Telegram and Governments: How Safe? (All the Info)

Telegram From Governments: How Safe?

Telegram from governments is about as safe as an internationally available communication platform can be. Telegram uses multiple layers of digital security combined with strategic practices that make it virtually impossible for governments to forcibly take personal data from the Telegram servers.

LUKS Encryption: How Secure and Safe? (Step-by-Step)

LUKS Encryption: How Secure and Safe?

LUKS is very secure as far as encryption options go. It can encrypt an entire disk, protecting all of your data on a device, if you set it up that way. The biggest risk associated with LUKS is that it uses a password to secure the encryption, so an easily-guessed password undermines the encryption security.

Fake Snapchat Account: Who Is Behind? (How to Find Out)

Fake Snapchat Account: Who Is Behind?

Honestly, you can’t always find out who runs a fake Snapchat account. In fact, the majority of fake accounts will probably elude your best attempts to reveal the true identity of the account holder. But, there are a few things you can try, and if the fake account is limited to your social circle, they can work.

Download Through Tor: Safe? (Everything to Know)

Download Through Tor: Safe?

Tor works hard to create a safer internet experience, and in a technical sense, it does secure downloads and protects users from prying eyes when downloading. That said, Tor is not a malware protection suite, and downloads from Tor can be just as bad as any other download out there.

Bots on Snapchat: Why So Many? (Bad if Added One?)

Bots on Snapchat: Why So Many?

There are a lot of bots on Snapchat because bots are successful at making money for their developers. Bots do a lot of things on Snapchat, including advertising and running scams. Regardless of the purpose, they are usually made and maintained in order to generate revenue for someone.

OnlyFans Account Accessed: How to Know? (Do This)

OnlyFans Account Accessed: How to Know?

In essence, you can know if someone else has access to your OnlyFans account by looking for four key signs. If you get a login notification that wasn’t you, you can’t access your account, you see subscriptions that you don’t recognize, or you get charges that aren’t right, these are red flags that something is wrong.

Downloading Apps From Chrome: Safe? (Everything to Know)

Downloading Apps From Chrome: Safe?

When it comes to downloading apps from Chrome, safety is never a given. While there are countless safe things you can download, there are just as many that could include malware or get you into trouble. If you want to have a safe experience downloading apps from Chrome, you need to know more about the processes.

Tenor: Safe to Use? (Everything to Know)

Tenor: Safe to Use?

For the most part, Tenor is a safe app to use. It is not involved with any known malicious software or practices. It is owned by Google and follows Google safety and privacy rules. Tenor potentially will generate and share user statistics, but it will not put you in any direct, measurable danger when you use it. Downloads: Safe? (Everything to Know) Downloads: Safe? 

In short, is not a safe website. The site has not been found to overtly practice malicious activity, and plenty of users have reported safe and successful use of the site. Despite that, has major design and practice problems that create significant safety risks for anyone who uses it.

Telegram Downloads: Safe? (Everything to Know)

Telegram Downloads: Safe?

Telegram is hands down one of the safest apps on the internet for communicating and sharing files. While nothing can ever offer perfect protection in all ways, Telegram downloads are much safer than average, when compared to the internet at large. The company takes safety and privacy to a whole new level.

Speechify: Safe to Use? (Everything to Know)

Speechify: Safe to Use?

By most accounts, Speechify is perfectly safe. It’s a well-documented company that provides a software-based service for turning text into speech. Speechify has no known association with Malware of any type, and it does not expose your devices to undue external risks. That said, any software comes with some risks.

855 Area Code: Calls Safe? (What Is the 855 Area Code?)

855 Area Code: Calls Safe?

The 855 area code is a toll-free area code for use in the United States and Canada. It’s just like the 800 area code in this respect. It isn’t tied to a geographical region within North America, and it is used by a lot of legitimate businesses. It is also used for illegitimate purposes, so its safety is debatable.

Latium: Safe to Use? (Everything to Know)

Latium: Safe to Use?

The safety of Latium largely depends on how you go about using the site. Any freelance platform comes with the risk of scams and disagreements on work completion. Latium adds to that by offering cryptocurrency payment options. This creates more total risk, but they are manageable, and you can stay safe.

RocketGate and RocketPay: Safe? (Everything to Know)

RocketGate and RocketPay: Safe?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. It’s safe to say that RocketGate is a legitimate business, and RocketPay uses typical security measures for a payment-processing app. That said, RocketPay provides some features that favor businesses over users, and that creates some concerns to investigate.

StubHub Scammers: Scamming on StubHub? (Everything to Know)

Scamming on StubHub: Common Scams?

Probably the most common scam on StubHub occurs when you pay someone for tickets and they never actually give you the tickets. Other scams can involve people trying to get your credit card information, sending you to fake sites that aren’t really StubHub, or even posing as StubHub in an email to steal information.

MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe? (All the Info)

MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe?

In most cases, you can leave your MacBook in clamshell mode without any problem. Apple has designed MacBooks to work with clamshell mode, so there is very little risk in leaving your Mac in this mode. Just make sure your MacBook doesn’t get too hot if you’re performing resource-intensive tasks.