Wearing Luffy’s Straw Hat: Who Else?

Here’s who has worn Luffy’s straw hat besides him:

In total, seven people other than Luffy have worn his straw hat.

Two of those people wore the hat before Luffy was even born while the other five wore the hat while it belonged to Luffy.

It’s possible that the hat has been worn by others, but so far, no such mention has been made in the manga or anime.

So if you want to learn all about who else has worn Luffy’s straw hat, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Wearing Luffy's Straw Hat: Who Else? (Everything to Know)

What Is the Straw Hat on One Piece?

Before I jump in and start explaining everything, I have to give you a customary spoiler warning.

The answer to this question involves plot points from throughout the series, including the most recent sagas in the manga and anime.

So, there will be significant spoilers in this article.

If you’re concerned about spoilers, then catch up on One Piece before you read beyond this point.

With that covered, let’s start exploring Luffy’s straw hat.

The first thing we have to explain is the hat itself.

There are actually a lot of straw hats in the series.

Considering the series is about pirates from a world comparable to our own early industrial age, it’s not surprising that they wear straw hats.

Wide-brimmed straw hats offer great protection from the sun without making the wearer too hot, and plenty of characters in the world of One Piece seem to appreciate that.

But, Luffy wears a specific straw hat.

He has the same hat throughout the entire series (at least so far), and this particular hat has a long history.

The hat itself is considerably older than Luffy is, and it’s been around the world, so to speak.

The point here is that we are only discussing one, particular straw hat, and it’s the one that Luffy wears.

It is his most treasured possession, and despite that, it’s been worn by a handful of people who aren’t Luffy.

Who Is Luffy?

I should also take a minute to explain who Luffy is.

If you’re already familiar, feel free to skip to the next section.

Luffy is the main protagonist of One Piece.

He is easily the main character.

He’s the captain of his own pirate crew, and it is his dream to become the king of the pirates.

His full name is Monkey D. Luffy, but everyone calls him Luffy.

He’s the owner of the straw hat, so anyone else who wears the hat is going to be connected to him in some way or another.

The majority of wearers have a direct connection to Luffy, but some have more indirect connections.

I’ll be explaining all of it, so just hang in there.

Who Wore the Straw Hat Before Luffy? (2 Individuals)

I already said that the straw hat is older than Luffy is.

That suggests that someone wore the hat before Luffy did, and in fact there were two wearers that we know about.

Gol D. Roger and Shanks both wore the hat for a number of years before it came into Luffy’s possession.

I’ll explain each character and their connection to the hat in the following sections, but the big thing to remember is that these characters ultimately passed the hat on to Luffy. 

Their connection to Luffy is more about legacy than anything else, and they certainly were never given the hat by Luffy.

That’s just not what’s happening in this part.

#1 Roger

As far as we know, Gol D. Roger was the first wearer of the straw hat.

The hat that Roger wore is literally the same hat that eventually comes into Luffy’s possession.

While it’s conceivable that the hat even predates Roger, there has never been any such mention in the manga or the anime.

So, until there is evidence to the contrary, it’s safe to say that Roger was the first person who had this particular straw hat.

He basically wore it throughout his time as a pirate.

Roger sailed around the entire world and was the first known pirate to make it to Laugh Tale (the final island in the Grand Line).

Roger was actually known for his straw hat, and when Luffy eventually makes a name for himself as a pirate, many characters assume that Luffy is wearing a straw hat as an homage to Roger.

Few characters know that it’s literally the same hat.

When Roger realized that his time as a pirate was coming to an end, he passed the hat on to Shanks.

We’re not sure if the hat was passed along with some kind of message or request, but it seems like there’s more to the story than the audience has yet been told.

The hat likely has symbolism or meaning beyond what we currently know.

What we can say for sure is that Roger specifically chose Shanks as the next wearer of the hat.

#2 Shanks

As already mentioned, Shanks inherited the straw hat from Roger.

As a child, Shanks was a member of Roger’s crew.

Shanks did not sail with Roger to the very last island (Laugh Tale).

It was before this separation that Roger placed the hat on Shanks’s head.

From that point, Shanks ended up forming his own crew, and he ultimately sailed across most of the known world as well.

He was a fairly renowned pirate by the time he met Luffy.

What’s still unclear at this point is a certain aspect of timing.

Shanks eventually became one of the four emperors of the sea.

He might have already been an emperor when he got to know Luffy, or he might not yet have achieved the title.

It’s unclear, at least for now.

What we do know is that Shanks was something of an uncle figure in Luffy’s young life, and that’s why Luffy was able to unwittingly eat the Rubber Rubber fruit that was in Shanks’s possession.

Shortly after that incident, Shanks left the island (where Luffy was living) to sail the world yet more.

Upon his departure, he gave the straw hat to Luffy along with a message.

Shanks told Luffy to become an excellent pirate.

After he does, he can return the straw hat to Shanks.

So far, this reunion has not yet happened in the story.

Who Wore the Straw Hat Since Luffy Got It? (5 Characters)

That covers the two people who we know wore the hat before Luffy.

Again, I’ll emphasize that it’s not a similar hat.

It’s the same physical hat that is now worn by a third generation of pirate.

So, the story basically starts with Luffy receiving the hat from Shanks.

Everything that takes place before that is a flashback in One Piece.

From the moment Luffy gets the hat to the current part of the story, Luffy has been the sole owner of the hat.

On top of that, he genuinely cherishes the thing.

As you might imagine, he doesn’t take kindly to others messing with his hat or wearing it on a whim.

Because of that, there are only five more characters in the whole world of One Piece who have worn the hat, and most of them did not have Luffy’s blessing.

Luffy will sometimes hand the hat to one of his crewmates for safe keeping, but even then, they don’t wear the hat.

They just take care of it.

#1 Nami

Nami is one of two characters to ever wear the hat with Luffy’s blessing.

After 25 years of continuous releases of the One Piece manga, this still remains one of the most touching and emotionally impactful parts of the entire story.

When Nami first meets Luffy, she’s a thief who steals from pirates.

She allies with Luffy for a short time, but eventually she betrays him and tries to steal his treasure.

Luffy follows Nami back to her home island, and that’s when he finds out about how the Arlong pirates have been terrorizing her village.

Nami was stealing money to try to buy freedom from the Arlong pirates, only to be betrayed at the last minute.

In a moment of desperation, Nami asks Luffy to save her and her village, even after she had betrayed him.

Luffy, it turns out, was always planning to save Nami.

He just needed her to come to terms with everything first.

In order to provide as much comfort to her as possible, Luffy says that of course he’ll save everyone, and he puts the straw hat on Nami’s head.

At this point, she already knows how much the hat means to him, and she’s touched by the gesture.

Luffy goes on to save the day (with the help of his crew), and Nami formally joins his crew after that point.

She doesn’t keep wearing the hat, though.

That was a one time thing.

After this part of the story, more often than not, when Luffy needs someone to watch after the hat, he hands it to Nami.

#2 Robin

Nico Robin is a member of the strawhat crew (Luffy’s crew) but before she joins the team, she’s actually an antagonist to the group.

When we meet her, she is working for Crocodile, who is the villain of one of the early major arcs.

At one point, Luffy is incapacitated by Crocodile and loses his hat.

Robin picks up the hat and proceeds to wear it.

It’s a bit awkward, as she wears the straw hat on top of her own cowboy hat, and it’s a bit of a funny moment.

Eventually, Luffy gets his hat back, and so far, Robin has never worn the hat again.

After Crocodile is defeated, Robin ends up sailing with the strawhats for a while.

Eventually, she has her own development arc, and by the end of it, she’s a formal member and truly committed to the crew and their goals.

Because of this, she becomes yet another character who Luffy trusts with the hat, even if she doesn’t wear it on those occasions.

#3 Usopp

Usopp’s time with the hat is a little strange.

This happened when the strawhat crew competed in a challenge against Foxy.

Now, technically, this was not a filler arc, even though it felt a whole lot like it should have been, so allow me to explain.

Foxy challenged Luffy, and their crews ended up competing in a Davy Back Fight.

This is basically a contest where each captain wager’s something.

Although it sounds silly on its face, the pirate crews take it very seriously.

During the course of the challenge, Luffy takes off the straw hat so he can really go all-out.

Usopp ends up caring for the hat, and in that course, he wears it.

It’s not really a significant moment, but it happens.

That’s really all there is to say about Usopp wearing the hat.

It only happened the one time, and it was a short-lived moment.

#4 Sweet Pea

Even if you’re caught up on One Piece, you might not remember Sweet Pea.

She was one of the many warriors on Amazon Lily (home of Boa Hancock and her pirate crew).

Before the time skip in the story, Luffy is sent to Amazon Lily by Bartholomew Kuma.

At one point, he is incapacitated and captured.

While he’s out, Sweet Pea finds his straw hat and wears it.

When Luffy wakes up, he is unhappy to see anyone else wearing his hat, and he uses his stretching powers to take it back, even though he’s in a cage.

The moment has some significance because it reveals his powers to the Amazonians.

Once Luffy gets his hat back, no one else on Amazon Lily wears it.

#5 Tama

The last wearer we have on the list is Tama.

When Luffy gets to Wano, one of the first characters he meets is Tama.

She feeds him, despite not having enough food for herself.

Of course, this means she instantly becomes friends with Luffy.

Over the course of their time together, she ends up drinking poisoned water.

Weakened, she is driven to the point of passing out when Luffy tells her that Ace is dead (I’m skipping that convoluted backstory).

When Tama passes out, Luffy resolves to find her food and medicine.

He has to carry her on his back, and to make everything convenient, he puts the straw hat on her head.

Tama ends up wearing the hat for a bit before it ends up back on Luffy’s head.

This is worth mentioning because Tama is only the second person in the whole story who wears the hat with Luffy’s full blessing.