MAC Address: What Can a Hacker Do With It?

MAC Address: What Can a Hacker Do With It? (Don't Do This)

For the most part, a hacker can’t do a lot with your MAC address. They can pretend to be you on the network, which is likely to be annoying more than dangerous. But, if they get the MAC address to a router, they can spoof the network and potentially steal all kinds of information while you browse the internet.

Snapchat Airplane Mode Trick: Secretly View Snaps?

Snapchat & Airplane Mode: Secretly Viewing Snaps? (2 Tricks)

If you turn airplane mode on, the other person won’t know you saw their snap. As soon as you turn off your airplane mode, the other person will be notified that the snap has been opened. However, you can trick Snapchat with airplane mode into not letting the other person know that you have opened their snap.

Call From Unallocated Phone Number

Call From an Call From Unallocated Phone Number: How? (Scam?)

You can get a call from an unallocated number when it’s spoofed. Or, the owner of the number didn’t pay. Or, the telephone provider has network problems. Or, the number is no longer assigned.

Showing Up On Tinder After Deleting: Do You?

Showing Up On Tinder After Deleting: How Long? (How to Fix)

Even if you delete Tinder from your phone, your profile might still appear to other users. When you delete the app, Tinder will simply mark your profile as “inactive.” This means that your profile will still appear to users. You can prevent this by turning off Discovery for your account in your settings.

0000000000 or 1000000000: Who Calls You?

Who Is Calling When 0000000000 or 1000000000 Calls You?

No one who appears to be calling from 0000000000 or 1000000000 actually has those numbers assigned to them. Therefore, they are guilty of this spoofing tactic. Spoofing is when someone or something takes on another identity that does not belong to them—and in this way commits identity fraud.

Someone Copied Files From USB: How to Know?

How to Know if Someone Copied Files From Your USB ?

Here’s how to tell if someone copied files from your USB flash drive to their computer: It’s possible to check the last time a file was accessed, and the time stamp would tell you when someone copied it. However, it depends on what file system your USB drive uses: FAT or NTFS. Unortunately, FAT systems don’t … Read more