White Spots on Phone Screen: How to Fix?

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Here’s how to fix white spots on your phone screen:

Fixing the spots depends on what is causing them, and there are a few possibilities.

If the issue is a single pixel, it can be fixed with a software solution or through physical stimulation. 

If you have dust behind the screen, the screen has to be removed so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

So if you want to learn all about how to fix white spots on your phone screen, then you’re in the right place.

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White Spots on Phone Screen: How to Fix? (Do This)

What Is the White Spot on Your Phone Screen?

Upset woman looking at smartphone screen

Before you can fix the white spot, you have to know what the problem is, and there are a few things that could be happening at this point. 

You might have an issue with a pixel, or you can have an object stuck in or behind the screen.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to tell which is the case.

All you have to do is go through the following two considerations, and then you’ll know the problem.

From there, it’s just a matter of applying the right remedy.

Is the Spot on Your Phone Screen Always White?

white spots under the sound director

The first thing you want to check is whether or not the spot is always white.

This doesn’t just mean checking while using different apps.

Turn the phone completely off. 

With the phone off, is the spot still white?

If it is, you know that this is a physical particle.

There are a couple of things that can cause this.

First, you could have a bubble in your screen protector. Sometimes, the bubbles retain a white color. 

Usually, you can feel these bubbles to know that they are on the surface and thus in the screen protector.

If you can’t feel a bubble, then you might have something behind the phone screen.

Dust is the most common culprit, but any white particle could cause this problem.

We’ll discuss solutions in a bit, but it’s first important to know if this is a particle behind the screen or not.

When the Spot Is Only White While the Phone Is On

Woman dialing on mobile phone while waiting on a taxi on the street at night.

In the other scenario, the white spot will go away when the phone is off.

But, when the phone is on, you see that white dot no matter what you do.

It’s persistent across apps, videos, photos, and anything else you try.

In this case, the problem is with a single picture on the phone screen.

That one pixel is stuck, meaning it can’t change color the way it is supposed to.

Stuck pixels can appear as red, blue, green, or any combination of these colors, including white.

This can be a physical problem with the pixel, or it could be related to software controllers.

In either case, there are steps you can take to try to resolve the issue that doesn’t require you to get a new screen (although that is an option too).

How Can You Fix a White Spot on Your Phone Screen? (2 Issues)

Tehnician repair faulty mobile phone

Now that you know what is wrong, you can look into solutions.

Depending on whether the issue is particles stuck in the phone or a pixel that isn’t behaving, the repair options look quite different. 

You can go through the steps to discern which is the issue.

Then, you can follow the right remedy and get rid of the white spots.

#1 For Particles

Man replacing the broken tempered glass screen protector.

If something is stuck in the screen projector (or it’s just a bubble), remove the screen protector.

Depending on the type you have, you can clean it and reapply it (especially if it’s tempered glass).

If you can’t reapply it, you will ultimately need to replace the screen protector, but it will get rid of the dot.

If the issue is a particle (or particles) behind the screen, then you have to remove the screen to fix the problem.

Using static-safe tools, you can remove the screen and then clean it.

This will remove all of the spots, and you’ll have a clean phone when you’re done.

If you are at all uncomfortable doing this yourself, many repair shops will take care of it as a service.

#2 For Stuck Pixels

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If the problem isn’t a physical particle, then you have a stuck pixel.

As a quick note, you know it’s a stuck pixel and not a dead pixel because of the color. 

A dead pixel will remain dark no matter what you try to show on the screen.

The white color is proof that the LED is receiving power and producing light.

With a dead pixel, there aren’t too many options.

Fortunately, a stuck pixel has a few remedies you can look into.

Try a Software Fix

In most cases, pixels get stuck because of software or software controller issues.

The digital information is not correctly telling the pixel how to change color, and that’s why it stays white.

You can overcome this with a number of software fixes.

You can browse your app store to find something that fixes stuck pixels.

There are a lot of apps designed for this.

The app will send a bunch of signals to the stuck pixel, and those signals are designed to get past the software block and get the pixel to change color.

Sometimes it can take a while, but if the problem is related to software, these tools usually work.

Focus on Physical Repair

Repairman examines phone screen

There is a repair process that can fix a single stuck pixel, but it is not guaranteed to work.

Depending on the issue, physical stimulation can unstick pixels in some cases.

In order to do this, the screen has to be removed.

The stuck pixel must be identified, and then it has to be physically stimulated by a soft item.

Something akin to a pencil eraser can work pretty well.

Before you try this at home, understand the risks.

It’s quite likely that trying to stimulate the pixel can result in additional damage befalling the phone.

This is something that should be done with care and possibly by an IT professional.

Replace the Screen

A technician is replacing the broken screen on a smartphone.

When nothing else works, you can always opt into a screen replacement.

Doing this replaces all of the pixels, so no matter what is wrong with the device, a new screen solves the problem.

Screen replacements can get a little pricey, but they usually cost less than a new phone.

You can compare prices.

Some shops will allow you to supply the screen (potentially saving money), and they will install it for you. 

Discuss options with them before you commit to anything.

That gives you the best chance of saving money while still resolving the problem.