WhatsApp for Online Dating: How Safe? (All the Info)

WhatsApp for Online Dating: How Safe?

WhatsApp is relatively safe and secure for use in online dating. Messages are encrypted so that only end users can read them, and the app doesn’t make you particularly vulnerable to malicious behavior. It’s safer than many alternatives. 

EXIF Data on WhatsApp Photos: How to View? (All the Info)

EXIF Data on WhatsApp Photos: How to View?

Simply put, you cannot view EXIF data on a WhatsApp photo. The WhatsApp service intentionally scrubs away all EXIF data before transmitting a photograph. This is done in keeping with the privacy policy. If you want to see EXIF data, then you will need to reach out to the picture’s original owner.

Seeing One Online on Whatsapp if Blocked by Them? (Know All)

Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp: Visible?

In short, you cannot see whether someone is online on WhatsApp if they blocked you. Blocking is an exhaustive feature that aims to cut off all communication between a user and the person they block, and at the same time, it obscures the fact that a block occurred. You can’t see any updates or directly contact them.

Seeing One Online on WhatSapp if Blocked Them? (Know All)

WhatsApp Online: Visible if Blocked Them?

In short, no, you cannot see whether someone is online on WhatsApp if you blocked them. 
Similarly, they cannot see whether you are online or your last seen status when you block them. With WhatsApp, blocking is intended to obscure active and passive communication, making it difficult for people to interact even indirectly.

WhatsApp: Call Declined vs. Call Not Answered? (All Info)

WhatsApp: Call Declined vs. Call Not Answered?

Here’s the difference between “call declined” and “call not answered” on WhatsApp: A message telling you that a call was declined means that someone on the other option specifically selected the “decline” option when they received the call.  A message that the call was not answered tells you that they didn’t interact with the call at all. Deliberate action is the primary difference at play. So if you want to learn all about what’s the difference between “call declined” and “call not answered” on WhatsApp, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading! What Does “Call Declined” Mean on WhatsApp? “Call declined” is a specific message on WhatsApp telling you something important. It means that the call was actively declined.  If you call someone while their phone is off, you will not receive this message. That’s because the “decline” button has to be tapped or swiped to trigger this message. Direct action was taken to prevent the call from connecting. This does not mean the action was deliberate. There are plenty of reasons to decline a call, and there’s a good chance you’ve declined calls at some point.  But, when WhatsApp tells you it was declined, the message holds meaningful information about the interaction. Steps to Decline a Call If declining a call is all about taking action, then it might help to understand the steps. If you call someone who is using an Android phone or iPhone, then the steps look pretty similar.  If the phone is unlocked, they will receive a notification of the call with two options: answer or decline. Either option is selected with a single tap, so someone has to tap the decline button in order to decline the call. Note that it definitely can happen by accident. Regardless, something has to touch the button in order to decline the call. If the phone is locked, the interaction is a little different. On Android, you have

WhatsApp Says Call Not Answered: Meaning? (Blocked?)

WhatsApp Says Call Not Answered: Meaning?

Here’s what it means when WhatsApp says call not answered: When you get a message telling you “call not answered,” it is specifically telling you that the call recipient took no action to answer or decline the call.  There was no response at all, and eventually, you quit trying to call, or the operation timed out. There are countless reasons why this situation might occur. So if you want to learn all about WhatsApp saying call not answered, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right in! What Does It Mean When WhatsApp Says “Call Not Answered”? The message is telling you something very specific. When you get a call on WhatsApp, an interactive menu pops up to inform you of the call.  In essence, you have two options to interact with the call. You can answer it, or you can decline it. If you answer it, you’ll be connected to the other person, and you can talk in real time. If you decline the call, then the connection is stopped right there (more on this in a bit). Those are the only two interactive options. But, there is a third real option. You can do nothing. Whether by choice or because you are unaware of the call, if you do nothing, the call will never connect.  Eventually, the caller will hang up, or the call will time out. When that is the case, the caller gets a message informing them that the call was not answered. Understanding this can make it easier to discern meaning from receiving a “not answered” message. What Is the Difference Between “Not Answered” and “Declined” on WhatsApp? It’s important to understand that WhatsApp’s “call not answered” and “call declined” are very different messages on purpose. One is telling you that no action was taken. The other is informing you that the user on the other end hit the “decline” button in order to

WhatsApp Says Call Declined: Meaning? (Are You Blocked?)

WhatsApp Says Call Declined: Meaning?

Here’s what it means when WhatsApps says “call declined”: If you get a message from WhatsApp that your call was declined, it means that the person you called hit the “decline” button rather than answering the call.  As for blocking, WhatsApp does not provide a message telling you that you have been blocked.  Instead, you have to infer that when certain calls are never answered. So if you want to know all about the meaning of WhatsApp’s “call declined,” then you’re in the right place. Keep reading! How Is a Call Declined in WhatsApp? (2 Systems) Blocking and declining calls are very different actions within WhatsApp. We’ll go over all of it together, but it’s easiest to separate these concepts. So, let’s start with declining calls. If you’ve ever received a call on WhatsApp, you had an option to answer or decline the call. This isn’t unique to WhatsApp. Networking calling and other apps often look similar, if not identical, to the WhatsApp experience. Before we get into how to decline a call, let’s talk about what this means. Declining a call is not the same as ignoring the call or blocking it. You have to hit a button in order to decline a call, and when you do, the person on the other end will receive a message saying as much (more on that in a minute). It’s an active choice, and that’s worth noting. With that covered, let’s look at how to decline a call on WhatsApp. #1 On Android Let’s start with Android. If you are going to decline a call, the interactions are a little different, depending on whether or not the phone is locked.  If the phone is unlocked (you’re likely in the middle of using it), then you will be notified about the call with a drop-down screen from WhatsApp. There is a red decline button and a green answer button. Tap the answer

WhatsApp Call Says Unavailable: Meaning? (Are you Blocked?)

WhatsApp Call Says Unavailable: Meaning?

This message happens when one or both of you cannot establish a stable connection. That means the problem can be with your connectivity, their connectivity, or WhatsApp servers. It’s also possible that the connections are fine, and you have been blocked by the other person.

WhatsApp's Data Usage: How Much?

WhatsApp Data Usage: How Much?

Here’s how much data WhatsApp uses: Text messaging and group messaging use very little data, unless you receive or send lots of pictures. Voice calls over WhatsApp use about 400 KB or 0.4 MB per minute on average, regardless of the network generation. WhatsApp’s video calls, however, consume about 5 MB per minute. So if you want to learn all about how much data WhatsApp uses, then you’re in the right place. Let’s dig right in! How Much Data Does WhatsApp Use? Texting and group messaging use almost no data. The only thing that adds up is receiving or sending lots of photos. In addition to texting and group messaging, WhatsApp allows us to video or voice call individuals and groups. There is a difference between data usage in these two instances. WhatsApp voice calls use 400 KB or 0.4 MB per minute on average when connected to any generation of network. Now, when it’s connected through a 2G network, it uses 200 KB per minute. In 3G data, it uses around 300 KB per minute, and with 4G, it uses around 500 KB per minute. WhatsApp is not very data efficient compared with other apps. However, a video call on the WhatsApp app will consume about 5 MB a minute. Now, this can be a troublesome situation. Not to worry, there is a very simple way to reduce data consumption on WhatsApp. Go to your WhatsApp app, tap on the three vertical dots, tap on Settings > Data and storage usage. Once there, we can see the Call settings section, and we can turn on the Low data usage. By the way, learn all about what it means when you call someone on WhatsApp, your phone rings and then says unavailable here. How Much Data Does Snapchat Use? Do you wonder how much data Snapchat uses in comparison? You will consume 160 MB if you send snaps continuously for an hour. Each snap consumes approximately 1 MB of traffic. Text