone number to Discord, other users on the app cannot see it. 

Only Discord and certain partner companies (like payment processors) can see or confirm your phone number. 

That said, Discord does share some of your data, and it’s not clear whether or not that data includes phone numbers.

So if you want to learn all about who exactly can see your phone number on Discord, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Discord & Phone Numbers: Who Sees Phone Numbers? (All Info)

Why Does Discord Want Your Phone Number?

Discord primarily uses phone numbers for verification purposes

Before getting into that, let’s dispel a few myths. 

Discord does not use your phone number to route communication. 

All communication is done through the Discord app, and it doesn’t need your phone number for this. 

Calls you make or receive via Discord don’t use your phone number at all.

So, Discord doesn’t need to involve your phone for communication with other users (more on this a bit later).

Instead, Discord uses phone numbers for account verification, and it comes up in a few ways. 

The first is spam prevention. 

Discord tries to prevent spammers from creating huge numbers of accounts. 

So, accounts are tied to a verification method. 

A common method is using email. 

You provide an email address when you create your Discord account. 

You get a verification email, and when you go through the steps in that email, your account is good to go.

If email isn’t a viable choice for any reason, Discord can use a phone number instead. 

It’s essentially the same process but using your phone number.

Discord also has paid services, and your phone number may be required to verify payment. 

This is pretty standard with credit card systems.

If your card requires a phone number as part of the verification process, Discord has to play ball there.

Lastly, Discord offers phone verification for servers

So, you could create a server. 

Then, you might notice that it gets spammed. 

To prevent this, you enable phone verification. 

Now, everyone who tries to join the server has to provide a phone number and go through the phone verification process.

It’s worth noting that when you use this feature, it’s automated. 

You don’t get to see the phone numbers of all of the users.

It’s just a spam prevention tool.

Do You Have to Add Your Phone Number to Discord?

It is entirely possible to use Discord without providing a phone number. 

In fact, I’ve been using Discord for years, and I’ve never put in a phone number. 

It’s not necessary for the majority of ways you can use Discord.

That said, there are instances that will demand a phone number. 

They are covered in the previous section, and the two most common are payment verification and server verification. 

If a server uses the highest security settings available on Discord, then you can’t participate in that server unless you provide your phone number.

Another feature that wasn’t really covered in the previous section is two-factor authentication. 

This is an added security measure that helps to protect your account. 

When it’s enabled, you can’t just sign into Discord with your username and password. 

You will also need an additional authentication method.

One method offered by Discord is phone verification. 

If you choose this, then when you try to sign in, Discord will send you a text message with a temporary security code. 

Type it in when prompted, and you can sign in.

There are other ways to get your second factor of authentication, but if you prefer the phone method, you will have to provide a good phone number.

Who Can See Your Phone Number on Discord?

If you do provide Discord with your phone number, this question becomes very important. 

Who can see your phone number?

As far as users go, only you can see it. 

Friends, people in your servers, strangers on Discord, none of them can see your phone number. 

It is not made visible or available on the app.

However, some third parties can get your phone number through Discord.

For starters, Discord can see your phone number.

That shouldn’t really come as a surprise. 

Additionally, Discord partners can see your phone number.

I should elaborate on that. 

Discord partners with other companies for some services that they provide. 

The prominent example is payment processing. 

Discord partners with credit card companies, PayPal, and other parties to handle payment in secure and convenient ways. 

Since phone authentication is standard for payment, those third parties can confirm your phone number via Discord.

Beyond that, things are unclear. 

Discord does state in its privacy policy that it shares your data with other parties (beyond payment processing or direct partners). 

The policy does not clearly spell out if this includes your phone number or not. 

Since the information isn’t disclosed, we can’t really be sure if it happens.

Is Your Phone Number on Discord a Spam Risk?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. 

If you give your phone number to Discord, will you receive spam calls or texts as a result?

I can’t give you an absolute answer. 

Because of Discord’s vague policies, it is possible that they share phone numbers. 

If that happens, it could lead to spam and all of the frustration that comes with it.

On the other hand, Discord is using your phone number in ways that are similar to a lot of communication apps. 

These types of apps are not typically associated with spam calls. 

It’s a gray area.

Discord is clear about its mission against spam within the app. 

Does that apply to your personal data and phone number? 

You might reason that it is, but I have no proof to offer in either direction.

Ultimately, this comes down to your comfort level and sense of trust. 

If you like Discord and assume the company wouldn’t abuse having your phone number, then you can provide the number and see how it works out.

If you closely guard your phone number and hate spam with a fiery passion, then you might want to refrain from giving the number to Discord.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, and for the most part, you can use the app as you see fit without ever providing a phone number. 

If you ever want to do something that does need a number, then you’ll have to make that decision.


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