Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time on Twitter: How to Fix?

Here’s how to fix Twitter’s error “Twitter Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time”:

Check every part of the phone that can inhibit the Twitter app’s ability to connect to the internet, and make sure Twitter has permission to operate normally.

This can include security software like firewalls and ad blockers.

It can also include app and phone settings that might restrict access for one or more apps.

So if you want to learn all about how to solve Twitter’s error “Twitter Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time,” then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

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What Does the Twitter Message Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time Mean?

This message is frustratingly common for many Twitter users.

The basic information provided is simple enough.

You can’t download any tweets to read while the message is displayed. It is suggesting that the problem is temporary, but in many cases, it is actually persistent.

Before we go down the road to troubleshooting, it’s important to understand the specifics of this message. This is referring to the Twitter app’s ability to communicate with Twitter servers. 

There are a lot of potential causes, but they all lead to the same result. If the app cannot establish communication with the servers, it can’t download tweets or display new information for you. In order to retrieve tweets at this time you will have to do some troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting this message is all about finding the source of the communication error.

How Can You Fix the Twitter Error Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time?

You know the root problem.

Once you can find what is blocking communication, a resolution is only a step away. There are a few common sources of communication disruption that you will need to check. These include security software, firewalls, app settings, phone settings, and Twitter’s current software version.

You will see specific instructions regarding each of these.

As you go through them, keep in mind that there can be multiple points of disruption in the line of communication.

Fix each item on the list until Twitter starts working or you have exhausted every option.

Check Network Connections To Retrieve Tweets

There are a number of reasons why Twitter might display the message “cannot retrieve tweets at this time”.

One of the most common is a network connection failure. 

The easiest way to test this is to use something other than Twitter that connects to the internet. 

If other apps work, you know that the problem is specific to Twitter.

If the other apps don’t work, then you know you are going to be troubleshooting your network connection instead.

This set of instructions is going to focus on troubleshooting Twitter specifically.

Update Twitter to Retrieve Tweets

Twitter issues regular updates.

Using an outdated build can prevent communication with Twitter services. Many Twitter updates include security fixes and improvements, and Twitter can and will disable communication to builds that they deem unsafe.

Sometimes, a new update is what initiates this problem.

If you see the retrieval error immediately after updating, go ahead and restore your Twitter app to the previous build. It will resolve the issue until Twitter is able to address the update problem.

In order to do this, you will likely have to browse the internet to find an older build of Twitter.

Once you find a download, you can remove your current build of Twitter and install it from that download. It will downgrade the app and should provide resolution, assuming that the Twitter build is in fact, the problem.

Check Security Features

Another common source of this error stems from security features, and there are a few that should be addressed.

First, you have data services on your phone. In your list of app features, you can deny access to any individual app. That turns off data access for the app, and it will lead to this cannot retrieve tweets at this time error. Make sure that Twitter has permission from your phone to connect and carry out downloads.

Similarly, you want to look at ad blockers and security software. Either of these could restrict the Twitter app’s access to retrieving data. Whitelist (or give permission to) Twitter on all security and ad blocking software.

Lastly, check any firewalls that you use on your network. These will not be limited to the phone (or device you use to access Twitter).

Instead, the firewall will be managed by your router. Make sure that Twitter has permission to run normally through the firewall.

Look Into Twitter Sync Settings

In addition to security settings, you also have synchronization settings.

Your phone can dictate how apps are allowed to connect to their servers in order to download information and send you notifications. These settings can give you an error, such as “cannot retrieve tweets at this time”.

There is no magic setting that will always work. Instead, the best option is to try each setting individually and stick with the one that produces the best results. 

More often than not, increasing the frequency with which Twitter can synchronize will help, but this isn’t always the case. When you find a timing that seems to work, stick with it.


Your last option is to try accessing Twitter solely through a web browser (like Chrome).

By sidestepping the app, you can learn a few things right away. 

First, if Twitter is fine on the browser and not on the app, you know that the problem is limited to the app on your phone. You can try reinstalling the app.

You have also found a workaround until the app issue is resolved.

If doesn’t work, then the problem is more likely on Twitter’s end. You can try a different device or network to be sure.

Server problems are not common with Twitter, but they do happen, and they can spawn this error message. 

When the issue is with Twitter servers, all you can do is wait for the company to fix the problem and restore communication.

Get Help

If nothing above resolves the issue of Twitter being unable retrieve tweets at this time, you are at the end of normal troubleshooting. At this point, you can try reaching out to Twitter for assistance.

You can also enlist an IT professional to do advanced troubleshooting for you. 

In either case, you are facing an abnormal situation.

For a single app to have communication troubles that cannot be resolved through settings and software adjustments is uncommon, and there is likely an obscure software conflict somewhere in the app or phone. 

Finding and resolving this conflict can be very difficult, which is why expert help is advisable.

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