MPL (Mobile Premier League): Legit and Safe?

Here’s everything to know about Mobile Premier League (MPL) being legit and safe:

Mobile Premier League is legitimate in that it is not a scam or a malicious platform. 

As for safety, there is a real chance to win actual cash on the platform, but there is also a chance to lose your cash on the site. 

So whether or not it is safe depends on how you feel about risking your own money to play games.

So if you want to learn all about how legit and safe MPL is exactly, then you’re in the right place.

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MPL (Mobile Premier League): Legit and Safe? (All the Info)

What Is Mobile Premier League?

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online platform that allows users to play games. 

The big hook is that you can make real cash while playing games on the site, which makes it very appealing to a lot of users. 

The range of games is pretty big, from digital card games to Fruit Chop.

On the site, you can play individual games, or you can compete in tournaments for larger prizes. 

There are also elements of gambling that allow you to more or less place bets on games. 

The site avoids outright gambling for legal reasons, but there are fantasy sports games that effectively work as gambling.

Overall, the platform is a place to play games, but the emphasis is on using real money. 

You can upload cash in order to compete for prizes. 

There are also promotions that give users “house money” to play on for at least a limited time.

I’m going to cover a lot about this platform, but here’s the simple answer up front. 

It’s not a scam. 

The platform has problems, and I’ll explain them in detail, but it’s not an outright scam.

Is Mobile Premier League Legit?

This question can come across in more than one way, so I’ll try to explain everything as clearly as possible. 

In a word, I would say that MPL is legit, and here is why.

The site works as advertised. 

You can play games on it. 

You can gamble on it. 

You really can win actual money on it, and when you do, the site really does pay out. 

So, in all of those ways, it is what it claims to be.

Also, the platform isn’t engaging in your typical malicious online behavior. 

It’s not installing malware on your devices. 

It isn’t trying to steal your bank account information or passwords. 

It’s a platform for playing games, and that’s exactly what it provides.

But, MPL probably oversells itself. 

The branding is that this is a place where you can win real money playing games. 

That’s technically true, but for the vast majority of users, you aren’t going to get rich on this site. 

It’s a lot more like a casino than some magical place to make money, and it’s important to realize that.

You can win money on MPL, but you can also lose money. 

It’s important that you understand that going in. 

So, in the next section, I’m going to explain how and why using this site is potentially risky, even though I’m calling it legitimate.

What Should Users Watch Out For When Using Mobile Premier League? (4 Things)

When you’re on this legitimate platform, there will be things that put your money at risk. 

For the most part, I can boil it down to four pitfalls. 

If you understand them and account for them, you’re likely to have a much better time with MPL.

Or, they can be your reasons to leave it alone. That’s really up to you.

These are the “traps” to keep in mind: 

  • Required deposits
  • Tax (but not from the government)
  • Bots
  • Cheating

#1 Required Deposits

This is probably one of the things that makes people assume the platform is a scam. 

When you create your account, you get free credits. 

You can use those to play or gamble, and ultimately you can make money doing it, all without risking any of your own money.

But, before you can withdraw anything, you have to first make a deposit. 

Arguably, this allows MPL to confirm your financial information before they make a deposit. 

Likely, it’s part of the business model.

Once you make a deposit, you can then make withdrawals, so you still don’t have to really risk losing money to make money on the site. 

But, the required deposit certainly entices users to put their own money up in order to win more.

So, if you’re going to use MPL, be aware of this going in. 

If you want to play for free, you can, but you will be tempted to risk your own money with the required deposit. 

What you do with this information is up to you.

#2 Tax

Despite using the word “tax,” I’m not talking about governments taking their cut.

That’s a whole different animal, and I’m not getting into it here.

Instead, tax is a common term for the fees charged by MPL when you use the platform

Playing games can incur a tax. 

Placing bets can incur a tax. 

Taxes are all over the place on the site, and this is definitively how MPL makes its money.

You can win money and do well, but the taxes for each action add up. 

If you don’t pay attention, taxes will eat into your winnings, and they can even go so far as to put you in the hole, even though you have been consistently winning. 

If you want to make money on MPL, pay attention to tax.

#3 Bots

When you read user reviews, it’s clear that bots are a major problem with the MPL platform. 

It is not clear whether or not MPL runs any of the bots, but either way, the bots make it difficult for real users to compete fairly.

Bots are particularly prolific when prizes grow, so the most competitive tournaments are likely to have more bots. 

So, if you’re trying to win good cash prizes on MPL, you’re likely going to run into bots, and they’re going to make everything a lot harder. 

At a minimum, it hurts the user experience. 

At worst, it can prevent you from making any amount of real money over the long term.

#4 Cheating

While bots can certainly be considered a form of cheating, blatant cheating exists on the site in addition to the bots. 

Now, MPL has a clear policy that does not allow cheating but based on user reviews, it seems that the company can’t keep up with the number of people attempting to cheat.

Additionally, if reviews are to be believed, MPL introduces some rather unfair practices in some of their games. 

Let’s pause so I can be really clear here. 

I found no instances of MPL cheating in my time on the site (which was not extensive).

But, the number of reviews that accuse MPL is nontrivial.

It could be people who don’t understand the game or are sore losers. 

It could be a real problem with the platform. 

I was unable to verify which side of the story is true.

So, take it as a tale of caution.

What Red Flags Are Attached to Mobile Premier League? (2 Points)

Everything listed above relates to why it’s hard to come out ahead on MPL. 

It’s fine to consider those red flags, but this section is really more about why I can’t openly recommend that people use the platform.

MPL might be legitimate, but that’s not actually the same thing as being safe. 

The red flags in this section are more about safety.

They’re pretty simple, but they gave me pause, so I’m relaying them to you now.

#1 No App Store

This is always your first red flag with mobile apps. 

If they aren’t on the Play Store or the App Store, then they haven’t been verified by Apple or Google. 

Now, plenty of bad apps make it through the review process, but an app that hasn’t been reviewed at all could really be anything.

I’ll emphasize again that MPL is not a scam or malicious software. 

But, since it hasn’t been through a formal review process, there’s nothing guaranteeing that it will run well on your device. 

Since using MPL involves risking your own money, glitches and bad software behavior are certainly concerning.

This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use MPL. 

But, it’s another point to keep in mind. 

If you have software problems with the platform, it only increases your chances of losing money.

#2 Very Bad Reviews

Ultimately, this is the main problem with MPL. 

I’ve mentioned reviews at a few points in this conversation. 

Reviews point out the prevalence of bots, incidences of cheating, and other issues. 

On top of all of that, the vast majority of reviews that I was able to find for the site are negative.

That’s never a good sign.

Again, the reviews don’t turn MPL into a scam. 

It’s a legitimate site, but the poor user reviews challenge the idea that it is safe. 

If you’re going to run into cheats, bots, excessive participation fees, inhibitions to withdrawing your cash, and general gameplay problems, then it’s not the safest place to put your money.

By all means, there are examples of users who claim to have made real money on the site. They successfully withdrew that money too. 

But, a whole lot of other users haven’t had that success. 

The bottom line is that using MPL is a gamble, no matter how you try to look at it.


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