Is Safe? 6 Important Things You Must Know!

Is safe? Here’s everything you need to know about the safety of using

When determining whether is safe, it’s important to consider your personal criteria for safety. Compared to other free anime streaming sites, stands out as relatively safe. The site is known for not promoting malware or running harmful ads, which are common concerns among similar platforms.

However, it’s worth noting that does provide access to unlicensed anime content. Despite this, it avoids engaging in the majority of practices that might be deemed unsafe.

If you’re looking to understand the specifics of how safe truly is, this article will provide you with the necessary information. Let’s dive into the details without further delay!

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What Is isn’t just an anime streaming site; it’s a comprehensive portal for enthusiasts to watch anime online and explore a broad spectrum of entertainment, including movies and diverse anime genres. It stands out for being free and offering functionalities for both streaming and downloading content for offline viewing.

This adaptability is crucial for users with varying internet connection strengths, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

To enhance your security while navigating through and similar anime websites, employing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) device is advisable, safeguarding your online activity and personal information.

is safe: 6 Issues To Consider

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You might find it enough to watch anime and know that is generally safe. But, if you like to get deeper into topics and really understand what’s going on, then you need to know more about and anime streaming sites in general.

There are a number of problems that seem to plague these sites more than other corners of the internet.  Each is worth discussing in detail. The biggest issues tend to involve malware, ads, financial security, legality, and the appropriateness of content on the site. 

Each risk is clearly different from the others. As we go through them, you’ll see why does well or poorly in dealing with each issue.

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#1 Malware

Most people worry about malware on the internet, especially when it comes to free streaming services. Let’s start with the easiest part first. does not sponsor or distribute any malware, making it a more safe option than many other streaming sites. 

The site isn’t about that business, and it isn’t in a position where malware could unwittingly run through the site to get to you.

Even when a website isn’t directly malicious, there are always concerns that malicious actors could do bad things without the site knowing or consenting. 

In this case, that’s not really a problem, and as we go through the list of possibilities, you’ll see why.

#2 Ads

Ads, often a nuisance on many anime websites, can lead to accidental clicks and undesirable software. sets itself apart for anime lovers by not running ads, eliminating risks associated with malicious software and enhancing user experience.

This ad-free environment also emphasizes the site’s focus on uninterrupted anime and movie streaming. However, to ensure a consistently smooth streaming and download experience, especially in HD, maintaining a stable internet connection is key.

Should you face any buffering issues, we have compiled tips on optimizing your connection for streaming, available in our stream to guide.

But, wait.  If there are no ads and the content is free, how does make money? 

It’s not a publicly traded company, and it’s not registered as a nonprofit organization.  So, the site’s finances are not a matter of public record. 

But, there is a bright orange “Donate” button at the top of the website. That suggests that at least partially, is crowd funded.

#3 Personal Info

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Ok. It’s nice that there are no ads, and it appears it’s particularly important that you won’t face malware when you use this site, but there are other reasonable concerns.

What if the site isn’t secure? Could it leak financial or personal information and put your identity at risk? That certainly happens with some websites, but once again, the people who run are ahead of the curve. 

The site doesn’t collect any data that could be used against you. First off, it really is free to use. doesn’t even have a mechanism that could collect credit card information from you, so your info is generally safe.

Also, you can use the site without creating an account. It isn’t necessary.  If you want to create an account, you can, but that still doesn’t need personal information. 

All the site wants is an email address and for you to choose a password. As long as you choose a unique password and an email that doesn’t give away vital information, you’re fine. There’s literally nothing to steal.

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#4 Legality

So far, the discussions of safety have centered around malicious behavior across the internet. 

Now, the conversation has to take a turn.Is legal? It exists in a gray area, and some parts of the site are a pretty dark gray.

Let’s put this in concrete terms. does not officially license rights to broadcast the anime you can find there. 

That definitely creates a legal risk. It’s possible that anime creators could cease and desist the site.  It’s even possible (but not guaranteed) that the site could be criminally prosecuted. In fact, the site even has a dedicated page just for submitting DMCA requests

That wouldn’t be necessary if all of the content was legally, formally licensed by the content creators. Where does that put you? Well, streaming unlicensed content is frowned upon. 

Depending on where you live and how the case is pursued, it is possible you could be fined for your participation.The greater risk comes from downloading content. 

Put simply, the law discourages illegal downloads a whole lot more than streaming unlicensed stuff. 

So, if you’re at all worried, it’s prudent to avoid downloading (streaming is downloading, too) content from

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The final serious concern comes down to the community and conversations., like many anime sites, has features for community involvement. 

Users of the site can talk to each other to give reviews, discuss anime and, well, anything. Underneath each video posting is a comments section where you can post or see what other users have to say.

Generally speaking, that’s fine, but as a user, you can’t carefully control what you might see in those discussions. does ban certain expressions, but it’s not fully automated. People can post things that are against the rules, and those posts might stay up for some time.

Clearly, this issue is most important with parents and children. While the is intended to be safe for children, no one can guarantee that a child will be completely safe from inappropriate content when using the site.

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#6 Watch Together

There is another aspect of the community that merits discussion. The site offers a feature called Watch2gether.  This feature allows users to connect on’s community pages and sites. 

They have links for:

Users can connect with these community groups and use the Watch2gether feature in order to sync up videos and have a remote viewing party.

Since this promotes communication among users, there’s always the risk that somebody in the group has bad intentions. 

It’s possible that these features could be used for social engineering or other nefarious schemes, and it’s certainly something parents should keep in mind if their kids use the site.

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How Does Keep You Safe? (3 Ways)

Considering the primary risks that anime browsing poses to users, is off to a great start. 

You’ve already seen that some of the most prominent issues are not present on this site at all. Still, there are other risks that are real, and they need to be addressed. offers a few takes on addressing safety and related issues. Below are three important measures that are taken on the site. 

While none of them offer absolute protection from internet dangers, they do give you a little more you can trust, and they can improve your overall experience.

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#1 Customer Support

One thing that separates from a lot of other free anime sites is the presence of customer support. With this support, you can get clear answers to some of your questions. 

You can point out when content is in violation of the rules. You can clarify how things work.

In general, the presence of customer support generates additional options for how you interact with the website. 

Ultimately, that translates to more opportunities to use the site in a safe, reasonable way.

#2 Streaming Sources

This is maybe the most important safety feature. offers multiple streaming sources for any given video.

Let’s talk about what that really means. First, is not technically streaming content. Instead, the site embeds streams from other sources. This is why I said that the site is in a legal gray area. 

Technically speaking, isn’t publishing content or streaming it. It’s just providing a directory of sources that do participate in this behavior.

Now, that doesn’t give the site a perfect legal defense, but it pushes things into that gray area that makes it uncertain as to whether or not you would face any penalty for viewing content on the site.

There’s a second way this impacts safety. To stay safe on, if you don’t like one of the sources (commonly called “mirrors”), you can pick a different one. 

This variety helps to protect users from having to use mirrors that create problems on their devices.

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#3 Chat Moderation

The last thing that I will say regarding your question, is safe is:

The last thing working in your favor is chat moderation. As stated before, kids on the site might be exposed to inappropriate content. 

The good news is that does actively monitor chat and communication on the site. 

The site uses a combination of automation and human monitoring to handle the forums and police content according to the rules set forth.

That enables the site administrators to remove content and users that represent problems or dangers to the site’s base. This doesn’t perfectly solve issues of inappropriate posts, but it goes a long way. 

You are at least partially protected from seeing things that you might deem offensive, and that makes this site marginally safer than many of its competitors.

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If you are experiencing any buffering issues when streaming anime online, read our guide on resolving buffering video quality issues here.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up our discussion on the safety and reliability of for anime enthusiasts seeking to dive into their favorite worlds, it’s vital to sift through the myriad of considerations that define a secure and enjoyable online streaming experience., positioning itself as a beacon for fans to watch anime online, promises an ad-free journey through its extensive library of anime series, complete with high video quality and English subtitles—qualities that are often sought after but hard to find on free sites.

For those wary of the risks associated with free anime websites, such as malware, pop-ups, and potential legal issues surrounding copyright laws, appears to stand out by offering a seamless viewing experience that prioritizes user safety and content accessibility.

The absence of mandatory account creation or registration underscores a commitment to user privacy and convenience, further enhancing its appeal among anime lovers.

However, as with any online platform, especially newer ones in the vast and varied landscape of free streaming sites, vigilance remains paramount.

Users should remain informed about the site’s compliance with copyright laws, the presence of secure servers, and the overall legitimacy of the site to ensure that their device, data, and digital footprint remain protected. While promises a sanctuary for fans to enjoy anime without worry, it’s essential to approach with a critical eye, considering alternative legal options and staying abreast of any changes in the site’s safety profile.

Ultimately, while offers many features that make it an attractive option for watching anime online, the onus is on individual users to navigate these waters carefully, armed with information and a healthy dose of skepticism, to make the most of their anime watching experience safely and legally.


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