Cell Phone Goes Straight to Voicemail When the Battery Dies?

Here’s everything about your cell phone going straight to voicemail when your battery dies:

The simple answer is yes.

Cell phones won’t ring if their batteries run out.

They’ll go straight to voicemail.

When you or the other party doesn’t have a voicemail set up, it just beeps.

So if you want to learn all about what happens when your cell phone battery dies, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get right into it!

Cell Phone Goes Straight to Voicemail When the Battery Dies?

Does Your Cell Phone Go Straight to Voicemail When the Battery Has Died?

The simple answer is yes.

Cell phones will not ring if they are out of battery capacity. It will go straight to voicemail. If the other party doesn’t have one set up, it will just beep, and that’s that.

One of the funky things about voicemail is that we don’t always remember to check it. It is ideal to keep your phone charged up for a variety of reasons.

No one wants to miss a call from an employment recruiter or family member.

Does Your Cell Phone Go Straight to Voicemail When Do Not Disturb Is Enabled? (2 Ways)

A dead battery is not the only reason a phone will zip you straight to voicemail.

We have reasons to turn on our Do Not Disturb, like sleeping, for instance.

But, forgetting to turn it off not only means you missed a phone call, but you also won’t get a voicemail notification, either.

Sometimes we accidentally change our settings, too. 

Figuring out where to go and how to check can get confusing. 

So we will walk through how to check if you mistakingly turned on the Do Not Disturb option on an iPhone.

You have two different ways to check the Do Not Disturb setting.

#1 Via Settings

  • Tap Settings on the iPhone home screen
  • You will see the Do Not Disturb option. Tap it.
  • Tap the on and off switch until it turns grey. It means you’ve turned it off.

#2 Via the Control Center

  • Open the Control Center. You will need to swipe from the bottom or upper-right corner, depending on the iPhone model.
  • The Do Not Disturb icon is a crescent moon. If it is lit up in white, it means that Do Not Distburn is enabled.
  • Just tap the icon until it turns gray.

Does Your Cell Phone Go Straight to Voicemail When Airplane Mode Is Enabled?

Phone showing airplane mode is turned on.

Airplane mode is a lot like Do Not Disturb. 

We accidentally turn it on and wonder why we aren’t getting phone calls or any other notifications for that matter.

Go to settings and tap Airplane Mode until it is grey. 

It means you’ve turned it off.

Sometimes you will need to turn it on and back off because phones are stubborn.

Turning It off and Back On

We know you’ve likely restarted your phone when you can’t track down a setting that could be making it go straight to voicemail.

But, this is just a reminder that sometimes a cellphone needs a quick refresh.

Check for Updates

Updates are sort of like turning your phone on and off.

We know they exist, but sometimes we don’t have the time or forget that it asked us to update while we were busy.

But, it can cause your phone to call to voicemail when someone calls. 

It might not happen often, but one time is too many.

How to Double-Check Your Phone Is Fully Updated?

There are three steps to check:

  • Open your Settings
  • Tap the General tab
  • Tap Software Update

The prompts are pretty obvious when your cellphone needs an update. 

It is better just to let it happen when it is time than to put it off and forget later. 

An un-updated phone can cause all sorts of weird problems.

Do You Go Straight to Voicemail When You Are Blocked?

You can block people on purpose, but it can happen on accident, too. 

Check your block list if someone alerts you that they can’t get a hold of you, and it leaves you befuddled.

At the same time, if someone else has blocked you. It will go straight to voicemail.

Sometimes there are beeps involved, too. 

It doesn’t hurt to leave a voicemail or reach out and let someone know you’re trying to contact them.

Do You Go Straight to Voicemail When Your Call Gets Rejected?

Woman doing a stop sign to her phone while on a call.

Now, rejected phone calls might work a bit differently, but you still end up getting sent to voicemail. 

Typically, when someone rejects a call, it rings once or thrice before it takes you to voicemail. 

But, if that person is super duper busy, they might hit it before it rings on your end.

We all know when we swipe to decline a call, we should check our voicemail when we get a chance. 

We do sometimes forget to check them, though. 

Make it a habit to listen to voicemails like you would emails.

That way, you aren’t missing something important.

When Dead Batteries Are Really Dead

A dead battery means missed calls and likely missed voicemails and notifications.

However, plugging it up for a charge might not be enough. 

Learn here all about how long it takes to charge a cell phone.

Cellphone batteries tend to die before we think they should. 

When your cellphone is not holding a charge, it is time to take it in for a check-up. 

A phone that fully charges makes life safer and keeps us in the know at all times.


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