IT vs ICT: Difference?

IT vs. ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

There is no universal definition for ICT, but it is generally agreed that it has more to do with communications between people than IT does. While IT deals with computer systems, ICT is more inclusive of technology that allows you to communicate with others and is a direct extension of IT.

INTERNET Full Form: Stands For What?

INTERNET Full Form: Stands For What? (+ Interesting Facts)

Internet doesn’t stand for International Network or Interconnected Network—neither is correct. The word Internet is a combination of the prefix inter-, from the Latin word inter meaning between or among, and net which is short for network. So Internet simply stands for among or between networks.

Web Browser vs. Search Engine: Difference?

Web Browser vs. Search Engine: Differences? (All the Info)

The main difference between a search engine and a web browser is what they do. While a search engine provides an index of content on the internet in order to provide relevant results to users’ searches, web browsers allow users to browse through different websites by generating graphical content.