Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size?

Here’s how small the smallest titan was in Attack on Titan:

The smallest titan in the series is an unnamed titan that appears in chapter 36 of the manga.

Its size isn’t stated, but by appearances, it looks to be about 2.5 meters tall.

That makes it the smallest known titan in the series—smaller than the three-meter normal titans—and otherwise unremarkable.

So if you want to learn all about the size of the tiniest titan in Attack on Titan, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s jump right into it!

Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size? (All the Info)

What Is Attack on Titan?

If we’re going to talk about the smallest titan, we first have to discuss Attack on Titan in general.

This is a very popular manga from Japan, and there is an anime series adapted from that manga.

The manga is complete with no new issues coming forth.

The anime series closely follows the events depicted in the manga, but the final season of the anime is still under production and has not been released yet.

All of this is leading to a spoiler warning.

If I’m going to tell you about titan sizes, then I’m going to have to discuss plot points in the series.

In fact, I’m going to have to discuss plot elements that haven’t been fully revealed and resolved in the anime.

So, there are massive spoilers ahead.

With all of that said, Attack on Titan takes place in a world where there are special monsters known as titans, and they come in different sizes.

What Is a Titan?

Actually, I need to elaborate on that a bit.

The titans in the series are large monsters that eat humans.

There are many different kinds of titans, and in order to compare sizes, I’ll explain all of them to you.

What you really need to know first is that titans are actually people in the series.

A specific race of people, known as Eldians, are capable of transforming into titans.

Generally speaking, they have to ingest a special fluid in order to turn into titans. 

Once they do, they lose their humanity.

They roam the world, never aging or dying of natural causes, constantly searching for humans to eat.

The series is pretty dark and explores some gruesome themes.

The point is that titans come from people, and that will matter as I discuss the different kinds of titans and their sizes.

What Is the Smallest Titan?

The smallest titan that appears in the manga does not have a specific name.

We never know who it is, but it’s the titan that eats the mother of a girl saved by Sasha.

That’s really easy to follow, right? 

This titan appears in chapter 36 of the original manga, titled “I’m Home.”

You can see it here, but the images are graphic.

You have been warned.

Looking at the titan, it’s clearly larger than a normal human, but it appears to be small enough to get through a normal doorway.

The vast majority of titans wouldn’t be able to fit through the doorway.

By best estimates, this titan is about 2.5 meters tall, making it the smallest known titan in the entire series.

How Does the Smallest Titan Compare to Other Titans? (4 Kinds)

The thing is 2.5 meters is still really tall.

That’s over 8 feet tall and roughly the size of the tallest living person right now, Sultan Kosen.

It’s a big beast (the titan, not Mr. Kosen).

Yet, in the world of Attack on Titan, this is nothing.

As I already stated, it’s the smallest known titan in the series.

We can actually look at most of the other titans in the series to get a real size comparison, so let’s do that.

Let’s go through the standard and non-standard titans.

When you see the full-size range, you’ll realize that this smallest titan is actually extremely small in that world.

#1 Average Titans

Let’s start with the average titans.

These are the titans you see in mass numbers roaming the countryside outside of the city walls on Paradis Island.

There are countless of these titans.

They tend to be mostly mindless, trying to eat humans whenever they get the chance.

These titans, for the most part, come in one of three sizes.

The small versions are three meters tall.

The medium ones are 10 meters tall, and the largest are 15 meters tall.

So, even the smallest of the average titans are bigger than the smallest titan ever, although not by very much.

By this comparison, the smallest titan in the series seems to be an abnormally small average titan of the smallest class.

It’s less than three meters, but other than being a runt, it doesn’t seem special in any way.

#2 Aberrant Titans

Sometimes, average titans are exposed to unusual circumstances, and as a result, they can become aberrant titans.

For the most part, aberrant titans are the same size as average titans; they just exhibit different behaviors.

That’s not always the case, though.

Some aberrant titans are very different in size as well.

Overall, aberrant titans range from 3 to 120 meters tall.

At the small end, you can see that they’re just like average titans.

That large end is worth talking about for a moment, though.

There is a specific aberrant titan in the series, Rod Reiss.

This is a mindless super giant titan that crawls everywhere.

It is said to be 120 meters long, and that makes it the largest titan in the series (aside from the final form of the original titan at the very end).

#3 Colossal Titans

Next up, we have the colossal titans.

These are the titans found inside the walls that ring the cities of Paradis Island.

Eventually, it is learned that their titan hardening is what made the walls.

Because of this, they are frequently referred to as wall titans.

The colossal titans are all the same height: 50 meters.

They are absolutely massive, and only three titans in the series are ever clearly larger than these monsters.

They also exhibit their own behavior patterns.

They are not truly mindless like the average titans.

Nor are they aberrant in their behavior.

Instead, they can be commanded by the founding titan, and they follow commands intelligently.

#4 The 9 Titans

Lately, we have the nine special titans, also known as the shifters.

These are the titans that can change to and from human form more or less at will.

In other words, there are nine human characters who can transform into titans, each with its own unique characteristics.

The power of a shifter titan can be passed from one Eldian to another.

The way this works is rather brutal.

The Eldian poised to inherit the power must first be transformed into an average titan.

Once that happens, they have to eat the human with the power they are to inherit.

In this gruesome fashion, the power of the nine titans is passed down for thousands of years.

On top of that, inheriting these powers dramatically shortens one’s lifespan.

A person will die within 13 years of inheriting this power.

It’s just too hard on the body.

That means that at least once every 13 years, each titan’s power is passed down.

With that covered, each of the nine titans is unique, so I’ll explain them all separately.

The Colossus Titan

First, we have the largest of the nine.

The colossus titan is extremely big, standing at 60 meters.

It’s one of the very few titans that is larger than the wall titans, and that’s why this titan is used to breach the outer wall at the very beginning of the series.

The colossus titan power is in the hands of Bertolt for most of the series until it is eventually passed to Armin.

The Armored Titan

Next up is the armored titan.

This titan stands 15 meters tall, and it is uniquely armored by the titan hardening ability.

The armored points on this titan are basically indestructible, making it one of the most fearsome titans in combat.

Throughout the series, its power is held by Reiner. 

The Attack Titan

The attack titan is another 15-meter giant.

Its powers are not revealed until the very end of the series when we find out that the attack titan can actually commune with previous holders of the power.

In this way, we learn that Eren was able to manipulate events throughout the series by influencing those who held his power before he did.

The Female Titan

The female titan is a major reveal in the series.

It’s the first time that we see a titan with clear, obvious human intelligence.

This titan is a measly 14 meters tall.

Basically, it’s the same size as the armored and attack titans.

The unique thing about the female titan is that it can easily harden different points of its body at will, making it arguably the most versatile titan.

It is controlled by Annie throughout the series.

The Beast Titan

The beast titan is a little larger than most of the nine.

It stands 17 meters tall and is covered by hair.

It also has very long arms that are put to devastating use by Zeke.

He figures out that the best titan can throw boulders, and with titanic strength, those boulders wreak havoc. 

The Jaw Titan

The jaw titan is much smaller than most of the others.

It is only five meters tall, and it is known for the pronounced jawline of the titan.

In fact, this titan is almost ⅓ head in appearance.

The jaw of the jaw titan is extremely powerful, said to be able to break and destroy absolutely anything.

For most of the series, it is under the control of Ymir.

The Cart Titan

Another of the smaller titans is the cart titan.

It is special because it runs best on all fours, and it can stay transformed for very long periods of time.

Because of this, the Marleyans make use of this titan by putting a cart on it and equipping it with powerful weapons, like cannons.

This titan is four meters tall, and it is controlled by Piek.

The War Hammer Titan

We don’t see a lot of the war hammer titan throughout the series, but it is another that stands at 15 meters in height.

This titan can harden parts of its body and then remove the hardened flesh.

Effectively, it can make weapons that are extremely strong.

It is controlled by the Tybur family, and for most of the series, it is in the hands of Lara Tybur.

The Founding Titan

Last we have the founding titan.

This was the titan form controlled by the original Ymir, the mother of all of the titans.

In her form, she stood 13 meters tall, a little smaller than some of the other shifters.

The founding titan has the ability to control other titans, and at the very end of the series, it is revealed that there is an exceptional form to the founding titan.

Eren unlocks this power, and as the final founding titan, his size is hard to measure.

He’s much larger than any other titan, his height reaching the clouds.

He’s much larger than 120 meters, and even trying to put an exact size on this form doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s the biggest titan, by a lot, and on purpose. 


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