8 crazy reasons why you are getting: ‘The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out, from Walmart’

When it comes to general technical error questions we get a lot of them in the shop. One question that recently came ups was from a customer during a tech session. They stated that recently they were leaving a review on Walmart and were met with this error, “The user trying to submit review is opted out from Walmart”. Ultimately they had us check into it and we were able to help them out.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have. This enigmatic phrase has haunted countless customers, leaving them baffled and silenced. But fear not, fellow reviewers! This blog post is your compass through the review wilderness, demystifying the “opted out” message and equipping you with the knowledge to unlock your inner critic and unleash your voice on Walmart’s platform.

Why are You “Opted Out” of Walmart Reviews?

There are several culprits lurking behind your review roadblock message “The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out from Walmart”. Let’s meet the suspects:

1. The Accidental Unsubscribe: It turns out, Walmart links review permissions to your marketing email preferences. So, if you’ve ever opted out of those emails to avoid inbox clutter, you might have unintentionally blocked yourself from the review party too. Think of it as a secret handshake gone wrong!

The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out Walmart

2. The Guideline Goblin: Walmart takes its review guidelines seriously, and for good reason. These guidelines frown upon profanity, personal attacks, irrelevant content, and anything that could mislead or promote. If your previous review tripped any of these alarms, you might be facing temporary or even permanent review restriction. The Guideline Goblin doesn’t mess around!

3. The Technical Glitch: No website is immune to the occasional gremlin, and Walmart’s platform is no exception. The “opted out” message could simply be a temporary technical hiccup, leaving you scratching your head in frustration. Think of it as a digital hiccup!

Conquering the “The user trying to submit review is opted out from Walmart” Curse:

Before throwing in the towel and abandoning your inner critic, try these troubleshooting tactics:

4. Review, Review Preferences: Double-check your email settings and ensure you haven’t inadvertently unsubscribed from all Walmart communication, including reviews. A quick change to your preferences could be the key to getting your voice back. It’s like flipping a switch and turning on the microphone!

5. Befriend the Guidelines: Familiarity breeds confidence. Take the time to thoroughly review Walmart’s review policies and ensure your future reviews follow them to the letter. This knowledge will not only help you avoid restrictions but also write more impactful and helpful reviews. Think of it as learning the secret language of the Guideline Goblin!

6. Craft a Review Redo: If you suspect a previous review triggered the “opted out” message, write a fresh one that focuses solely on the product or service. Leave out anything remotely controversial or promotional and stick to honest, objective observations. Think of it as starting with a clean slate!

7. Clear the Cache: Sometimes, cached data can act like a stubborn gremlin, causing unexpected hiccups. Clearing your browser cache and cookies might be the magic trick you need to bypass the “opted out” block and finally submit your review. Think of it as hitting the refresh button on your digital life!


8. Try a Different Browser or Device: If the message persists in one browser, give another a whirl. Alternatively, try submitting your review from a different device to see if the issue persists. Think of it as trying a different door if the first one is locked!

Reaching Out for Help if your still are having trouble with ‘The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out, from Walmart’.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Walmart customer service. They can investigate your account and shed light on the “opted out” mystery. Remember, a polite and friendly approach will get you much further than frustration. Think of it as asking for help from a friendly neighborhood tech wizard!

Staying in the Review Game:Now that you’ve conquered the “opted out” curse, here are some bonus tips to ensure your voice resonates on Walmart’s platform:

Read Like a Hawk: Before diving into a review, carefully review the product description to gain a deep understanding of its features and intended use. This will help you write a more accurate and helpful review that resonates with readers. Think of it as becoming a product detective!

Share Your Story: Ditch the generic templates and focus on your personal experience with the product. Highlight the good, the bad, and everything in between, weaving a narrative that helps readers understand its pros and cons. Think of it as writing a mini-adventure story!

Specificity is Key: Don’t leave readers guessing. Provide concrete details about your experience, including specifics like size, color, performance, and durability. Vivid descriptions will paint a clear picture and help readers make informed decisions. Think of it as adding paint to your story!

Clarity Before Coffee: Proofread your review before hitting submit. Typos and grammatical errors can make even the most insightful review lose its shine. Take your time to polish your prose and ensure your message is clear and impactful.

Serious woman looking at her Android phone on the table learning about com.android.certinstaller and Google Activity.

Beyond Walmart: Remember, the skills you hone on Walmart’s platform can be applied across the online review landscape. Keep these tips in mind when reviewing restaurants, hotels, movies, or any other service or product you encounter.

By following these troubleshooting steps and writing tips, you can bypass the “‘The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out from Walmart’, barrier and share your valuable insights with other shoppers. Remember, your reviews hold the power to empower others to make informed decisions, so keep reviewing with confidence and let your voice be heard!

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