Internet Surfing: What Does It Mean?

Internet Surfing: What Does It Mean? (Everything to Know)

Here’s the meaning of Internet surfing: Surfing the Internet means browsing the Internet. It’s like riding the waves of data and information. A wave goes, another comes, and we’re back on the board. Surfing the Internet, however, requires different equipment.   So if you to know the meaning of Internet surfing, then you’re in the right place. … Read more

DMZ vs Port Forwarding: Difference?

What Is the Difference Between DMZ and Port Forwarding?

Have you stumbled upon terms like “DMZ” or “port forwarding” and thought, “Wait, what?” You’re not alone. The whole DMZ vs port forwarding discussion can feel like you’ve walked into a Star Wars movie halfway through. But don’t sweat it! At Tech With Tech, we’re all about breaking down the geek speak into plain English. … Read more

PCA vs. ICA: Difference?

PCA vs. ICA: Difference? (Coding Examples)

PCA tries to find mutually orthogonal components whereas in ICA the components may not be orthogonal. ICA searches for mutually independent components. PCA tries to maximize the variance of the input signal along with the principal components, while ICA minimizes mutual information in found components.

ICT Manager Meaning & Roles?

ICT Manager: Meaning & Tasks? (All the Info)

An ICT manager is not just someone who fixes office computers and installs software. In fact, they are far more than that. They are responsible for a lot, including overseeing the security of the ICT system and analyzing information needed to specify technology to meet those requirements.

Computerized Database: Meaning?

how computers work

Here’s everything about computerized databases. Whether you know it or not, you have already used one. So if you want to know what a computerized database is, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive right in! Computerized Database 101 If you’ve ever bought a plane ticket online or booked a hotel through an … Read more

Digital Information Technology: Meaning?

Digital Information Technology: Meaning? (All the Info)

Digital information technology is the study or the utilization of digital systems to store, retrieve and send information. Computers and computer networks are commonly associated with digital information technology, but it encompasses a much wider range of technologies, including servers, TVs, and smartphones.

Techno Functional: Meaning?

Techno Functional: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

Techno functional is a mix of technical and functional skills. A techno functional consultant, for example, is someone who sees the big picture and combines their understanding of tech systems with a broader knowledge of finance and company workflow.

Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge vs. Wisdom (All the Info)

Data are just symbols that represent stimuli or signals. Information is data that has meaning and purpose. Knowledge is information that has been processed, organized, or structured in some way, or put into practice in some way. Wisdom is integrated knowledge so information that is made super-useful.

177 Funny Programmer, Developer, and Coding Team Names List

177 Funny Programmer & Developer & Coding Team Names (List)

Here are 177 funny team names for tech people: After spending years researching and collecting IT team names, you can finally enjoy the list—have fun. Let’s get right into it! 177 Funny IT Team Names Resources Below are the resource—but be warned that those are NSFW (Not Save For Work): Hack4goodsgf[0], Quora[0], Quora[1], Reddit[0], Reddit[1], … Read more

ASCII vs. Unicode vs. UTF-7 vs. UTF-8 vs. UTF-32 vs. ANSI

ASCII vs. Unicode vs. UTF-7 vs. UTF-8 vs. UTF-32 vs. ANSI

Both ASCII and Unicode are encoding standards. ASCII is an initial standard that was first published in 1963, whereas Unicode is a larger standard. Unicode standards are implemented by either UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32. ANSI is a misnomer of a Windows encoding standard but is not recognized by ANSI itself.

ASCII: What Is ASCII & What Is ASCII Used For?

ASCII: What Is ASCII & What Is ASCII Used For? (PDF File)

Computers use ASCII, a table of characters. The English alphabet, numbers, and other common symbols are encoded in the ASCII table as binary code. The characters in computers are not stored as characters but as series of binary bits: 1s and 0s. For example, 01000001 means “A” because ASCII says so.

SPOF: What Is a Single Point of Failure?

SPOF: What Is a Single Point of Failure? (All the Info)

A single point of failure stops the entire system from working. SPOF in IT is when a single component of a system causes the entire system to fail. It can expose your personal data and what’s worst it can be costly to repair.

Divide and Conquer Strategy: How to Use?

Divide and Conquer Strategy: How to Use? (All the Info)

The divide and conquer strategy means breaking down a larger task, problem, or group into smaller, more manageable pieces. Today, we use this strategy in various fields such as computer science, business, and politics. With this centuries-old technique, lots of complex problems in many areas have already been solved.

Fixed VoIP vs. Non-Fixed VoIP: Difference?

Fixed VoIP vs. Non-Fixed VoIP: Difference? (All the Info)

A fixed VoIP is an internet-based phone line corresponding to a specific physical address. A non-fixed VoIP is another internet-based phone line, but it does not correspond to a particular address. Both come with benefits and neither is inherently better than the other as different situations call for separate systems.