Walmart Refund For Canceled Order: How Long?

Here’s how long Walmart takes to refund a canceled order:

The exact amount of time it takes will vary for each refund, but Walmart claims that all refunds should process within 10 business days. 

It’s common for refunds to get back to you faster than that, but it really will be case-by-case when it comes to the exact amount of time required to finalize any given refund.

So if you want to learn all about how long Walmart takes to issue a refund, then you’re in the right place.

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Walmart Refund Canceled Order: How Long? (All the Info)

How Long Does the Walmart Refund Take? (5 Points)

You already saw the short answer. 

Refunds should be processed in 10 business days or less. 

That said, the actual amount of time it takes will vary. 

It’s uncommon for refunds to take longer than the Walmart promise, but many returns end up being faster.

The truth is that the nature of the order, how much it cost, and how you paid can all impact return times. 

For the most part, more expensive refunds take longer. 

Basically, since more money is involved, more processes are involved to verify that everything goes swimmingly.

As for the nature of the order, that’s more of a case-by-case thing. 

Some orders have to ship internationally and go through more complicated processes, so cancellation can get more complicated and might take a little longer.

Lastly, payment method matters, and it’s probably best to split this up. 

For the most part, you can pay for an online order using a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet app.

#1 Credit Cards

If you order something from Walmart, there’s a good chance that you used a debit card or a credit card. 

These are technically different processes, and we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of all of that later. 

For now, it makes sense to highlight how similar these purchases are.

Most debit cards are managed by the same processors that handle credit cards. 

If you look at your debit card right now, there’s a good chance you will see a Visa or Mastercard logo. 

Since these companies handle debit and credit card transactions, it makes sense that there will be similarities in the consumer experience.

For credit cards, Walmart clearly states that refunds take 10 business days or less. 

That’s pretty typical in retail, whether online or in-person. 

The reason for this timing window is that Walmart has to go through a process to refund the money to the creditor. 

Considering the sheer number of transactions that companies like Walmart and Visa process every day, a little cushion makes sense.

It’s not at all uncommon for you to receive your refund in two to three business days, but exceptions do happen, so most companies will not guarantee such turnaround times. 

10 business days is not the average, but it is Walmart’s official position.

#2 Debit Cards

Since debit cards act like electronic cash, in a manner of speaking, the return process can be a little different. 

Ultimately, payment for a debit transaction comes directly out of the linked checking account, so the return should go back to that account.

By default, this is how Walmart processes debit returns (whether online or not). 

So, to do the return, you need the card used to make the purchase. 

When the return finalizes, the money goes back to the card (much like a credit card return), and your bank account gets the full refund.

Since this process is so similar to a credit card return, Walmart claims that it takes 10 business days or less. 

It’s not uncommon to see the return finalize in two to three business days.

But, debit cards can be a little different. 

If for any reason you don’t have access to the card that was used to make the purchase, it’s possible to get a gift card or even cash as part of your return. 

Walmart doesn’t offer these options under blanket terms, so there are no guarantees that they will be available for any given return. 

That said, this is sometimes the result, and gift card and cash returns are a little different.

#3 Getting a Gift Card

One way for Walmart to refund a debit card transaction when the original card is no longer available is to provide store credit. 

In the form of a gift card, Walmart can completely credit you for the purchase amount. 

They will process the return and issue a card. 

The card can be delivered physically (often if you are doing the return at a retail location). 

Or, it can be delivered electronically (often by email).

The gift card is viable for any Walmart purchase, whether in-store or online. 

Some countries or states might put restrictions on gift card purchases. Aside from that, you can use the card as you see fit.

Even though this process involves extra steps, Walmart still holds the stance that you should expect the gift-card return to finalize within 10 business days of you canceling the purchase.

#4 Cash

It’s also possible to get cash when you cancel a debit card transaction. 

While it is not explicitly stated that cash returns are ineligible for credit card purchases, this is definitely more common with debit cards.

A cash return is exactly what it sounds like. 

You cancel the order, and Walmart gives you cash equal to what was charged to your debit card. 

Again, this is not a default option. 

It’s a potential way to remedy the situation when the original debit card is unavailable.

Walmart does not explicitly state that this is an in-store-only option. 

In order to do a cash refund for an online order, Walmart would have to mail the cash to you. 

That’s a risky proposition, and it’s unlikely to be the preferable outcome.

Instead, you can process returns at a retail location. 

Here, cash returns do happen. 

Once again, this comes down to a case-by-case basis, but it’s not entirely uncommon. 

If cash makes sense as the best way to refund your purchase, then Walmart is likely to go that route.

If you do get cash at a retail location, then the return time is pretty much immediate.

Once you are handed cash, the return is completed.

#5 Other Payment Methods

You can make online payments without using debit or credit cards. 

Virtual wallets like PayPal allow for digital transactions. 

Automation usually makes checkout pretty easy, but what happens when you try to process a return?

For the most part, Walmart will process these returns the same way they do credit or debit cards. 

It’s just a different digital entity, but most of the same electronic mechanisms are in play. 

So in that respect, you should expect the cancellation to be refunded in the same 10-day window (business days, that is).

There’s one extra thing to consider here. 

The digital wallet app might not release the refunded money within Walmart’s time frame. 

On average, you can expect digital wallets to keep up with debit and credit cards, but because they are technically a different service, it’s possible that your PayPal (or other app) account won’t reflect the refund as quickly as Walmart processes it.

Why Are Credit and Debit Card Returns Different?

Even though debit and credit cards have the same average return times, the actual processes governing these kinds of purchases and refunds are different. 

Those differences are why your experience might differ depending on which type of purchase you make.

The Credit Card Transaction Process

You probably already know this, but the defining feature of a credit card is that when you use it to buy something, the seller isn’t actually getting any money from you. 

Instead, they get paid by the credit card issuer (the bank attached to your credit card account). You then pay the bank back later.

Since these transactions do not involve your personal financial holdings, the communication between the credit card and the merchant is a little different. 

Here’s how it works.

First, the merchant sends sales information to the company that handles the credit card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.). 

The processor then verifies the transaction with the merchant. 

From there, the bank gets involved to release funds. 

The processor then approves or denies the purchase. 

If approved, the processor handles the digital transfer from the bank to the merchant.

Issuing a refund uses the same process, but the money moves in the opposite direction. 

You can see that there are multiple verification processes, and that’s why it can take time for your refund to get to you.

What you might not know is that this is a two-way street. 

When you make a credit card purchase with Walmart, Walmart doesn’t receive the funds instantly.

This same process has to complete.

The Debit Card Transaction Process

Debit cards are actually more complicated. 

That’s largely because they can work in different ways. 

A debit card can actually run as a credit card in a lot of situations. 

In that case, the above steps take place, but at the end, the bank automatically deducts funds from your account that is linked to the card. 

It’s one extra step, but everything else is the same.

However, if you run it as a debit transaction (usually you have to enter your pin when you do this at the store), then the process changes.

True debit transactions run through an entirely different network. 

The card processor still handles communications between the merchant and the bank, but the mechanisms are different. 

To keep it simple, in a true debit transaction, the processor basically transfers money directly from your account to the merchant. 

It’s a little different from that, but the transfer is very fast.

This is why sometimes when you make a debit purchase, the money seems to leave your account right away. 

This is a true debit purchase. 

Other times, there’s a hold on your bank account, but the money might not leave for a few days.

That’s a credit transaction using your debit card.

As you might have guessed, refunds see similar timeframes. 

Refunding a true debit purchase is often much faster than refunding credit purchases, and that’s because of the more direct communication.

How Do You Cancel a Walmart Order?

With all of this talk, there’s still an important question. 

How do you actually cancel the order? 

There are two ways. 

You can do it in person, or you can do it online.

Let’s talk about in-person cancellations first. 

For this, you need some record of the order. 

You can go to a customer service station at your nearest Walmart, and they can walk you through the cancellation and return process. 

The steps might vary, but you’re essentially following the directions of the customer service representative.

If you cancel online, the process is largely automated. 

You can follow these steps to cancel any online order:

  • Open up your account
  • Select where it says “your orders”
  • Shoes “start a return” from the options present
  • Select the reason when prompted
  • Submit the cancellation request

These steps are enough to cancel your order, and the refund should be automatic. 

If the refund cannot be processed automatically, you will be contacted in order to remedy the situation.

There’s also a chance that you will see a message that says “cancellation pending.” 

If you see that, the issue should self-resolve in a matter of minutes. When it does, it will show you that the cancellation was completed.

If ever the automated process doesn’t work, then you can contact Walmart customer service for help.


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