Twitter Unsupported Phone Number: Meaning?

Here’s what the Twitter unsupported phone number error means:

You will receive this error when using a landline or mobile device that Twitter cannot text you a verification code.

The provider of your mobile or landline phone does not allow Twitter to send you a verification code through SMS.

So if you want to learn all about fixing Twitter’s “unsupported phone number” error, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

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What Does Twitter Mean When It Says Unsupported Phone Number?

You will get this error when using a mobile or a landline that does not allow Twitter to send a verification to your SMS. 

Your mobile or landline provider does not allow Twitter to send you a verification code via SMS.

When this happens, you need to contact Twitter and explain to them what has happened.  

You will need to allow time for Twitter to respond to your issue.

Why Does Twitter Say My Phone Number Is Invalid?

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This only happens when you have put in the wrong phone number. 

Check the number and see if you have done something wrong.  

The problem is that Twitter can not send you a verification code.  

In this case, you can simply use your email to sign up for Twitter.

Can You Sign Up to Twitter Without a Phone Number?

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You can create a Twitter account using your computer. 

When asked to verify with a phone number, you can select Skip.  

Instead of a phone number, you can simply use your email to sign up for Twitter.

You will get an email asking for you to create a password. 

Once you create a password, you will have access to Twitter.  

You will want to update Twitter with a phone number as soon as possible to gain access to a lot of other cool features.

However, you don’t need a phone number to sign up on Twitter.

How Do I Let Twitter Know That I Changed My Phone Number?

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When you change or simply add your phone number, you will need to do so in the settings.  

Simply go to the settings under the more tab and select account, and then account information.  

After that, you will see the phone section where you add your number.  

Then an SMS verification happens, and you will get a text from Twitter.

A Twitter account can only have one phone number attached to it.

So adding the phone number will essentially change the number associated with the account.  

But you can have multiple Twitter accounts associated with one phone number.

How to Unlock Your Twitter Account When It Gets Locked? (5 Reasons)

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First of all, you need to understand the different reasons that your account may have gotten locked in the first place so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.  

You will get an email when your account has been locked.  

You will also get a notification when you try to log back in.

Here are the main reasons a person would get locked out of their account, including being limited or even suspended.

#1 Suspicious Behavior

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In this case, Twitter has software that checks for suspicious behavior, such as several failures to log in to your account.  

This causes security concerns and prevents unauthorized access to the account.

#2 Multiple Third-Party Apps

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When you connect Twitter to many apps that help you manage Twitter, it causes a security risk.  

Twitter will simply lock your account until you verify that you are still in control of your account.

#3 Higher Than Normal Activity

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Again this is where Twitter sees that you have changed your habits on their platform.  

Locking your account is simply them checking if you are still in control of your account. 

The best thing to do is stay consistent on the platform.

This goes for when you are about to be more active as well.

#4 Spamming

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Twitter will automatically place limits on your account when it senses that your account is retweeting and liking at an alarming rate. 

Be careful to read the terms of service on how many times per day are accepted by Twitter.  

The limits placed on your account are a temporary slap on the wrist, so don’t get upset.  

Simply slow down when it comes to liking every tweet you see.

#5 Violating Twitter Rules

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There are a few rules that will get your account locked and suspended.  

If Twitter believes your account is a fake account or bot account. Then it will get banned. 

Also, if your account is associated with impersonating someone or harassment, then it will ban the account. 

You may appeal the suspension, but you may have to start a new account if your violation is bad.

The best way to get your phone unlocked is to follow the instruction in the email that was sent when your account was locked.  

There should also be some instructions in the notification you get when trying to log into your locked account.

The most common way to fix any locked Twitter account is to change your password.  

The other option that could be given is to verify your email.

If you are experiencing any issues with retrieving tweets on Twitter read our detailed article here.


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