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Anime-Planet: Safe to Use?

Here’s everything about Anime-Planet being safe to use:

Generally speaking, Anime-Planet is as safe as any website you can use on the internet. 

While it does provide resources to watch anime and read manga online, it does not engage in practices that put you at any definable direct risk. 

Your money and identity are safe when you use this site.

So if you want to learn all about how safe it is to use Anime-Planet exactly, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s dig right in!

Anime-Planet: Safe to Use? (Everything to Know)

What Does It Mean for Anime-Planet to Be Safe? (3 Things)

It’s one thing to say that Anime-Planet is safe, but what is that really covering? 

People have different ideas of safety, especially when it comes to internet activity.

How is Anime-Planet safe?

In general, anime sites have been known to have problems with legal safety. 

Some have also participated in malicious behavior, and a general concern with internet safety involves finances. 

Let’s look at each of these three forms of risk. Then, we’ll go over how Anime-Planet protects you in each area.

#1 Safety From Legal Fallout

When it comes to free anime sites, there is always a concern with legal issues. 

If the site is pirating content, you certainly don’t want to be culpable in that practice. 

Copyright infringements can incur steep financial penalties and even jail time.

So, you want to be certain that a site you use is not violating copyright regulations, keeping you protected from unintended illegal activity.

On top of that, sites that engage in piracy tend to hurt the financial bottom line of anime content creators. 

If the people making your favorite anime can’t make enough money, the content stops, and you’re left without new shows or episodes to enjoy.

The good news is that Anime-Planet is safe in this regard. 

It follows copyright laws and regulations very carefully, so you aren’t engaging in piracy with this site. 

We’ll go over exactly how this works in a little bit.

#2 Safety From Malicious Behavior

Another primary concern with anime sites is malicious behavior. There have been plenty of shady sites over the years. 

They might install aggressive software on your computer or require you to create an account so they can sell off your personal information. 

In reality, there are a lot of ways that sites can practice malice.

You’re just trying to watch anime (or maybe read some manga). 

You don’t really want to have to fight with all of that.

Good streaming sites and resources don’t allow this type of behavior. 

They may be ad-driven sites, but when you engage with the good ones, ads won’t follow you after you leave. 

The ads also won’t break down your experience to the point where you can’t even enjoy your anime anymore.

#3 Safety From Financial Exploitation

There are also anime sites that charge money for you to watch shows. Some of them are perfectly legitimate. 

Others are not behaving in your best interests.

For many, this is the scariest possibility when engaging with an anime site. 

If you have to give up credit card information, you don’t want improper charges. 

You want to avoid the site increasing fees or prices without telling you. 

Most of all, you want to know that your information is secure.

Good sites go through a lot of effort to protect financial information. 

And, any ethical business isn’t going to hit you with hidden or unexpected charges. 

So, you want to be sure that your anime site is behaving in this regard.

How Does Anime-Planet Stay Within Copyright Rules?

Let’s take a look at how Anime-Planet approaches copyright infringement issues. 

Arguably, the majority of anime sites in the business are not part of a revenue stream that gets back to content creators. 

They publish videos because they can, and this ultimately does lead to piracy.

A lot of these sites get around copyright prosecution by refusing to host content directly. 

Instead, they provide links to sites that actually host and stream the content. That middleman-style workaround provides a bit of legal shelter. 

You can use those sites without incurring any copyright penalties, but the content creators aren’t getting paid.

Anime-Planet takes a completely different approach. 

Instead of linking to whatever hosts work, Anime-Planet has contracts with official broadcast sources, such as Crunchyroll.

So, you can use Anime-Planet to watch anime for free, but every episode that you view is formally tied to a broadcaster that has a direct contract with the anime studios. 

Your favorite content creators get paid, and you aren’t violating the law.

How Is Anime-Planet Protected From Malicious Behavior?

Since Anime-Planet is working under the umbrella of approved Copyright activity, it has a stronger incentive to avoid malicious behavior. 

The site is keeping things on the straight and narrow, as they say.

But, how does the site protect you?

For the most part, anyone who builds and hosts a website has a lot of control over how that site works and what can be done with it, especially when it pertains to malicious activity.

Unless a site is hacked, any malicious interactions involving that website are done either by the site developer or with their consent.

Anime-Planet protects users in two simple ways. 

First, they don’t allow malicious entities access to the site. That prevents the vast majority of problems.

Second, the site uses secure socket layer protection. This is a website industry-standard level of protection that encrypts information. 

It makes it a lot harder for a third party to directly attack you or the website through your use of Anime-Planet.

How Does Anime-Planet’s Pricing Work?

Lastly, you might have concerns regarding money and financial safety when you use Anime-Planet. 

This is the easiest and most obvious security protocol of the bunch. 

Anime-Planet doesn’t ever ask for a credit card.

The site can’t charge you for anything, much less hit you with inappropriate or unexpected charges.

The savvy among you might consider a little more than just credit cards. 

What if Anime-Planet leaks your personal information? 

They might not charge you directly, but if they help someone steal your identity (inadvertently or not), then that still leads to the same end result, right?

Well, Anime-Planet doesn’t ask for personal information either. 

You get to pick a username that you like, and they ask for an email address. That’s it. 

So, as long as your email address and username aren’t revealing important personal information, you’re perfectly safe.