Faking Disconnected Text Message: How to?

Faking Disconnected Text Message: How to?

In essence, you have three options for faking a cell phone disconnected text message. You can manually send a message in response to a text sent to you. Alternatively, you can automate your fake message with a service like Google Voice or an app like YouMail. You can also block the number in place of faking a message.

Text Messages on Airplane Mode: How So? (Do This)

Text Messages on Airplane Mode: How So?

The most likely reason you are getting texts while in airplane mode is that they are coming through a Wi-Fi connection. It’s also possible that the phone isn’t actually in airplane mode or that airplane mode isn’t working correctly. When a phone leaves airplane mode, all stored messages will come through quickly.

Deleting an iMessage From Both Sides: How To? (All Info)

Deleting an iMessage From Both Sides: How To?

Here’s how to delete an iMessage from both sides: The only way to delete an iMessage from both sides is to have direct access to both iMessage accounts.  In that case, you need to go through the process of deleting the message on a device connected to each account. When that is done, the iMessage is permanently removed on both sides. So if you want to learn all about how deleting an iMessage from across your Apple devices works, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started! How Do You Delete Messages From Your Phone? The first half of this equation is deleting a message from your own device. Since we’re talking about iMessage, you can communicate with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.  We’ll discuss how to do this with an iPhone, but the process is extremely similar across Apple devices. Also, techniques for deleting messages on iCloud will be covered in a different section. On your iPhone, this process is easy. You need to pull up the message that you want to delete. Press and hold right on that message, and some options will pop up. You will see a menu that has things like “reply” or “copy.”  What you are looking for is the delete option (which looks like a trash can). Depending on your screen layout, you may have to select “more” before it is visible. Once you have the trash icon, you can tap it to delete the message you highlighted. You can also select additional messages for deletion if you so choose. Once you delete them, they are gone from the device.  Keep in mind that this is a permanent maneuver, so be sure that you truly want to delete the message before you commit to it. How Do You Delete Messages From Another Device? Deleting an iMessage from a recipient’s device is ultimately the same process. You need access to the device

Old Texts From Blocked Number: Coming Through? (All Info)

Old Texts From Blocked Number: Coming Through?

Here’s everything about receiving old texts from a formerly blocked number: When you block someone’s number, there’s no special folder where blocked texts from this number go. Those texts go into the digital nirvana. That’s why you won’t receive and can’t get old text messages from a blocked number. So if you want to learn all about receiving message from a number you unblocked, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right in! What Happens When You Block Someone on Your Phone? If you no longer want to receive text messages from someone, you simply block their text messages.   Blocking someone on your phone will prevent any of their messages from showing up on your phone.   It will essentially prevent them from ever sending the message.  They will see that their message was sent, but it, in fact, will never go through. Do you want to stop annoying phone calls?   This method also works with actual phone calls.   Those people will not be able to see if you have blocked them at all.  They might even try and find out why you have not responded to their text or calls.  The funny part is that those messages will not go through either. However, when they call you, they will be prompted to leave a voice message. This will be their only indicator that you don’t want to be disturbed. Because they will think you either have your phone turned off, or they were blocked.  They might get the hint after a few tries to call you. You can always listen to voice messages that they leave while being blocked.   Simply check your voice messages.   Be warned, though. They may have left more voice messages than you would like. As far as texts go, there is no secret folder that texts go to when they send while blocked.  That is why there is NO method to receive text messages from

How to Delete Text Messages on Someone Else's Cell Phone?

Deleting Text Messages on Someone Else’s Cell Phone: How to?

Unless both members of a text message have the same text removing app installed, and have agreed to share usage of it, it cannot be done. The only way to unsend a text message is to stop the message from being sent as it is happening. For example, by turning airplane mode on with almost unattainable speed.

Does Your Phone Send Text Messages on Its Own? (Here's Why)

Phone Sending Texts on Its Own: How to Fix?

Malware is the main cause. Malware taking over your phone is one of the most common reasons why your phone might be texting on its own. It’s important to understand the basics of apps, malware, SMS, and phone settings app, and what their role is in helping to prevent your phone from sending text messages on its own.

Can Someone Delete Your Text Messages Remotely?

Can Someone Delete Your Text Messages Remotely?

Here’s whether someone can delete your text messages remotely. In short: yes. So if you want to know how your text message can be deleted remotely, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading! Your Text Message Can Be Deleted Remotely Do you have a sinking feeling that someone has been deleting your text messages?  Are you concerned that a stalker somewhere has been monitoring your calls and your online searches on your phone?  Every day, hundreds of thousands of people have their text messages read and controlled by third parties.  This article will explain the telltale signs your phone has been taken over by stalkerware and what you can do to fully protect your phone. How Can My Phone Get Hacked? We live more and more of our lives on our phones. ZDNet tells us that the average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their smartphone.  The top 10% of smartphone users in the US and Canada touch their phones an average of 5,427 times a day. That’s 5,427 opportunities a day for phone stalkers to attempt to steal their passwords, PINs, account numbers, private communications, and browsing history.  The most sophisticated hackers can not only read and delete messages. They can also use your phone to record nearby conversations as well as take and send photos and videos. Chances are you have seen a scene in a spy movie in which one of the characters steals a phone just long enough to infect it with spyware. It is true that if you don’t keep your phone secure at all times, this could happen to you. But a phone stalker doesn’t need to have physical possession of your phone to infect it with malware that will give them the power to read and delete your messages and copy your contacts and ID. Stalkers can also take over your phone by: In a moment, we will tell you what you need