Amazon Says Package Undeliverable: Meaning?

Here’s what it means when Amazon says package undeliverable:

When you get this message from Amazon, they are indicating that circumstances made it impossible for the delivery of your package to be completed. 

There are many reasons that can lead to this message, but when you see it, the order is canceled by Amazon.

You should receive a refund for the order.

If you want to learn all about Amazon’s package undeliverable message, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Amazon Says Package Undeliverable: Meaning? (7 Reasons)

Why Does Amazon Say Package Undeliverable? (7 Causes)

Delivered parcel on door mat near entrance

This message comes up because circumstances obstructed the delivery process.

The nature of those circumstances comes in many forms.

It could be that the address was wrong. 

It’s possible that the automated system made a mistake.

There could be a physical barrier that prevents the courier from completing the delivery.

The full range of causes shows why each requires a bit of understanding before it can be resolved.

#1 Incorrect Address

Delivery man attempting delivery of parcel.

In most cases, if you accidentally put down the wrong address with an Amazon order, it will simply go to the wrong location.

This does not make a package undeliverable.

Instead, it creates a problem where the package wound up at the wrong location.

If you get a message that a package is undeliverable and it’s tied to an incorrect address, it is usually because the address is out of date.

That means that something in the shipping address has been changed (such as updated postal codes), and it prevents the Amazon system from being able to get the package to the right location.

When this happens, most couriers will hang onto the package for a duration.

That duration depends on who did the delivery, but after that period, if the package cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the sender (which is an Amazon fulfillment center in this case).

#2 Unrecognized Address

Delivery staff scanning cardboard box with barcode scanner

Amazon uses a computer system for reading addresses and coordinating shipping.

If the format isn’t recognized by Amazon’s system, that can create problems that prevent the system from functioning normally.

Probably the most common issue is with postal codes.

Most people remember small postal codes for their area (such as five-digit zip codes), but full codes can be a lot longer. 

The digital shipping form for Amazon usually auto-fills the longer form of the postal code for you, but this doesn’t always work.

A postal code that is too short can confuse the system.

This is just one example.

Address formats can be a problem.

New addresses that are not yet in the system can also create issues.

#3 Rejected Delivery

Confused frustrated lady about a package delivery

A rejected delivery happens when the package makes it to the right address, but the recipient refuses to accept it.

More often than not, this involves a package that requires a signature.

If the recipient refuses to sign for the package, then it can’t be delivered.

A delivery that is rejected ultimately has to be returned to Amazon.

Depending on the circumstances, some couriers might make a few attempts at delivering the package. 

Whenever they determine that the package cannot be delivered, they will return it, and rejected delivery will typically be the reason.

As for the person placing the order, they will receive a notice that the package is undeliverable.

#4 Failed Delivery

Delivery man with box and clipboard in corridor looking puzzled.

A failed delivery is similar in practice to a rejected delivery, but the premise is different.

A failed delivery occurs when the courier is functionally unable to get the package to its destination.

A common example is a courier running into a gated community that denies entry and has no sufficient delivery system in place.

Another example is when a package requires a signature, and no one is available to sign for it.

In this case, couriers might make more than one attempt, but eventually, they will mark it as a failed delivery.

Once again, such packages are returned to Amazon, and you get the undeliverable message.

#5 Restricted Address

Prison and guard tower

Restricted addresses refer to locations where couriers are not permitted to enter.

This ends up being a specific type of failed delivery.

Prisons, government facilities, and locations of a similar nature can all bring up restricted addresses.

When everything works at its best, restricted access will show you that it is undeliverable before you place an order, but that will not always be the case.

#6 Illegible Address

Man writing address on the parcel.

This might seem ridiculous in the age of computers, but some addresses cannot be read.

It’s not super common, but printers can fail and print out illegible labels.

Errors in the system can also create legibility problems.

In rare cases, shipping addresses or labels are handwritten.

That makes it easy to understand why legibility matters.

Whenever a barcode cannot scan, or a label cannot be read, the package cannot be delivered.

The standard practice is to cancel and refund the order.

#7 Damaged Goods

damaged package

This is one of the more common reasons that a package is marked as undeliverable.

Amazon and delivery companies put a lot of effort into minimizing damage, but it still happens.

Considering the scale of these businesses, you can trust that it happens on a daily basis.

If an item is clearly damaged in transit, it will be marked as such and returned to Amazon.

What happens next depends on the policy of the store of purchase.

Either a replacement item will be shipped, or you will be refunded for the order.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Take Out Your Money From Your Purchase?

Confused woman having problem with credit card making online pay

You ordered from Amazon, but Amazon did not charge your debit or credit card?

Here’s why.

Several states prohibit e-commerce sites from charging for an order until it is shipped.

5 other reasons are:

  • Item was purchased with an Amazon gift card
  • Purchase was canceled by the seller
  • Item was purchased on another card
  • Cost of the item is much less
  • Purchase was flagged as suspicious

Learn all about why Amazon didn’t take out the money of your order here.

What Can You Do When Your Address Is Undeliverable?

Delivery man arrived at address but leaving with the package

The most important thing to understand is that Amazon is not going to resend a package while your address is still undeliverable.

You have to resolve the situation in order to get your package.

That said, Amazon should refund you for any order that cannot be delivered.

Despite that refund, there may be a service charge that is not refunded.

So, remember that results will vary.

But, if you want to resolve an address issue, you need to contact Amazon.

The ultimate solution will depend on the cause of the problem.

An illegible address simply needs to be updated.

Failed deliveries can be fixed with updated delivery instructions.

You get the idea.

Whenever you get a message saying a package is undeliverable, contact Amazon customer support and work to find a solution.

If no viable solution can be reached, then a refund might be the only option.

What Should You Do When You Receive Too Many Items from Amazon?

Woman surprised and confused after unboxing parcel.

Your order was successfully shipped, you were charged by Amazon, and your order has arrived.

However, there were more items in the package than you ordered.

What now?

If you receive more items than you ordered, you have two options. 

The extra products can either be returned (or purchased) from Amazon, or you can hope they don’t notice. 

In either case, regulations in many countries prevent you from being charged for items you didn’t order.

Here’s what to do when you receive more items from Amazon than you ordered.


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