Work VPNs Expose Local Networks: How? (All the Info)

Work VPNs Expose Local Networks: How?

Potentially, your employer can see and interact with every single device on your network if your work computer is connected through a VPN. In practice, this is hard to do and unlikely, but it’s worth considering. If you create network segregation, you can ensure that your employer can’t access your personal devices.

4 Ways to Fix Fastly Error: Unknown Domain (All the Info)

4 Ways to Fix Fastly Error: Unknown Domain

In the majority of cases, you will get this message when you are using a VPN to connect to any of these sites. They often use technology to block access that involves a VPN. So, you can either switch your VPN server or disable the VPN altogether to get around the block, and the error will be resolved.

How to Use a VPN While Connected to a Mobile Data Network?

How to Use a VPN While Connected to a Mobile Data Network?

This is how to use a VPN while you’re connected to a mobile data network. Short and sweet: Just get the right app for your phone. So if you want to how to use a VPN with a mobile data network, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dig right in! How to Use a VPN While Connected to a Mobile Data Network There are numerous things the Internet can help you with. Whether you want to read the morning news, pay bills, or heat up dinner while coming back from work. Your old fella internet’s got your back! Yes, the Internet can be really cool… until it’s not anymore. That’s mostly because it’s super vulnerable to privacy attacks, like gathering information about: Your search history Downloaded files Passwords Even bank accounts If you wonder how they do it, the answer is your IP address. Your IP address reveals your physical location and can be used to even find you personally in real life. It’s like mailing postcards. Anyone can read the message and see your name and address. Okay, before you totally freak out, there’s a solution! And it’s called VPN. So let’s find out more about this good guy! What Is VPN? Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a security software used for privacy protection.  When a device is connected to a VPN service, its IP address is masked, and network activity is encrypted.  That way, no one can access your personal data (not even your Internet service provider or the government). So How Does It Work? A VPN routes all your Internet traffic to one of its servers where it is then encrypted.  For example, you can be in the Maldives and connect to a US server.  VPN transmits your fully encrypted traffic from the Maldives to the USA.  Because your traffic is encrypted, your ISP can’t see which websites you’re accessing and where you’re coming from, and

Netflix & VPNs: Banning for Using VPNs? (All the Info)

Netflix & VPNs: Banning for Using VPNs?

Here’s everything about Netflix banning you for using a VPN. The short answer is no. However, there’s more you should know about Netflix and VPNs. Let’s get started! The Good News: Netflix Won’t Ban You for Using a VPN Watching movies and shows on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime is one of the most common uses for VPN. Speculation has been circling on the internet over whether or not Netflix can ban users for using VPN. So, will Netflix ban you for using VPN? The short answer? No. One of the primary advantages of using a VPN to watch Netflix is the added layer of privacy it provides. A VPN establishes a secure connection between you and the internet by encrypting data, making it impossible for almost anyone to see who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing online.  Since the vast majority of streaming sites host fragile billing and personal information, using a VPN is always smart to protect crucial data from hackers. Now all that being said, the biggest reason people use a VPN for streaming sites is the wide range of shows available. With VPN, you can change your digital location to almost anywhere in the world. While some areas may only have a limited amount of movies and television shows available for streaming, other areas offer much more. For example, if you live in the United States but you want to use the UK’s version of Netflix, you can change your VPN to appear as if you’re linked to the internet from London. Or, let’s say you want to keep watching one of your favorite TV shows, but it’s no longer available on Netflix where you live. By simply changing your VPN to a different location (or more specifically, one that offers that show), you can continue to watch the same show.  When used properly, a VPN can effectively