Titans Wanting Eren: Why?

Here’s why the Titans want Eren and for what reasons:

There are many different titans in the story, and they don’t all want Eren for the same reasons.

For the most part, they’re after Eren because he has inherent powers that they want under their control.

Each titan might have different aims in mind for that power, but that’s the primary reason they are after him.

So if you want to learn all about why the Titans want Eren exactly, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Titans Wanting Eren: Why? (Everything to Know)

Why Do the Titans Want Eren?

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of different viable, true answers to this question.

There are many titans in the story, and they aren’t operating at the same level and for the same reasons.

So, I’ll cover all of the reasons.

First, I’m going to make an assumption.

You might be wondering why some of the key titans are clearly trying to kidnap Eren in the story.

In that case, they’re after Eren because he has one of the Nine Titan powers, and they want to take control of that power.

Before I offer you any more than that, I need to talk about something else.

A Major Spoiler Warning

Before we can get into any of this, I need to issue a serious spoiler warning.

The answers to your question involve all of the biggest plot points in the series.

At the time of writing, the anime has not quite concluded, but the manga has been finished for more than a year, and the very end of the series is involved with this answer.

So, this is the official, major spoiler warning.

Do not keep reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

If you’re ok with spoilers, then continue at your own risk.

I’m laying it all out.

Who Are the Titans? (3 Types)

The anime and manga both open with an explanation of titans.

They are creatures that exist in the world, and they eat humans.

That’s who they are.

But, as the story unfolds, the concept of who or what a titan is, evolves.

We can actually say that there are a number of different titans, and each wants Eren for differing reasons.

So, let’s explore who the titans are first.

Then we can talk about motivations.

#1 Regular Titans

The regular titans that you see at the beginning of the show are the easiest to understand.

They are more or less mindless monsters that want to eat humans.

They don’t need to eat humans for any particular reason.

It’s just what they do.

From that perspective, they don’t especially want Eren.

He’s a human, so they’ll gleefully eat him if they get the opportunity, and that nearly happens at many points.

In fact, Eren is eaten by a regular titan at one point.

Later in the story, we learn more.

It turns out that regular titans are actually Eldians who were injected with the titan formula.

Every Eldian has the potential to become a titan; it’s just a matter of exposing them to the right formula (which is made with special titan blood … it’s complicated).

On top of that, regular titans can be controlled by specialized titans with a certain power.

I’ll explain this more later, but it’s important to make one quick point.

There is an argument to be made that the titans at the beginning of the series went after Eren because they were influenced to do so.

It’s not why they go after him every time, but the very first time, that might have been the case.

#2 Aberrant Titans

Aberrant titans are very similar to normal titans, but their behaviors are different.

Their movements are harder to predict, and that makes them more dangerous for the humans in the story to deal with them.

Beyond that, though, aberrant titans are still effectively normal titans.

If they go after Eren, it’s because they like to eat humans.

Aberrant titans can also be controlled by special powers, so that also potentially applies.

#3 Human Titans

There are also titans that move, think, and act like humans.

They’re often known as human titans, and the first ones you see in the series very clearly go after Eren.

It turns out that the human titans are actually the Nine Titans of Eldian legend.

They are special eldians that can turn into a titan at will.

When these Eldians transform, they retain their human consciousness, so they are effectively humans in titan bodies.

At the time that the series takes place, the Nine Titans are in the hands of the Marleyans (mostly).

They have different powers and motivations, but by and large, these specific titans are after Eren because of geopolitics and their beliefs.

In other words, these titans are specifically and deliberately after Eren, making them substantially different from the other kinds of titans.

For the most part, these nine will be the focus of the rest of the discussion. 

Why Do the Titans Want Eren?

Let’s split this into a few groups.

First, we’ll talk about the three special titans that show up in the early parts of the series.

The Colossus, Armored, and Female Titans

In the very first chapter of the manga, a giant titan attacks Erens home and breaks the wall.

This allows a flood of other titans into the area, and havoc breaks loose.

It’s a bad situation.

A little later in the story, an armored titan shows up and breaks one of the sealed gates in Paradis.

It leads to a lot more chaos and destruction.

Not much after that, the female titan shows up, and she wipes out one of the advanced survey corps units.

When she does, she clearly targets Eren to go after him.

It turns out that all three of these titans were in cahoots from the beginning.

They are specialized Marleyan soldiers, and they are tasked with finding Eren and bringing him under control.

The reason, we eventually learn, is that Eren is actually one of the Nine Titans himself.

He is the Assault Titan, even though he doesn’t know it through the early parts of the story.

Each of the Nine Titans has a special ability, and they are invaluable war tools for the Marleyans.

So, the other specialized titans are dispatched to Paradis Island in order to retrieve the valuable Assault Titan.

There’s a lot more to uncover and explain, but this is the first real answer.

The Marleyan military wanted the power of the Assault Titan back, and that’s why they sent the other titans.

What Are the Titans’ Special Abilities? (4 Abilities)

But, I mentioned Nine Titans that have special abilities.

If we exclude Eren (assuming that he isn’t after himself), then there are still five more titans that are potentially after him.

Let’s go through each one.

#1 The Jaw Titan

This is one of the smaller titans.

It is very agile and maneuverable, and it has an abnormally powerful jaw, as the name implies.

At the beginning of the series, this titan was part of the original team (that included the Armored and Female titans), but the human in control was accidentally eaten by a free-range titan.

As a result, the titan that ate the Jaw regained her human form.

So, she had one of the special titan abilities, but she wasn’t part of the Marleyan team.

For the most part, she is never after Eren.

She just tries to get through the world in the best ways that she can, but there are points where she allies with groups that are after Eren, and effectively she is after him too.

It’s not the most important part of the story, so I’m going to keep this zoomed out.

She isn’t personally out to get Eren, but if she needs to target him for her own sake, she will (and does).

#2 The Cart Titan

This titan is the very smallest of all of the specialized titans.

The Merleyans equip it with a canon, making it a very powerful weapon in battle.

The Cart Titan has a smaller total impact on the story at large.

For the most part, the Cart Titan is after Eren because of Marleyan orders.

It’s the same motivation as the first three titans we covered, but this one isn’t on Paradis Island at the beginning of the story.

#3 The War Hammer Titan

This is another titan that has a minimal amount of time in the story.

This titan has the ability to crystalize its flesh, and it can do that to make hardened weapons.

If you haven’t read or watched Attack on Titan, then that sounds weird, but within the context of the story, it’s a powerful titan.

The War Hammer Titan is also controlled by Marley.

There’s nothing really to add here, but the War Hammer Titan isn’t in the original task force.

#4 The Final Two

The last two titans we need to discuss are the Beast Titan and the Founding Titan, and their parts in the story are a lot more complicated.

The Beast Titan is controlled by Zeke.

He’s getting more attention in the next section.

The Beast Titan’s ability is basically that it can throw things.

That might not sound like much, but the Beast Titan can throw stones hard enough to take down cathedrals.

It’s no laughing matter.

The Founding Titan is never under the direct control of Marley.

It turns out that the Founding Titan has the ability to control all other titans.

This titan is different because it is really more of a power.

Any Eldian can hold the power of the Founding Titan.

It doesn’t have to be one specialized human turning into a titan.

There’s a lot more to say about this, and I’ll get through it all, but one of the main reasons titans go after Eren is that he ends up with the power of the Founding Titan.

The Marleyans don’t necessarily know that at every point in the story, so they aren’t always after Eren for the sake of the Founding Titan power.

But, once they do become aware, capturing Eren becomes their top priority, and every Titan on the Marleyan side of things goes after Eren for this reason. 

So, we’ve now covered two of the most important reasons why the titans were after Eren.

Why Does Zeke Want Eren?

Now, let’s talk about Zeke.

His motivations are far more convoluted than any other.

Even though Zeke is a member of the Marleyan military, he’s not really after Eren for their sake.

He has his own agenda throughout, and it’s not clear for much of the story.

Zeke is the de facto leader of the Marleyan titans, and he pulls a lot of strings and manipulates a lot of people throughout the story.

Ultimately, he’s after Eren for the power of the Founding Titan, and he knows that Eren has the power pretty much the whole time.

In fact, he manipulates Marley into going after Eren early in the story without telling them about the Founding Titan.

Here’s the more interesting part, though. Zeke isn’t after the Founding Titan just to control other titans.

Instead, he wants to use its power to substantially change the world and end the thousands of years of conflict that have plagued titans and humans.

With the power of the Founding Titan, Zeke believes that he can make all Eldians sterile. 

Now, it’s important to realize something.

Zeke is working with the Marleyan military, but he ultimately has Eldian lineage, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to become a titan.

So, for the sake of peace, his plan is to ultimately wipe out his own people, and he needs Eren’s power to do it.

Why Does Everyone Want Eren at the End?

Is this convoluted enough yet?

There are a lot of moving parts in this story, and the most interesting and significant of them all has not yet come up.

While everything I said earlier is true to the story, it’s also wrong.

You see, I haven’t explained the Assault Titan’s power yet.

It turns out that no one in the story knows what that power is except for Eren.

The Assault Titan has the ability to communicate with previous users of its power.

So, when Eren is the Assault Titan, he can communicate with those who came before him, effectively influencing the timeline as he wills.

Now, it’s not complete time control.

He can only talk to previous Assault Titans.

He can’t directly control them, and even though the Assault Titan is strong, it can’t control everything.

So, Eren is able to influence the timeline rather than completely control it.

This is where things get crazy.

It turns out that Eren uses this ability like a total mastermind.

He convinces the previous Assault Titan (who was his father) to steal the power of the Founding Titan.

After that, Eren’s father passes both powers on to Eren, also under Eren’s future influence.

But, that’s not all.

Eren’s father was actually a major leader among Eldians in the Marleyan empire.

So, Eren was able to influence his father through time, and his father, in turn, influenced Marley itself.

This influence ultimately led to Zeke formulating his own plan.

So, Zeke convinced Marley to go after Eren, but it was actually Eren who subtly manipulated Zeke into that action.

Because of the convoluted timeline, future Eren knew that Zeke’s plan would ultimately put things into place for Eren to formulate his own plan, which was something quite different.

I’ll explain Eren’s plan next, but first, let me summarize.

It turns out that throughout the whole story, the titans were after Eren because he used time-bending powers to convince them to go after him.

He actually was after himself (in a manner of speaking), and he was the ultimate reason that anyone was ever after him.

Convoluted enough?

Well, here’s the final piece of the puzzle.

Eren put this master plan into place because at some point he realized that Marley was the source of all of his troubles in life.

He agreed with Zeke that there could never be peace between Eldians and the rest of humanity, but he had a different solution in mind.

He ultimately used the power of the Founding Titan to fully release and control all of the titans, and he then aimed that power at the rest of the world.

He genuinely masterminded the whole thing so that he could wipe out humanity.

Once this plan went into motion, all of the other titans teamed up against him.

So, at the very end of the story, the titans are after Eren to stop him from wiping out the world.

I told you there would be spoilers.