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MTS & Software Engineer: Difference?

MTS & Software Engineer: Difference? (Everything to Know)

An MTS is a leadership role in technical aspects of research and development. Usually, MTS roles exist in software development companies, and they are high-level roles. Software engineers are responsible for the overarching design of software, and the positions are usually junior to MTS roles.

Computer Scientists: Are They Happy?

Computer Scientists: Are They Happy? (5 Reasons)

Computer scientists rank in the top 42% for career happiness. That doesn’t put them at the very top of all professions, but computer scientists are happier than the average person. That might be tied to higher-than-average salaries, a feeling of accomplishment from the work they do, or a number of other factors.

7 Reasons Why Computer Science Unemployment Rate Is So High

7 Reasons Why Computer Science Unemployment Rate Is So High

The biggest reason for high unemployment in computer science, despite plenty of open positions, is that new graduates in the field are often deemed unqualified for open positions. Part of this is tied to ineffective hiring processes while other issues are related to problems with computer science degree programs.

ICT Manager Meaning & Roles?

ICT Manager: Meaning & Tasks? (All the Info)

An ICT manager is not just someone who fixes office computers and installs software. In fact, they are far more than that. They are responsible for a lot, including overseeing the security of the ICT system and analyzing information needed to specify technology to meet those requirements.