Uber Eats Delivery Details: Changing After Ordering?

Here’s how to change the delivery details on Uber Eats after ordering:

There is no direct mechanism that allows you to change the delivery details after the order is complete.

That said, you can contact your driver or Uber Eats customer support to try to change the order after the fact.

If they agree, then you can get the new order details right and receive your order as anticipated.

So if you want to learn all about how to change the delivery details on Uber Eats after ordering, then this is the right place for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Uber Eats Delivery Details: Changing After Ordering? (Easy)

When Do You Need to Change Delivery Details After Ordering Uber Eats?

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Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar.

You’re hungry, so you start browsing Uber Eats.

You find something that looks good, and you place your order.

The conveniences of modern technology are great, and tasty food will be delivered to your door in a little while.

And, that’s when you realize it.

You just placed the order to deliver your meal to your work address instead of your home address, and it has already been processed.

The wheels are in motion. 

Since it’s your day off, you definitely don’t want to go to work just to pick up your food.

Besides, that destroys the whole point of paying for convenience.

So, you’re left wondering.

Is there a way to change the delivery address before this all unravels?

Surely, this kind of thing happens a lot.

There must be some recourse.

You’re right.

This kind of thing does happen a lot, and there is recourse, which I’ll explain in full detail.

Here’s what you need to know.

The above scenario is pretty normal, but it actually doesn’t matter.

If you want to change your delivery address after placing an order, the reason is irrelevant.

You just need to follow the steps.

How Do You Change the Delivery Details on Uber Eats After Ordering? (2 Ways)

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There are a few paths you can try to take.

You can use your app.

You can use the website.

You can also contact Uber Eats support or get in touch with your driver.

Before any of that, I need to cover the big rule that is in play.

Uber Eats will try to help you out if you need to change the address, but only if the new address is still in the preapproved delivery range for the restaurant in question.

So, using our original example, if your place of work is 10 miles from where you live, there’s a good chance that the restaurant that took the order isn’t available to deliver to your home address.

It’s something to keep in mind, and as we go through this, I’ll show you how to check the delivery range for your restaurant.

If you’re actually outside of the restaurant’s delivery range, you might be completely out of luck.

Uber Eats might offer a partial or total refund, but according to their policy, they don’t have to. That’s the big thing you need to know.

#1 On the App

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Let’s start by checking the order radius.

To do this, pull up the current order on your app.

It should show pins for the restaurant and for your delivery location.

Since the app is currently trying to deliver to the wrong address, you might need to scroll to your current location.

The map on the app will show a discolored radius around the restaurant.

If your current location is inside that radius, you’re good.

If not, you can still try, but you might be out of luck.

Regardless, the rest of this process is the same, but it helps to know if the delivery radius is going to present a problem.

Ok, with that said, how do you redirect the delivery address inside of the Uber Eats app?

Well, you don’t. There is no built-in mechanism for this, and there is a good reason for that.

Uber bases delivery prices on distances (among other things).

So, if you change the distance for the order, it changes the price.

Now, you might think that Uber Eats can just update the price and everything will be fine.

The problem is that drivers accept jobs based on delivery and payment information.

So, when you place the order, the job pops up as available to drivers in the area.

When someone actually accepts the job, that’s when your order completes.

So, the driver accepted a job based on payment information that you are now saying is incorrect, and that’s the real crux of the issue.

This is why Uber Eats doesn’t automate delivery address corrections.

Your real two options are to contact the driver or contact Uber Eats support.

The good news is that you can contact support right there in the app.

#2 On the Website

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But, maybe you used the website instead of a mobile app to place your order.

In that case, a lot of websites have more features than mobile apps do.

Is that the case here?

Can you correct the address on the website?

Unfortunately, no.

The reasoning is the same.

Even on the website, you can’t change the delivery address once the order is completed.

But, like the app, you can use the website to contact Uber Eats support and go from there.

What if You Can’t Change the Uber Eats Delivery Details on the System? (2 Solutions)

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What you’ve now learned is that you can’t just update the address in the system, and that’s a major problem.

I already told you that you can contact your driver or Uber Eats support.

Is one better than the other?

Do you need to know anything special to do this?

It’s really up to you.

Formally, only Uber Eats support can update a delivery that is already in progress, and you would need their help to correct an order payment that was wrong because of the address mistake.

But, plenty of drivers will accept the address change if they don’t find it too disruptive.

If you just live a couple of blocks from work, then there’s a better chance that they’ll agree to help you.

My formal recommendation is to try Uber Eats support first because it comes with more total available help.

But, there’s nothing wrong with contacting your driver, so I’ll explain that process first.

#1 Contact Your Driver

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When your order is accepted by a driver, that information is updated in the app (or on the website).

That information comes with a contact phone number, so you can call or text the driver.

They have access to your number too.

So, if you have an address problem, the easy thing to do is call or text them and explain the situation.

If they agree to change the address, then everything is easy.

They know where to drop the food, and there are no real problems.

In this case, keep one thing in mind.

They might be traveling farther than expected, and they’re taking care of your order without forcing you to go through the support channels in order to increase their own pay.

It might be worthwhile to reflect your appreciation in a driver tip.

Of course, the driver might not agree to your request.

If that’s the case, the best thing to do is contact Uber Eats support.

In fact, Uber Eats literature explains to drivers that they are under no obligation to accept an address change, and the company recommends that drivers refer customers to the support line.

So, if that happens to you, know that it’s all pretty normal for the situation.

#2 Contact Uber Eats

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The last possibility to discuss here is contacting Uber Eats support.

You can try to do it through the app or website, and you have a few options there.

If you’re just looking for a phone number, the U.S. hotline is (800) 253-9377.

Here’s the deal with going this route.

As I already mentioned, Uber Eats will decline your address update if the new address is out of range.

On top of that, you are not guaranteed a refund. 

If you are in range, then Uber Eats support will go through a verification process with you.

This ensures that no one is cleverly trying to steal your food.

When the verification is complete, they will update that information with your driver.

At this point, the driver is given a choice.

They can accept the new order (with updated payment information), or they can decline it.

If they accept, everything goes like a normal order. If they decline, Uber Eats will try to find a new driver for you.

Either way, if support agrees to update the address, they are committing to getting your food to you.

The rest is really on them.

What About Other Apps?

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So far, I have explained everything in terms of Uber Eats.

What if you’re using DoorDash, GrubHub, or any of the others?

I’m not going to give you detailed instructions for each delivery service.

Each is worthy of its own complete article.

But in general, the rules for each delivery service are similar to what you’re reading here.

The service can decide if they want to update your delivery or not, and they’ll typically base it on distance.

In general, going through support channels is the most reliable way to fix the problem.

But with most of these services, you do have the means to contact your driver directly, and you can try that route if you like.


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