Putting Phone’s SIM Card in Tablet: Using Data Service?

Phone SIM in Tablet: Using Data Service?

The short answer is maybe. SIM technology is virtually the same whether it is designed for a phone or a tablet, but a lot of carrier-induced restrictions do exist. If your SIM card meets four different criteria, then it can work fine on your phone or tablet, and you can swap the card between devices as you see fit.

Charging iPhone, iPad, or MacBook While FaceTime? (Bad?)

Charging iPhone, iPad, or MacBook While FaceTime: Bad?

Here’s whether using FaceTime and charging your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook) at the same time is bad: FaceTime is notoriously power-hungry, and it drains the battery on an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook extremely quickly. Additionally, continuous use of the program accelerates the overall deterioration of the battery as well. Other than this, it is generally safe to charge and use FaceTime simultaneously. So if you want to learn all about how charging and using FaceTime simultaneously affects your device, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right in! What About Charging Your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook and FaceTime at the Same Time? FaceTime has been one of the most popular video-conferencing apps available on mobile devices. Forget about Zoom, Teams, or anything similar.  FaceTime is what everyone else is using to have phone calls with video included as well. After all, how better to have a conversation than to see whom you’re talking to at the same time as well?  However, on Apple devices, like anything electronic, FaceTime has a heavy technological demand, and that causes the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to heat up. It also drains the battery very fast as well. Fortunately, charging the device at the same time will not cause it to blow up, fry, or burn out. Why Is FaceTime a Program With an Appetite? In terms of negative effects, FaceTime is a greedy app when it comes to battery power and consumption. The program is notorious for its power draw, and it will drain an iPhone or iPad battery extremely fast.  Furthermore, continuous use of the program also speeds up the overall lifecycle deterioration of the battery as well. Mobile device batteries don’t last forever, even Apple device batteries.  Eventually, after so many recharges, a battery slowly but eventually begins to fail. This is most noticeable in its inability to hold a charge as long as it used to when first