11-Digit, 12-Digit, or More-Digit Number Calls: Safe?

11-Digit, 12-Digit, or More-Digit Number Calls: Safe?

The caller is either out of the country or trying to hide their real identity. If you do not recognize the number, it is most likely a spoofed number that prevents you from recognizing who is really calling. This is commonly done for both telemarketing and running phone scams.

MAC Address: What Can a Hacker Do With It?

MAC Address: What Can a Hacker Do With It? (Don't Do This)

For the most part, a hacker can’t do a lot with your MAC address. They can pretend to be you on the network, which is likely to be annoying more than dangerous. But, if they get the MAC address to a router, they can spoof the network and potentially steal all kinds of information while you browse the internet.

SIM Card Stolen: What Can Someone Do With Your SIM Card?

SIM Card Stolen: What Can Someone Do With Your SIM Card?

They can cause you a lot of problems. A stolen or hacked SIM card can be used to run up a phone bill, steal personal information, hack online accounts, steal your identity and even commit fraud. A stolen SIM card gives someone complete access to your phone line, which comes with many concerns.

Twitter Unsupported Phone Number: Meaning?

Twitter Unsupported Phone Number: Meaning? (All the Info)

You will receive this error when using a landline or mobile device that Twitter cannot text you a verification code. The provider of your mobile or landline phone does not allow Twitter to send you a verification code through SMS.

Call From Unallocated Phone Number

Call From an Call From Unallocated Phone Number: How? (Scam?)

You can get a call from an unallocated number when it’s spoofed. Or, the owner of the number didn’t pay. Or, the telephone provider has network problems. Or, the number is no longer assigned.

How To Destroy a Phone Without Anyone Knowing: 10 Ways

Destroying Smartphone Internally Without Breaking: 10 Ways

If you’ve ever wondered how to destroy a phone without anyone knowing, you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking to destroy an iPhone or Android phone permanently or just want to know how to destroy a phone internally, this comprehensive guide is for you. We’ll delve into 10 foolproof methods that will leave no trace, ensuring … Read more

Amazon Not Taking Out Money of Order: How Come?

Amazon Not Taking Out Money of Order: How Come? (6 Reasons)

Many states have laws that prevent e-commerce stores from charging for a purchase until it’s shipped. 5 other reasons are: item was purchased with an Amazon gift card, purchase was canceled by the seller, item was purchased on another card, cost of the item is much less, and purchase was flagged as suspicious.

0000000000 or 1000000000: Who Calls You?

Who Is Calling When 0000000000 or 1000000000 Calls You?

No one who appears to be calling from 0000000000 or 1000000000 actually has those numbers assigned to them. Therefore, they are guilty of this spoofing tactic. Spoofing is when someone or something takes on another identity that does not belong to them—and in this way commits identity fraud.

How To Get Rid of Omegle CAPTCHA loop: 7 Ways

7 Ways to STOP Omegle CAPTCHAs (Everything to Know)

A CAPTCHA usually shows up when you try to access a site multiple times in a short time span from the same IP address. CAPTCHAs cannot be removed permanently. But they can be temporarily removed by restarting the router, clearing cookies and cache, a virus scan, using VPN, using a proxy, and using another device.

Someone Copied Files From USB: How to Know?

How to Know if Someone Copied Files From Your USB ?

Here’s how to tell if someone copied files from your USB flash drive to their computer: It’s possible to check the last time a file was accessed, and the time stamp would tell you when someone copied it. However, it depends on what file system your USB drive uses: FAT or NTFS. Unortunately, FAT systems don’t … Read more