Laptop Brands With Most Durable Hinges: Which?

Here’s which laptop brands have the most durable hinges:

Hinge durability really depends on the model more than the brand.

Most major computer manufacturers make a wide variety of computers intended for specific use cases. 

If you want tough hinges, then the best bet is to invest in a computer classified as a “rugged laptop,” which most major manufacturers produce.

So if you want to learn all about which laptop brands have the most durable hinges, then you’re in the right place.

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Laptop Brands With Most Durable Hinges: Which? (6 Brands)

Which Brands Have the Most Durable Hinges? (6 Brands)

Hinge laptop

If you stay in the realm of rugged laptops, you’ll find hinges that are much more durable than the average consumer product. 

In general, rugged laptops are designed for harsh environments.

Those environments can include fieldwork.

Imagine a military unit in the middle of nowhere using a laptop to communicate.

Rugged environments can include manufacturing facilities.

Watch the end of Terminator 2 and think about a laptop that would still be working in that environment.

Rugged laptops work in research environments that might have extreme temperatures, abnormal pressure, vibrations, shock, and all kinds of other things.

Among rugged laptops, you’re going to find a lot of similarities regardless of the brand.

That’s because most computer brands don’t own a lot of patents on specific components. 

Laptop manufacturers really just assemble parts that are made by other companies, and among rugged hinges, plenty of these brands buy from the same manufacturers.

With that in mind, we can compare some of the most renowned rugged laptop series on the market right now.

None of these hinges are indestructible, but they are the strongest you are likely to find on a laptop that still looks like a laptop.

#1 Dell

Dell does not have a leading rugged laptop series.

What they do have is a rugged lineup within the Latitude series.

Not all Latitudes are made for rugged use, but you can find specifically marked Latitudes for this purpose.

Among them, you can look at the 7220 as an example of how and why these laptops are tough.

This particular laptop is designed specifically for hard kinds of computer work.

Technically speaking, it’s a detachable tablet, and that is probably part of what makes the hinges so durable.

If they take too much stress, the keyboard detaches, and damage is avoided.

Additionally, this device is built for military-grade durability.

It undergoes abusive testing, and Dell offers up to five years on the warranties available for this laptop. 

It’s not safe to call these hinges impervious to harm, but they’re tougher than average for sure.

#2 Getac

Getac specializes in rugged computer design, and they make plenty of laptops.

These are machines intended for field use. 

Imagine a laptop out in the desert on an archeological dig site or something.

It needs to be tough all around.

Among the Getacs is the B360.

It’s known as one of the toughest laptops on the market, and unlike the Latitude 7220, the B360 is a full laptop.

These hinges are very durable, but they aren’t detachable. 

If you follow the link and look at the hinge design, you’ll see why it is so robust.

You’ll also notice that virtually all rugged laptop hinges follow the same type of design.

#3 Durabook

The very name suggests durability, and that is for a good reason. 

Durabook is another big name in the world of rugged laptops (and other computers).

Durabooks come in all shapes and sizes, and you can likely find a laptop for any specific function.

All Durabooks live up to military testing standards and undergo extensive abuse tests before they are sold. 

The standard Durabook warranty lasts for three years, and as you might imagine, the hinges on these laptops are as tough as the rest of the design.

#4 Panasonic

With Panasonic, we’re getting away from rugged laptop specialists.

Panasonic is one of the biggest brands in the world for electronics.

Among their massive list of items, they also produce strong and durable laptops.

When looking at Panasonics, you’re researching the Toughbook series.

These laptops work hard under rough conditions.

They have the same hinge style that you will continue to see on this list, and there are plenty of Toughbook options out there.

Keep in mind that these are laptops intended for use in environments like steel manufacturing.

They are not designed for light office use, and they would be horrifically overpriced for that kind of use.

#5 Acer

Acer brings us back to another major name in computer production.

Acer makes all things computer, and they’re a competitive brand in the industry.

As such, it’s not surprising to see that they have a rugged laptop lineup.

The Enduro series is what Acer brings to the table.

Any laptop in this lineup is competitive with all of the other rugged computers on this list.

Enduros can withstand extreme temperatures, industrial vibrations, physical shock, and more.

They also use that same hinge style.

The fact that you see it on virtually every rugged laptop should probably tell you something.

This is the strongest hinge style that manufacturers have found so far.

#6 Lenovo

Lenovo is the largest computer manufacturer in the world.

They own IBM and a bunch of other computer brands.

They’ve been around for ages, and in that time, they have invested heavily in research to make durable computers.

For Lenovo, the rugged series is the Thinkpad, which needs further explanation.

Most of these computers on this list will not be found at your local Best Buy.

They are specialized computers for a narrow range of uses.

Thinkpads, however, are at local computer stores.

You can find them everywhere.

They’re one of the most-sold computer series out there.

Are they really as tough as everything else on the list?

Not quite.

Thinkpads are not rugged computers, but they are tougher than your average consumer-grade laptop.

This is because all Thinkpads pass military testing standards. 

This might be linked to a large contract that Lenovo has with the United States government.

It might be because they want the series to be more durable than average.

Regardless, Thinkpad hinges can stand up to more force and pressure than the hinges on your average laptop.

They’re not the toughest in the business, but for consumer-grade laptops, they are impressive.


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