Frieza vs. Hit: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Frieza and Hit:

It really depends on when they fight.

Hit would easily destroy the original form of Frieza that is shown in Dragon Ball Z.

Golden Frieza vs Hit would be a very close fight that favors Hit but is still winnable by Frieza.

Black Frieza would instantly defeat Hit without any trouble whatsoever. 

So if you want to learn all about who’d emerge victorious in a fight between Frieza and Hit, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Frieza vs. Hit: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Frieza?

There’s only one reasonable place to start this conversation.

Let’s introduce the two fighters in detail.

Frieza is a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball series.

If you aren’t up to speed, Frieza shows up in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

In order to explain his character and abilities, I will have to discuss plot points from both.

This is your formal spoiler warning.

Frieza is one of the three main antagonists in Dragon Ball Z.

He’s the strongest warrior in the universe when he is introduced, but eventually, Goku defeats Frieza, and the story leaves him behind.

But, in Dragon Ball Super (which takes place long after the events of Dragon Ball Z), an event arises that necessitates Frieza’s return.

It turns out that there is a multiverse, and the gods of different universes decide to have a tournament to see which universe is better.

Shortly before this happens, Frieza is revived by his subordinates.

He then trains for four months and challenges Goku and Vegeta.

At this point, Frieza has powered up and achieved his Golden form.

He nearly defeats both Goku and Vegeta, but the heroes ultimately prevail.

They go and fight in a tournament while Frieza licks his wounds.

After Goku and friends win the tournament, a second, larger tournament is organized.

This tournament will involve every universe in the multiverse, and it is called the Tournament of Power.

The gang recruits Frieza to fight on their team, as losing universes are destroyed as punishment.

Frieza does fight in the tournament.

Ultimately, Goku and the gang win, and the story moves on.

Frieza shows up here and there, but eventually, he is dissatisfied with his fighting power, so he trains excessively for 10 years.

At the end of that training, he has achieved a black form that is much more powerful than anything seen up to that point.

Who Is Hit?

Meanwhile, we have Hit.

He is introduced in the first tournament between universes.

He is the strongest fighter for Universe 6 (the Goku and friends we know are from Universe 7).

The rules of the tournament are pretty simple.

Each universe has five fighters.

They take turns fighting one-on-one matches until a universe comes out on top.

The tournament culminates with a battle between Hit and Goku.

Hit is clearly stronger than anyone else in the tournament.

In addition to ridiculous levels of speed and power, Hit has a special ability.

He can manipulate time, making it basically impossible to land a hit on him.

In the course of the tournament, Goku ultimately finds a way to exceed Hit’s abilities, and Goku wins the tournament.

Later, in the Tournament of Power, Hit is there to lead Universe 6.

He is still a strong opponent, but other characters from other universes outscale him and take center stage from him.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between the Two? (3 Versions)

This question is trickier than it might seem.

If you’re familiar with the Dragon Ball franchise, then you know that characters grow and gain power at ridiculous rates.

That’s something that we definitely see with Frieza, but we actually don’t see Hit get stronger over the course of the series.

In the first tournament where he appears, he’s the pinnacle fighter who must be overcome.

By the time we get to the Tournament of Power, Hit is overshadowed by other fighters.

Dragon Ball Super has progressed substantially sense even the Tournament of Power, meaning that Hit has been outscaled rather dramatically.

So, it really depends on when in the story this theoretical fight happens.

Which version of Frieza is Hit fighting?

We only really have one version of Hit to work with, but there are three versions of Frieza that we can really delineate.

So, I’ll answer the question three times.

I’ll compare Hit to Frieze before he is revived, when he returns for the Tournament of Power, and after his latest power gains in the series.

#1 Original Frieza

Frieza’s story really runs in Dragon Ball Z.

He’s a great antagonist, gets defeated, comes back, and is easily defeated again.

That’s really his run.

So, when we’re talking about original Frieza, we’re talking about Frieza from Dragon Ball Z.

When he is introduced, he is dubbed as the strongest fighter in the universe.

Over the course of his time as the main antagonist, he powers up several times, but he is ultimately defeated by Super Saiyan Goku.

Even when Frieza comes back—supposedly even stronger—he is still easily defeated by a Super Saiyan.

Considering that power scaling, original Frieza stands absolutely no chance against Hit.

Hit is able to fight with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, which is basically a version of Goku who is on par with gods of destruction.

It’s a no contest.

Frieza would lose so overwhelmingly that he wouldn’t even understand what happens to him.

#2 Golden Frieza

The most interesting version of this fight is between Golden Frieza and Hit. 

When Frieza is revived in Dragon Ball Super, he rapidly grows in power and achieves a golden form.

This form allows him to keep up with Super Saiyan Blue, which is a considerable show of power.

Golden Frieza never fights Hit, but they could have fought, and it would have been close.

In fact, this hypothetical fight is close enough that it’s hard to declare a certain winner.

So, I’ll lay out the reasons why each character might win.

Why Golden Frieza Might Win

When Frieza first displays his golden form, he is still decidedly weaker than Hit.

The golden form is right on par with Super Saiyan Blue, and that power level actually loses to Hit.

Goku has to power up beyond the Blue form to beat Hit.

Despite that deficit to start the fight, Frieza would stand a real chance to win, and that’s because of what we see from him during the Tournament of Power.

Over the course of the tournament, Frieza appears to power up considerably.

He’s in the middle of the pack at the beginning of the tournament, and by the end, very few characters are stronger than he is.

It looks as though being in fights that push him past his limits draws out his full potential and allows him to grow stronger very quickly.

It’s reasonable to think that Hit would be able to push Frieza in this way.

So, even though Hit starts the fight as the stronger character, Frieza would be able to rapidly learn and grow and overcome the challenge.

Why Hit Might Win

On the other hand, Hit starts off as the strongest fighter, and Hit is not known to be merciful or hold his punches.

He’s an assassin, and when able, he tends to finish off fights very quickly.

It’s entirely possible that in this fight, Hit would annihilate Frieza before the latter character had any time to grow or learn.

In this case, Hit wins, and he wins decisively.

Ultimately, this particular fight really comes down to timing.

If anything prevents Hit from winning rapidly, then Frieza will probably rise to the occasion and win.

But, if nothing prohibits Hit from fighting the way he prefers, then he’ll kill Frieza quickly and that will be that.

#3 Black Frieza

Well after all of these tournaments, Frieza got another upgrade.

There was a point where Broly showed up and gave Frieza quite the beating, even in his golden form.

Completely frustrated with his power level, Frieza decided to train like he had never trained before.

He was able to use a time-warping mechanism (like the hyperbolic time chamber) in order to train for 10 years in a very short amount of time.

Basically, Frieza trained for 10 years in a special place, and while he experienced those 10 years, much less time passed for everyone else.

When Frieza emerged from this training, he had achieved a new form: Black Frieza.

This new form was much more powerful than anything we had ever seen before.

He showed up from his training and instantly took out both Goku and Vegeta.

Keep in mind that at this point, Goku and Vegeta were overwhelmingly stronger than they were during the tournament of power.

They have mastered multiple major power-ups at this point, and Frieza one-shotted both of them at the same time.

The point of this whole thing was to show that Frieza has become a character capable of challenging the gods themselves, and that might even be where the story goes.

If Black Frieza fought against Hit, Hit would lose so fast that he wouldn’t even be aware that there was a fight before he was utterly defeated.

It’s absolutely not a contest at all.


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