Apple Cables: How to Make White Again?

Apple Cables: How to Make White Again? (All the Info)

How Can You Make Apple Cables White Again? (2 Steps)

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The best way to whiten a cable is really going to depend on what caused the discoloration in the first place. If you spilled paint on the cable, then you might need to use paint thinner to get rid of it.

If it’s just dirty, then you need to clean the cable.

You get the idea. For the most part, you can turn any cable white by using the three steps below, and in most cases, you should try them in order.

#1 Clean Them

Alcohol swab

Restoring the white sheen of your cables can be achieved with some careful cleaning. Keep in mind the importance of protecting the vulnerable parts of your Apple cable, such as exposed wires and the connecting ends. Avoid direct contact with any exposed metal or electrical components.

Alcohol swabs are the safest and easiest cleaning option, as they evaporate quickly and pose less risk to the cable’s exposed parts compared to soap and water.

Gently scrub the white cable sheath using alcohol swabs until the desired whiteness is achieved, being cautious around the cable ends. With proper care, you’ll be able to bring back the clean, white look of your Apple cable.

#2 Mr. Clean MagicEraser

At our shop, we often use Mr. Clean MagicErasers to clean Apple cables, as they have proven to be game-changers in restoring the cables’ original white color. They are not only effective but also safer than using bleach.

To start, we first clean the cable to make sure it truly needs further treatment and remove any dirt or grime that could interfere with the process. It’s essential to avoid direct contact with any exposed metal or electrical components.

Next, we dampen a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and gently rub it along the white cable sheath, taking care to avoid the cable ends. The Magic Eraser helps lift most stains and restore the cable’s original white color without the risks associated with bleach.

We allow the cable to air dry after using the Magic Eraser. If necessary, we repeat the process, always remembering to exercise caution around the cable ends to prevent damage.

Can You Color Apple Cables?

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We’ve covered how to whiten the cable, but what if you want another color? The good news is that this is an option.

You can also color it with a Sharpie, though we don’t recommend it, as it’s common for markers to transfer ink elsewhere. I want to leave you with one tip, though. Before you wrap or color your cable, clean it first.

A clean cable provides a better surface for tape, paint, or anything else you want to attach to it.

Can You Change Apple Cables to a Different Type? (2 Kinds)

Ends of a smartphone cable

So far, we’ve discussed changing the color of the cable, but what if you want a different texture?

Is that possible?

The short answer is yes. There are a few ways that you can go about changing the cable texture. You can wrap the cable in a sheath layer that can have any number of textures from smooth rubber to braided metal and anything in between.

You can actually replace the rubber coating on your cable with a material of your choice. Granted, that’s an involved process, and I won’t have time to teach you how to do it here.

There’s also the option of replacing the whole cable with something else that you like more.

That’s not exactly a DIY solution, but it’s still easy and effective. With those ideas in mind, let’s talk about a couple of common solutions.

#1 Braided Cables

Usb data cable with fabric braid

First, I want to cover braided cables. This is a different texture and cable-covering technique where the material is literally braided.

The braided structure tends to make the cable a lot stronger than just using a rubber coating, and braiding allows a cable to be covered in many more materials.

You can get fabric, canvas, nylon, metal, and other materials that are braided and cover the cable very nicely. Needless to say, different materials come with various color options as well.

When it comes to braided cables, you have a couple of options. As I already mentioned, you can replace your entire cable with one that is made from braided materials. That’s the easiest option. You can also get a cable sheath and use that.

#2 Sheathing Cables

Electrical cable sleeves in various colors

How do cable sheaths work? Well, you buy one that is the right diameter for your Apple cable (it will be advertised to work with certain types of cables).

The sheath will come with instructions, but in most cases, you just slide it over the cable.

It’s usually an easy process, and it provides a protective layer that can change the color and texture of your cable. You can also make your own sheath.

That’s a bit of a process, but if you want completely customizable solutions, it’s a good way to go.


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