Double Ring or Extra Long Ring When Calling: Meaning?

Here’s the meaning of a double ring or extra-long ring when you’re calling someone:

Double ring: You have been placed in call waiting if the first ring is a double ring while you are the caller.  

Extra-long ring: Whenever you attempt to call out, your local switch takes over. 

The longer it takes to connect to the local switch, the longer the ringtone. 

If you want to learn all about the double ring and the extra-long ring when you’re calling someone, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s jump right in!

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What Does a Double Ring Mean When Calling Someone?

If the first ring is a double ring while you are the caller, you have been placed in call waiting.  

This happens when the person you are calling is already on the phone with someone else.  

That person will get a notification that you are trying to call while they are on the phone.

Young adult man trying to reach someone on modern smartphone on the street.

At this time, they have the choice to accept the call or ignore the call. If they ignore the call, then you will be sent to voicemail.  

If they accept the call, then your call will be connected.  

Be aware that they may have placed the other call on hold.

Call waiting is a great feature that allows anyone to accept calls while they are on the phone.  

You will get a notification that someone has called you while you are in the middle of a call.

If, however, you get more than two rings and it goes straight to voicemail, then you have either been declined or blocked.

How Do I Know if I Have Been Blocked?

If you hear a normal number of rings when calling someone and then it goes to voicemail.  

Then they have simply declined or ignored your call.  

However, if you have been blocked, you will only hear a single ring before being sent to voicemail.

The best way to find out if you have been blocked is to keep trying the number a few hours later.  

Woman holds smartphone talk to speaker phone.

If the call goes straight to voicemail after one ring again, then you may have been blocked.

Another way to find out if you have been blocked is to try calling from another number. 

The chances are that the person you are calling will let you know that your call is being blocked.  

In that case, I would recommend not trying to call that person anymore.

What Do I Do if My Number Has Been Blocked?

There are many different ways to contact someone that has blocked you.  

You can either send them an email or message them on their Instagram.  

You can also try commenting them on their Facebook page. 

A beautiful young woman using social media.

If they don’t use social media and don’t have a Facebook account, then you can just go to their house.

If you still have no idea why you were blocked, you don’t get an answer through email.  

You can always try to contact someone that the person knows.  

What Does an Extra Long Ring Mean When Calling Someone?

Whenever you attempt to call out, your local switch takes over. 

The longer it takes to connect to the local switch, the longer the ringtone. 

Smartphone with musical note with speakers.

Network stability plays a role here.

Outgoing calls are usually silent and quick.

Any interruption, however, will eventually interrupt the waiting process, as the long ringtone will persist until the intended recipient receives the call.

What Does a Half a Ring Mean When Calling Someone?

When you call someone, and you only get half a ring before going to voicemail, you have just been declined.  

Don’t feel bad. The person you called might simply be busy. 

The best thing to do is to leave a voicemail and try your call again.

Young blond girl using her smart phone in the kitchen.

If you keep trying and keep getting the same half-ring before going straight to voicemail, then that person has activated “Do Not Disturb” mode, or you are blacklisted.  

In either case, it is probably safer to give that person a few days before trying to call them again.

As a matter of fact, maybe they don’t want to be disturbed, and you should not call them. 

A nice email or a simple text might get your point across.

How Many Rings Does It Take To Answer a Phone?

The normal number of rings it used to take a person with a landline was about 4 rings.  

This was because they had to walk to their phone and pick it up.  

There was also a caller ID that they were able to read and decide if they wanted to answer.

Smartphone with incoming call on display.

Today, however, there are so many reasons that a person would choose to wait to answer the phone.  

None of those is because they had to walk to the phone.  

Cell phones fit in the pocket and are easily reachable. 

However, this new fast-paced world doesn’t allow for just simply answering the phone.

8 Reasons That People Ignore Phone Calls

Here are a few reasons that people would choose to wait to accept the call:

Beautiful female with frizzy Afro hairstyle, looks in displeasure at cell phone, ignores incoming call.

#1 At Work, School or Driving

If you call them during the daytime, chances are they are busy. 

They just can’t pick up the phone. 

It is not because they don’t want to talk to you or ignoring you. 

They are just busy doing other things.  

Two attractive and happy young girlfriends driving together in a car.

The best thing to do in this case is to wait till they are not busy.

How to tell if someone is busy or not is to try and contact them a few hours later.  

Note the time you are trying to call them and realize that they may be busy.  

When you do contact them a little later, then you can ask them if they were busy.

#2 Eating or Sleeping

Another way they can be busy is if you call them at dinner time or when they go to bed.  

If you tried to call them after work late at night, you probably called them too late when you know they are home.  

Group of happy friends having breakfast in a restaurant.

There is a perfect time to call people, and it is not when they are at work.  

The perfect time to call someone is right after work. 

They need time to relax and unwind. 

I know I don’t like to be disturbed when I am just getting home from a hard day.

#3 Their Phone Is Dead

Believe it or not, people sometimes forget to charge their phone and need to put it on a charger just to get enough of a charge to turn their phone back on.  

Smartphone charging with power bank.

If you called while they were charging their phone, then you might get ignored.  

Simply call back at a later time.

#4 Reading an Article About Phones Ringing

Phones can be a great way to read articles about phones ringing.  

Serious girl in winter checking mobile phone.

Perhaps the person you called wanted to know what does it mean when the phone rings twice. 

They can choose to answer your call or continue reading the article.

#5 Playing a Video Game

If you are trying to call someone that is an avid video game player and you know they are home, then chances are they are playing a game. 

Unshaven brunette guy playing video game on his mobile phone.

If this is the case, they will call you back when they can.  

Sometimes they can not pause an online game, and you call right when they are in the middle of it.

#6 Accidentally Put the Phone on Silent

This has happened to me on so many occasions.  

While at work, I have to silence my phone from ringing. 

Phone and the "mute" icon.

When I get off work, I forget to turn the ringer back on.  

Then someone tries to call me, and I don’t even get the text notification.  

Simply keep trying, and you will get through.

#7 Do Not Recognize Your Number

If you recently got a new number, then chances are they are looking at their caller ID and don’t know you got a new number.  

Incoming call from unknown number.

If you think that this is the case, leave a message on their voicemail explaining that you got a new phone number and they can call you back and add your new number to their contacts list.

#8 Do Not Want to Talk to You

This one had to be added to this list.  

If you only get two rings and then it goes to voicemail, you might be sent there for a reason.

If the person you are calling does not want to talk to you, then there might be a specific reason.

Young woman with a mobile phone having doubts face expression.

Think about why you would be ignored, blocked, blacklisted, and just plain ghosted.  

You might not even need to read this article if that is the case.  

The best way to figure this out is to ask someone if that person is mad at you.