Legit, Scam, or Virus?

Here’s everything about being legit, not a scam or virus: is a website that works to help consolidate social media accounts and other online outreach efforts.

It can pull followers from every platform onto a single master website that makes it easier to manage everything.

It is legit, and it is not a scam, or a virus, and it is safe to use.

So if you want to learn all about why is safe and not a scam, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started! Legit, Scam, or Virus? (Everything to Know)

What Is is a website that offers online tools and services.

These services are designed to help consolidate online resources for individuals.

The easiest way to understand is to consider an example.

Let’s say that you are a professional social media influencer.

You get your money from developing a strong following.

To do that, you use a bunch of different platforms.

You have an Instagram account, a TikTok profile, a YouTube channel, and more.

It’s a lot to manage, and it’s a lot for people to find and follow. tries to help by organizing all of those different resources so that followers can find all of your stuff at a single website, which is managed by

In that way, if a follower finds you on any one of your many methods of outreach, they can easily find everything else that you offer.

How Does Work?

How could such a thing work? functions by creating a special website for you under their own domain.

So, you’ll have a site at or something similar.

Under that new website, you have links that connect to all of your other sites.

This can include social media, but it can also include your personal blog, Patreon, and anything else you want to connect.

The idea is that this landing page consolidates posts and information from all of the other sites, making it the master resource for connecting all of your stuff.

All of your other social media accounts and websites will have links back to, so no matter how someone finds you, they are only one click away from everything.

You can also set up to create automatic redirects.

In that case, if someone went to your blog website, they would automatically be funneled to the site instead.

There are a lot of options, but this is the gist of what does and how it works.

It’s worth noting that there are even resources that help you manage digital payments.

In this way, influencers can easily see and track revenue from all of their different sources, and it’s all managed under

A Quick Disclaimer

I want to take a moment to explain a short disclaimer.

Nothing I said above, and nothing in this article is intended as an endorsement of

I’m explaining how it works, not how well it works.

The real truth is that I haven’t experimented with it extensively enough to say that it is good or bad at what it does.

My research was focused on the legitimacy of the company and its services rather than their efficacy.

I’m comfortable telling you that it is legitimate.

I’m not comfortable saying whether or not it could help you as a social media influencer (or in any other capacity you might try to use it).

I’m also not saying that it is a bad service.

I just plain don’t know how good it is.

Is Legit? (2 Reasons)

This question I will happily answer as thoroughly as I can.

I did heavily research the site and experimented with it enough to give you a solid answer. is definitely not a scam.

It’s not a virus (although I’ll cover this in more detail in a bit).

It’s not fake or trying to trick you. 

It is a real business, and I can give you a few details to help justify this claim.

#1 Business Registration

First, is a properly registered business.

The domain is registered to Bolster Creative PTY LTD.

I then followed this company name to find a real business license.

Things got a little interesting as there are a few Bolster Creatives around the world.

But, this specific license led to a properly registered Australian company.

It’s always a good sign for a business when the business licensing and registration all check out.

#2 Millions of Users

This is very strong evidence that is legit.

Now, a lot of scam sites will try to win your trust by claiming to have millions of users.

In the case of, it pans out.

It’s actually easy to find users who claim to use the resource.

Plenty like it.

Some complain.

What matters here is that the paper trail checks out.

There really are millions of users, and it’s hard to scam that many people without getting caught.

For that reason (along with the others I’ve mentioned), I’m comfortable telling you that is legit.

On top of that, I used the stuff to see how it works.

I haven’t been scammed out of any money so far.

Is a Virus?

I briefly mentioned this, but I want to spend a bit more time on it.

While I was researching, I saw plenty of online questions as to whether or not is a virus.

It definitely isn’t, but there’s a reason this question comes up so often. can prove disruptive to the user experience.

If you follow someone using it and click on some of their stuff, the interaction might feel a little weird.

This is why some people mistakenly think it’s a virus.

How Messes With Sites

The big thing here is that acts as a landing page and can automatically redirect users from other websites and platforms.

So, you might try to go to someone’s Instagram profile and end up on a site you didn’t expect to see.

That can be disorienting, but it’s not actually malicious behavior.

It’s how is intended to work.

The point is that clicking on any of a person’s websites or socials can bring you to the master landing page at to consolidate all of the information.

If you have been on the receiving end of such a redirect, don’t worry.

You were not hacked, and it was not the result of a virus.


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