Charging Disposable Vape Pen: How To?

Here’s how to charge your disposable vape pen:

There is no charger in existence that will work right out of the box to recharge a disposable vape pen since disposable vape pens do not include a built-in charger.

However, you can make almost any charger recharge a disposable vape’s battery with just a pair of scissors and a sharp knife

If you want to learn all about how to recharge your disposable vape pen with a DIY charger, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

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Charging Disposable Vape Pen: How To? (+ Interesting Facts)

Can You Charge Your Disposable Vape?

Hand holding a gray e-cigarette.

Disposable vape pens are incredibly popular, thanks, especially to their convenience. 

A disposable vape pen is ready for use right out of the box and can provide several days of enjoyment without needing to be recharged.

As the name suggests, though, disposable vape pens are not designed to be long-term products. 

Once the LED at the bottom of the vape starts blinking, you have just a few hits left before the battery is out of power.

At this point, the vape is rendered useless and is meant to be thrown away and replaced.

The frustrating part, though, is that most disposable vape pens still have quite a bit of e-liquid left in their tanks when their batteries go dead.

This means that a disposable vape pen will continue to produce large clouds of vapor right up until the point when its battery goes dead. 

It can certainly feel like a waste tossing a disposable vape pen when there is still e-liquid left in the tank.

But since disposable vape pens are not designed to be recharged and do not include a built-in charging port, what option do you have?

Once the LED on your disposable vape pen starts blinking, it may seem like all hope is lost.

However, you don’t have to run back to your local vape shop just yet. 

Suppose you are willing to channel your inner electrical technician. In that case, it is possible to recharge the battery in a disposable vape so that you can enjoy whatever e-liquid might be leftover in its tank. 

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at every step of this process to help you maximize your disposable vape pen investment.

How to Prepare a DIY Disposable Vape Charger?

Since disposable vape pens do not include a built-in charging port, there isn’t a charger in existence that is going to work out-of-the-box for recharging a disposable vape. 

If you have a charger you don’t mind destroying, though, you can turn almost any charger into one that is capable of recharging a disposable vape’s battery using just a pair of scissors and a sharp knife.

Start by acquiring a low-voltage charger such as any charger that features a micro-USB adapter. 

Other types of phone chargers, such as USB-C chargers and lightning cable chargers, will work as well, though using a lightning cable charger will make the process a little more confusing.

Don’t worry, though; we’ll cover how to create a disposable vape charger using a lightning cable charger as well.

While you can use any charger designed for small devices, it’s best to stick with either phone chargers or chargers that feature a micro-USB adapter.

Trying to create a DIY charger using larger charging cables such as those used to charge a laptop is likely to cause a nasty shock, so be sure to ere on the side of safety. 

Again, you’ll also want to keep in mind that this process isn’t reversible, so whatever charger you use is going to be rendered useless for any other function.

Once you have the right charger in hand, take a pair of scissors and snip off the end of the charger just below the adapter that plugs into your phone or other devices.

Once you do this, you should see two wire:

  1. One red
  2. One black. 

If you are using a lightning cable charger, you’ll see four wires:

  1. One red
  2. One black
  3. One green
  4. One white

However, the green and white wires can be ignored.

Using a sharp knife such as an Exacto knife, cut away about two inches of insulation from the charger on the end that you snipped.

Next, separate the red and black wires from one another, then cut away their insulation as well to expose the copper wiring beneath. 

With all of this complete, you have a DIY charger that is capable of recharging a disposable vape pen’s battery.

How to Prepare Your Disposable Vape?

Inside e-cigarettes and disposable vape devices.

After you’ve created your DIY charger, you’ll need to access the battery in your disposable vape pen.

This can be done by taking a pair of pliers and gently moving the cap at the bottom of the vape where the LED is located. 

Once this cap is removed, the entire vape assembly should slide out from the vape’s outer casing, including the LED, the battery, and the vape’s tank.

It’s at this point that you will be able to see just how much e-liquid remains in the tank and decide if the rest of the process is worthwhile.

In most cases, though, there should be quite a bit leftover.

All three of the vape’s inner components—the battery, the tank, and the LED—will be connected with wires.

Given that the wires connecting these components are far short of anything you could call “sturdy,” it’s important to handle the inner assembly with care. 

If just one of these wires becomes disconnected, you would need to solder it back into place using a soldering iron before you have any hope of using the vape again. 

At that point, it would probably be best just to throw in the towel. If you handle it gently, though, the assembly’s wiring should remain intact, and you will be ready to charge its battery.

How to Use Your DIY Charger to Charge a Disposable Vape?

Once you locate the battery in your disposable vape’s inner assembly, you will need to identify its positive and negative terminals.

Some models, such as Fume vapes, make it is easy for you by marking the positive and negative terminals of the battery with red and black tape. 

If there is any such color-coding on your vape’s battery, all you need to know is that red means positive and black means negative.

Suppose there aren’t any identifying markings on the battery, though. 

In that case, all you need to know is that the battery’s negative terminal will be the end connected to the LED while the positive terminal will be the end connected to the tank.

Once you’ve pinpointed the battery’s positive and negative terminals, plug your DIY charger into the wall, then press the black wire against the negative terminal while at the same time pressing the red wire against the positive terminal.

For as long as you hold these wires in place, the battery will charge.

Don’t worry about shocking yourself. It may be a little concerning to plug a charger with exposed wires directly into an electrical outlet and then touch it with your fingers, but there isn’t any risk involved. 

So long as you are using a micro-USB charger or other type of phone charger, the current carried through its wires will be so small that you won’t even be able to feel it.

This isn’t the most time-efficient process in the world since holding the wires in place for a minute will likely only yield two or three more hits from your vape before the battery is dead again.

If you’ve got the patience, though, this process will indeed recharge a disposable vape’s battery.

Is There Any Way to Charge the Battery Without Physically Holding the Wires in Place?

Lithium-ion batteries with red wire.

Chances are it isn’t going to take more than a minute or two of sitting there pinching the wires against the battery before you start wondering if there is any way to hold them in place without using your fingers. 

While you may have some luck creating a system that holds the wires against the batteries terminals so that you can carry on with your day, results will vary.

You might have success using electrical tape to secure the wires against the terminals.

However, a certain degree of pressure is required to keep the wires touching the terminals, and the electrical tape won’t always do the trick.

Worst of all, there’s no way to know if the battery is actually charging or not until you reassemble the vape and try to hit it.

Using a plastic clamp that is just the right size and shape may also work, but only if it can perfectly pinch both wires against the battery’s tiny terminals and hold them there for an extended period. 

Just be sure not to use a metal clamp or any other kind of metal device that creates a complete circuit between the battery’s terminals.

If this happens, your battery will quickly overheat and may explode.

Since there isn’t any proven process for securing the wires of DIY vape charger in place without the miraculous dexterity of human fingers, we’ll leave it up to your own ingenuity to see if you can create a solution that works.

Best of luck!


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