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Physicists: Average IQ?

Physicists: Average IQ? (Everything to Know)

The average IQ of a physicist is unknown. IQ tests are not required to become a physicist, so there isn’t a lot of data to use to try to come up with a good average. That said, some research has looked and found an average of a little over 125, which is a high IQ, but it’s not an insurmountable super-genius IQ.

7 Best Countries for a Computer Science Master

7 Best Countries for a Computer Science Master (Ranked)

Here’s which country is the best to do a master’s in computer science: The United States of America still leads the world when it comes to computer science, and that makes it the best country to do a master’s program.  That said, China is a very, very close second.  The UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and … Read more

Master of Computer Science: What Are the Subjects?

Master of Computer Science: What Are the Subjects? (18)

There are hundreds of different courses and subjects that could be part of a master’s in computer science. The specific subjects for any one degree will depend on the learning institution, the exact nature of the degree, and the area of expertise for the student. There are too many to fit on a short list.

Accounting and Finance: STEM Majors?

Accounting and Finance: STEM Majors? (All the Info)

While there are good arguments in both directions, more often than not, formal systems do consider accounting and finance to be STEM degrees. It does depend on the program, but multiple aspects of the federal government recognize these fields of study as being STEM for official purposes.

12 Best Computer Architecture Books?

12 Best Computer Architecture Books (Pros & Cons)

Here are the 12 best computer architecture books. Learn why each book made the list and what it is about. So if you want to know what the best computer architecture books are, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! What to Look for in a Computer Architecture Book The first thing to … Read more