Attack on Titan

Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size?

Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size? (All the Info)

Here’s how small the smallest titan was in Attack on Titan: The smallest titan in the series is an unnamed titan that appears in chapter 36 of the manga. Its size isn’t stated, but by appearances, it looks to be about 2.5 meters tall. That makes it the smallest known titan in the series—smaller than … Read more

Attack on Titan’s Art Style Change: Why?

Attack on Titan's Art Style Change: Why? (All the Info)

The anime art style changed at the start of the fourth season, which saw its first episode aired in 2020. The art change redesigned all of the characters and introduced 3D animation for the titans. These changes were mostly due to the producers contracting a new animation studio starting in the fourth season.

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings?

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings? (All Info)

Here’s why some titans transform with a lightning ball and others with a lightning bolt: There are really two possibilities. The first possibility is that the size of lightning corresponds with the size of the titan that is transforming, so larger titans produce large bolts, and small titans produce small balls. It also might just … Read more