Attack on Titan's CGI: How Good or Bad? (All the Info)

Attack on Titan’s CGI: How Good or Bad?

Attack on Titan uses CGI better than the average anime, but it’s not spectacular when compared to blockbuster movies. Overall, it sits somewhere in the middle. As an anime, the show uses CGI to animate compelling fight scenes with depth and dimension, making it a standout show.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139: How Disappointing? (All Info)

Attack on Titan Chapter 139: How Disappointing?

It depends on the reader. Some fans of the series thought that the chapter was extremely disappointing while others absolutely loved everything about it. Most readers were probably somewhere in the middle, satisfied with how the conflict ended but disappointed with the distant future portrayed in the final panels.

Attack on Titan Additional Pages: Good or Bad? (All Info)

Attack on Titan Additional Pages: Good or Bad?

The additional pages add a lot of clarity to a few moments that were too ambiguous in the original ending. They also provide increased criticism of Eren’s extreme plan, and that is probably a good thing. Overall, they were more positive than not, although some fans disliked changes to Mikasa’s ending.

Mikasa Kissing Eren: Why Does Ymir Smile? (All the Info)

Mikasa Kissing Eren: Why Does Ymir Smile?

There is no official explanation for why Ymir smiles in this scene, so we are left to speculate. It is possible that she’s smiling because all of the conflicts have been resolved and the world is at peace. It might be because she is finally free. It could be a combination of those and other factors.

Attack on Titan: Age Recommendations? (Everything to Know)

Attack on Titan: Age Recommendations?

In the United States, both the manga and TV series are rated as mature—suggesting that kids under the age of 17 shouldn’t watch or read. Other countries have laxer suggestions, but all range above 12 years of age. These ratings are mostly because of the violence, adult themes, and graphic depictions.

Armored Titans: Same Armor for All? (Everything to Know)

Armored Titans: Each Same Armor?

Each incarnation of the armored titan looks substantially different, and the main reason for that is that the armor looks and functions differently for each person. As for functionality, it’s impossible to say if the armor is stronger or weaker from one user to the next. But, the way it covers them and moves changes.

Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person? (All the Info)

Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person?

The beast titan changes more from person to person than any other titan in the series. As the beast titan takes on animal characteristics, each user transforms into a completely different animal titan. Over the years, there have been snakes, wolves, monkeys, birds, and many other beast forms that appeared.

Lara Not Eating Eren: Why Not? (All the Info)

Lara Not Eating Eren: Why Not?

There are a few possible motivations. It might be that she thought that killing Eren and destroying his power was the best way to further her brother’s plan. It could be that she was in a blind rage and just wanted to smash him. It’s also possible that she thought killing him was a safer strategy than eating him.

Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size? (All the Info)

Smallest Titan in Attack on Titan: Size?

Here’s how small the smallest titan was in Attack on Titan: The smallest titan in the series is an unnamed titan that appears in chapter 36 of the manga. Its size isn’t stated, but by appearances, it looks to be about 2.5 meters tall. That makes it the smallest known titan in the series—smaller than the three-meter normal titans—and otherwise unremarkable. So if you want to learn all about the size of the tiniest titan in Attack on Titan, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! What Is Attack on Titan? If we’re going to talk about the smallest titan, we first have to discuss Attack on Titan in general. This is a very popular manga from Japan, and there is an anime series adapted from that manga. The manga is complete with no new issues coming forth. The anime series closely follows the events depicted in the manga, but the final season of the anime is still under production and has not been released yet. All of this is leading to a spoiler warning. If I’m going to tell you about titan sizes, then I’m going to have to discuss plot points in the series. In fact, I’m going to have to discuss plot elements that haven’t been fully revealed and resolved in the anime. So, there are massive spoilers ahead. With all of that said, Attack on Titan takes place in a world where there are special monsters known as titans, and they come in different sizes. What Is a Titan? Actually, I need to elaborate on that a bit. The titans in the series are large monsters that eat humans. There are many different kinds of titans, and in order to compare sizes, I’ll explain all of them to you. What you really need to know first is that titans are actually people in the series. A specific race of people, known as

Jaw Titans: All Look the Same? (Everything to Know)

Jaw Titans: All Look the Same?

Here’s everything about jaw titans looking the same: No, every jaw titan actually looks quite a bit different. This is a common misconception because two of the most notable jaw titans are brothers, and thus look a lot alike. If you compare Ymir or Falco to the brothers, you can see very clear distinctions in the appearance of the jaw titan from one user to the next. So if you want to learn all about every jaw titan looking identical, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! What Is the Jaw Titan? If we’re going to talk about specific titans, what they look like, and what that might mean, then we have to get pretty deep into the story of Attack on Titan. For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan (Shinjeki no Kyojin in Japanese) is an immensely popular manga and anime series. The anime is the Japanese cartoon that is adapted from the manga (which is like a Japanese comic book). Since the manga storyline is completed, and it’s the source material, I’ll be discussing everything from the perspective of the manga. By and large, there won’t be any major differences in the anime, but I wanted to specify what sources I’m using. All of that brings me to another important point. There will be spoilers. We’re talking about a specific titan here, so I have to get into plot points for everything to make sense. If you’re not up to speed on both the anime and manga (remember that the anime is not complete yet while the manga is), then there will be spoilers in this article for you. Consider this your formal warning. With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the jaw titan. This is one of the nine special titans. People of Eldian descent are capable of becoming titans, and if a titan eats one of the

Attack on Titan's Tree at End: Meaning? (All the Info)

Attack on Titan’s Tree at End: Meaning?

Here’s what the tree at the end of Attack on Titan means: The meaning of the tree at the end is left ambiguous on purpose. It could be signifying that titan powers will rise again and create massive conflict anew. It might be more symbolic suggesting that the struggles related to the titans are inevitable as long as life persists in the world. So if you want to learn all about the meaning of the tree at the end of Attack on Titan, then this is article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! What Attack on Titan Tree? Before we get into this, I need to issue a major spoiler warning. The tree in question shows up in the final frames of the original manga, and this is a part of the story that has not been covered by the anime yet. If you’re an anime-only fan, then there are major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t finished the manga for any reason, there are major spoilers ahead.  You have been warned. With that covered, let’s talk about this tree. Trees actually show up a lot throughout the series, and they seem to carry some heavy symbolism. The original titan actually stumbles across titan powers in a giant tree (which will be relevant a little later). The tree I’m discussing today actually shows up in the final panels of the manga. At the very end of the entire series, Mikasa kills Eren by taking his head. She then slips away from the battlefield because she is worried that no one will allow her to give Eren a proper burial.  As she is leaving, she tells Armin that she’s going to take Eren to his favorite spot. The manga skips ahead a bit, and we see Mikasa sitting under a tree. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Eren’s grave is under the tree too. But, that’s not the end of

Attack on Titan's Art Style Change: Why? (All the Info)

Attack on Titan’s Art Style Change: Why?

The anime art style changed at the start of the fourth season, which saw its first episode aired in 2020. The art change redesigned all of the characters and introduced 3D animation for the titans. These changes were mostly due to the producers contracting a new animation studio starting in the fourth season.

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings? (All Info)

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings?

Here’s why some titans transform with a lightning ball and others with a lightning bolt: There are really two possibilities. The first possibility is that the size of lightning corresponds with the size of the titan that is transforming, so larger titans produce large bolts, and small titans produce small balls. It also might just be an artistic effect where the lightning size denotes the dramatic impact. So if you want to learn all about why titan transformations happen with different lightnings, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! What Is a Titan? I’m going to be pretty thorough about all of this, especially because the lightning variations don’t have a clear, canon answer. Since I’m being thorough, I need to hit you with a spoiler warning first thing. The answers to your questions involve significant plot points from Attack on Titan. While the manga has been finished for a while now, the anime is not yet complete. So, if you don’t already know the full story, then you can turn back right now. If you read beyond this point, you risk running into spoilers. With that said, what is a titan? In the Attack on Titan franchise, titans are giant humanoid creatures. They seem to never die of natural causes. They roam the wildernesses outside of the walls on Paradis, and when they come into contact with humans, they eat those humans. Titans don’t actually need to eat; they just seem to derive pleasure from it. For the most part, titans are fairly mindless, instinctual creatures, but there are exceptions. Some titans, known as aberrant titans, exhibit weird behaviors. There are also nine special titans, known as “human” titans, that break all of the rules. These nine titans are actually regular, everyday-looking humans who can transform into specialized titans under the right conditions. Once transformed, each of the nine titans has its own special abilities,

Titans Wanting Eren: Why? (Everything to Know)

Titans Wanting Eren: Why?

There are many different titans in the story, and they don’t all want Eren for the same reasons. For the most part, they’re after Eren because he has inherent powers that they want under their control. Each titan might have different aims in mind for that power, but that’s the primary reason they are after him.

Attack on Titan: Subbed or Dubbed? (Everything to Know)

Attack on Titan: Subbed or Dubbed?

Really, you should watch Attack on Titan or any other show in the way that you enjoy it best. If you prefer subs, that’s great. If you prefer dubs, then watch it that way. If you don’t have a preference or all other things are equal, the subtitled content usually has a slightly higher production value.