Amazon Says Package Has Left Carrier Facility: Meaning?

Here’s what it means when Amazon says the package has left the carrier facility:

It means that the package is in transit, usually to its final destination.

The carrier facility is the last hub that will receive your package before it is delivered directly to your address. 

That said, a package might go through more than one carrier facility before it goes out for final delivery to your doorstep.

So if you want to learn all about what it means when Amazon says the package has left the carrier facility, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Amazon Says Package Has Left Carrier Facility: Meaning?

What Does It Mean When Amazon Says Package Has Left Carrier Facility?

Package boxes loading into cargo truck.

In the simplest terms, this message is intended to tell you that the package was put on a vehicle and left the facility. 

The general purpose of the message is to tell you that the package is out for delivery (which usually appears after this message).

In general, you are supposed to get your package the day you receive this message, but there are definitely exceptions to the rule.

What Is a Carrier Facility?

Manager and workers at warehouse of logistics center.

This probably makes more sense if we all take a minute to carefully understand what Amazon means when they mention a carrier facility. 

In the Amazon shipping journey, there are three major places involved: 

  • Fulfillment centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Carrier facilities

The fulfillment centers are the warehouses where items are stored.

Distribution centers are the major hubs where packages are sorted before shipping to the next stage.

Virtually all packages go from a fulfillment center to a distribution center.

Then, depending on the final destination, the package might go through more distribution centers on its journey.

Ultimately, it will be shipped from a distribution center to a carrier facility.

Carrier facilities are much smaller hubs that sort packages before they are delivered to direct addresses (homes and businesses).

You can think of a carrier facility as a local post office.

That’s the right scale, but carrier facilities exist for all major delivery services.

This includes USPS, FedEx and other major carriers.

It also includes Amazon, as the company will completely handle many deliveries from order to doorstep.

Why Didn’t the Amazon Package Come Today? (4 Reasons)

Woman frustrated while looking at laptop

If “left the carrier facility” is meant to tell you that the package is on its way, why didn’t it come the same day you got that message? 

There are a few common reasons that range from mistakes to mixed messaging.

#1 Multiple Carrier Facilities in the Journey

distribution warehouse with trucks of different capacity

The most common reason you will see this message and not receive your package is the existence of many carrier facilities.

For the most part, there are two ways this goes down.

The first is that there are multiple carrier facilities in a chain that your package follows before it is delivered directly to you.

Let’s assume that USPS is handling the delivery, just to make for a simplified example. 

The package will first be sorted at a major facility, often called a distribution center. From there, it goes to the carrier facility.

As you already know, this is a local post office (in this example).

The thing is, the local post office might not be your post office.

Especially in rural locations, it sometimes makes sense for a package to go through a couple of carrier facilities before it gets to the one closest to you.

At each exchange, you might get a message saying the package left the carrier facility.

The other possibility is that the package is changing couriers.

If the package was traveling via FedEx and is handed off to USPS at the end, you might see this. 

The package will leave the FedEx carrier facility, only to be received at a USPS carrier facility.

Since FedEx is ending their part of the journey, they will want to give you an update.

This is a specific example, but any package that travels on multiple carriers can see this happen.

#2 Messaging Errors

Boxes with barcodes in logistics center. Cardboard boxes with information stic

It’s pretty simple.

These are large, complicated messaging and tracking systems.

Sometimes, there’s an error. Any number of errors can mess up the messaging that you see. 

You might get a message for the wrong part of the journey because a barcode is misread.

Human error can cause a package to be scanned and then placed on the wrong truck or conveyor belt.

System-wide delays can prevent a message from reaching you when it is supposed to.

There are too many possibilities to cover, but it’s common enough.

Your package might come late according to the messaging because of an error in the system.

#3 Delivery Errors

Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat

Delivery errors are another possibility.

Ultimately, the packages are delivered by people, and people can make mistakes.

Drivers get lost or get addresses wrong. 

Any such scenarios can prevent your package from reaching you as soon as intended.

So, even though you got the right message, a mistake on the last leg of the journey added a delay to the whole thing.

#4 Porch Pirates

Package thief taking away parcel from the porch.

In this case, the package was delivered, possibly on time, but you didn’t receive it.

Porch pirates are a common example, but it’s not the only way you could fail to receive a delivered item. 

If the item was delivered to the wrong address, it’s a similar story.

The delivery service thinks they completed their task, yet you don’t have a package.

That means the messaging was fine, but the end result is still undesirable.

Why Are There So Many Different Tracking Messages?

worried and frustrated woman on the phone while looking at her laptop

There are so many different messages that it can get confusing, especially when you need a code to read them all.

In theory, each message is meant to provide you with a meaningful update. 

The entire journey of your package is supposed to be transparent so you know where it is and why it is on any particular part of its overall route.

Ironically, messages can come out of order or hold multiple meanings, and it certainly can add confusion to the whole thing.

This is especially true when you look at “left the carrier facility” and “out for delivery” messages.

Both of these messages come from the same barcode scan.

That is, every package has a barcode.

When the package is put onto or taken off of a vehicle, the code is scanned, and automated messages are updated.

When the package is put on a delivery vehicle at the carrier facility, it is only scanned once.

Despite that, the single scan is responsible for two messages. It will tell you that the package has left the carrier facility.

It will also tell you that the package is out for delivery.

Because this is all automated, it’s possible you’ll get the messages out of order.

So, how do you use all of this information?

If you want to keep things simple, then you can boil it all down to a simple bottom line.

“Out for delivery” is the most reliable message. 

There are no multiple stages for this part of the journey.

It means exactly what it says, and unlike many other messages, it doesn’t have multiple interpretations.

If your package says “out for delivery” and you don’t receive it that same day, something went wrong.

What Does It Mean When Amazon Says Package Arrived at a Carrier Facility?

Outside of logistics warehouse, van loading packages

The message means the package is at a local distribution facility, which is usually the last stop before it is delivered directly to you. 

Carriers are small distribution centers as common as local post offices.

You should receive your package the same day it leaves the facility.

Learn all about the meaning of when Amazon says your package arrived at a carrier facility here.

What Does It Mean When Amazon Says Shipping Now?

Cardboard box package on top of a warehouse table

Amazon has received your order, confirmed payment, and is now picking and packing the item (or items). 

The time between placing an order and seeing this message can be days (or more). 

The purpose of this message is to inform you that a shipment has been started.

Learn all about Amazon’s shipping now message here.


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