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Best Headphones for iPhone: Wired and Wireless

Embark on an auditory journey with our detailed guide on the best headphones for iPhone. Whether you’re someone in search of long lasting and durable bluetooth headphones or the most comfortable headphones, we’ve meticulously curated a list that won’t disappoint. From the convenience of wireless earbuds to the immersive experience of over-ear headphones, our selection … Read more

Best Free Cloud Storage for Photos

Businessman doing cloud uploading using laptop

Family gatherings are only complete with a flip through the family photo album. But what if I told you that this tradition is slowly fading because people no longer store photos in physical photo albums?  Well, some still do. But today’s photography is mainly done on smartphones, and the photos are stored on the mobile … Read more

Do Wifi Extenders Work? Our Top Reviews

Smartphone with wifi icon and exclamation mark on screen.

In this article, we answer the burning question do wifi extenders work? We give our top 3 picks and explain their features, compatibility, and performance to help you make an informed decision. Enhance your internet connectivity and eliminate dead zones with our top pick.

Zilog Z80 vs. MOS 6502 vs. Intel 8080: Best?

Zilog Z80 vs. MOS 6502 vs. Intel 8080: Best? (All the Info)

In terms of raw performance, the Zilog Z80 was clearly the most powerful and capable processor of the three. That said, the MOS 6502 was the most affordable, to the point where it changed the very nature of the industry. Meanwhile, the Intel 8080 built a legacy that is still influencing computers today.