Discord Friends Seeing About You: What Exactly?

Here’s what friends can see about you on Discord:

Friends can see a lot of things about you on Discord, including your profile, messages you send, the game you are currently playing, and more. 

Discord encourages community and collaboration, and these features can help with that. 

But, you can also curate what friends see and control your privacy as you see fit.

So if you want to learn all about what friends can see exactly about you on Discord, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Discord Friends Seeing About You: What Exactly? (Do This)

What Can Your Friends See on Discord if They Want? (6 Things)

When it comes to the things your friends can see on Discord, some of it is automatic, and some of it you can closely control. 

For starters, these are the things they can see by default, and you can’t exactly prevent friends from seeing these things.

#1 Your Username

This is probably the most obvious. 

In order to become friends with another user on Discord, you effectively have to share usernames with each other. 

Now, the app works to automate and simplify things, so you don’t necessarily have to type in someone’s exact username in order to send them a friend request.

You can add them by clicking on their name (or nickname) in a server you are both in. 

You can also try to look them up via contact information that you might have (like a phone number or email address). 

There are different ways to do this.

But, when you become friends, you will each see each other on friends’ lists, and that will include the exact username. 

So, if someone knows you through a common server and only saw your nickname in that server, becoming friends gives them this additional information.

#2 Whether or Not You Are in a Server With Them

This one is also pretty straightforward. 

When you are in a server, anyone can look at the list of members. 

You can also go through the list to see who there is a friend.

Obviously, this is a two-way street. 

It’s entirely possible that you and a friend are in multiple servers together without knowing it. 

Now, this is not automated. 

You would have to manually search for your friends, but the extra information can help you figure out if you’re in a server with someone.

It can also help a friend see if you left a server that you used to be in together.

#3 Private Conversations Between the Two of You

Generally speaking, users in Discord can see all private conversations involving them. 

So, if you and our friend have a private chat, you can both see the whole chat whenever you want. 

This isn’t exclusive to friends. 

It’s possible to have private chats with people who aren’t your friends.

The reason this matters is that privacy settings allow you to change who is allowed to have a private chat with you. 

By default, friends can have private chats with you.

#4 Your Profile

Your friends can view your profile. 

That’s kind of the point of having a profile.

Included in your profile is a fair amount of information:

  • Your Tag Number
  • Profile Picture
  • Banner
  • Biography
  • Mutual Friends
  • Mutual Connections (like via Steam, Spotify, etc.)

Whenever you add a friend, you give them access to this info.

#5 Messages in a Common Server

This is another case that isn’t specific to friends. 

Anyone with access can see all of your chats in a server. 

So, unless the server has designated, restricted chats, everyone in the server can see everything you write.

Naturally, this is true for friends too. 

Again, the reason it matters is that you can change the setting that allows server members to directly message you (go to settings > privacy). 

Friends can always send direct messages.

#6 Nicknames in Common Servers

Nicknames allow you to appear in a server with a name that is distinct from your username. 

It’s useful in a number of ways.

Let’s say that you join a guild in a new game. 

Typically, you use your Discord name in new games that you play, but this time around, it wasn’t available. 

In the guild Discord, you can set your nickname to reflect your in-game name.

It helps to avoid confusion.

Well, when it comes to nicknames, people in the server are going to see your nickname in the members list, when you send messages, when you’re in voice/video chat, etc. 

But, your friends will also have access to your username.

So, friends will know the nickname and your Discord name.

What Can Your Friends See on Discord Only If You Let Them? (4 Things)

In the above sections, that information is available to your friends by design. 

Discord is a communications app, and that information is communicative.

But, Discord isn’t there to dictate everything you say or represent about yourself. 

It’s supposed to give you a lot of freedom, and that is represented in this section. 

There are a lot of things that your friends can potentially see about you on the app, but you get to exercise discretion. 

These are the things you can share if you want to.

#1 What Game You Are Currently Playing

This feature is turned on by default, but you can turn it off. 

Discord tries to discern what game you are actively playing. 

Since the app was developed for gaming communication, this makes sense. 

When the default setting is on, Discord will see what game you are playing (when it works correctly). 

It will then automatically set your game as a status message.

It will read along the lines of “playing game X.”

If you want to change this, go to settings > activity status > display currently running game as a status message.

You can toggle this on or off.

#2 If You Are Online

Discord provides online statuses when you use the app. 

So, when you’re online and active, your friends can see that. 

Additionally, anyone in a server with you can see when you are online.

You can change this. 

At the bottom-left of the Discord app, click on the icon next to your name. 

This will let you choose your status.

If you don’t want anyone to know that you are online, choose “invisible.”

#3 Your Streaming Information

You can use Discord to help with growing a stream or channel, if you want. 

You can synchronize Discord with streaming services like Twitch. 

You can set up automated messages that tell people when you go live. 

You can organize your community through Twitch.

Most of this is done through the implementation of bots, like this one.

There are a lot of options, but none of this is active by default. 

If you want, you can broadcast this information to friends and channel members.

#4 Your Profile

Yes, this is in both groups. 

So, technically speaking, everything you read before is correct. 

Your friends can see what you put on your profile. 

But, you get control over that because you dictate what is actually in your profile.

The profile picture, bio, and plenty of other information is not mandatory. 

It’s entirely up to you what you want to share in this way. 

So, if you build your profile with that in mind, you can control what your friends can see there.

Also, your profile isn’t set in stone. 

You can change it as you see fit. 

You don’t have to marry any idea or tidbit that you might have in there right now.


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